ROYAL CURTSY: Nasseredin Shah Qajar Meets Queen Victoria (July 15th 1850)


ROYAL CURTSY: Nasseredin Shah Qajar Meets Queen Victoria (July 15th 1850)
by Darius Kadivar

Qajar King Nasseredin Shah kisses Queen Victoria's Hand in Curtsy upon arrival at Buckingham Palace Reception in honor of the Persian Shah's State first Visit. Nasseredin Shah and Queen Victoria long reign strongly shaped their respective countries history. Victoria oversaw Britains Industrial Revolution ( not without it's share of Dickensian transformations) where as Nasseredin Shah opened Persia to Western economic and cultural Influence, and ideas that were to actually undermine his absolute reign  in subsequent years following his assassination in 1848 with the 1906 Constitutional Revolution.  

Young Victoria
trailer Starring: Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend:

Nasseredin Shah's Coronation:

An Older Nasseredin Shah in the Classic 1970's tv series Sultaneh Sahebgharan (made during Pahlavi Era):

From the Movie Mrs Brown (1996), The Royal Family Expects Queen Victoria's (Judi Dench) Arrival:

Mr. Brown (Billy Connoly) In the Service of Her Majesty:

Old widowed Queen Victoria (Judi Dench) finds more than friendship with Loyal Mr. Brown (Billy Connolly) From the Movie Mrs Brown (1996) - clip 5 - John Brown takes Queen Victoria ( escaping the Court's Rigidity and gossips) to a croft:

John Brown intercepts journalists trying to Spy on Queen's weekend in Scotland:

Prime Minister Disraeli in Parliament defends the Queen's Private life against Gossips:

Parliament Forces the Queen to Dismiss Loyal Brown:


Young Nasseredin Shah From the Series Amir Kabir ( His loyal Prime Minister and Political Mentor):

Bebin TV's History for Dummies on the Constitutional Revolution:

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