SATIRE: Evolution of the Iranican Mind ;0)


SATIRE: Evolution of the Iranican Mind ;0)
by Darius Kadivar

Fellow IRANICAN Cousins as the week comes to an end on this side of the Atlantic. I decided to share my Biaised observations about some of our hot debates & comments (mine included). Have a nice weekend before our next Cyber Joust MARGE ;0)



A VIEW FROM FRANCE :  Some of My Suggested 1980's FRENCH Songs For each Category of IRANICANS (  but it could well be applied I think to Any IRanian expat of my Generation at least). 

For the Radical : Desireless


For the Hesitant : Je Vais Et Je Viens aka Je T'aime et Moi Non Plus 

For the Open Minded: Comme Un Ouragan ...

Have A Nice Weekend ,



I have to say that personally I HATED Everything about the 1980's the Politics, The Fashion, the haircuts, the sound even the French Movies On screen or On TV which were so pessimistic compared to the Hollywood Technicolor Films of the 1960's or even the Black and White Classic movies I grew up to love prior to the Revolution watching them either in Persian on Iranian TV or in english on NIRT ...

Or was it that I had a too rosy vision for a Teanager and didn't like to harsh confrontation to reality suggested in the Fashion trends of my generation ... Dunno ?  It does remind me of a scene in Marjane Satrapi's movie Persepolis where she is bored to death watching the German TV Series and finally when something interesting shows up with her mother's favorite Movie Star Romy Schneider in Sissy L'Imperatrice ( about Austria's favorite and most iconic Empress) she falls asleep ...

I wonder if the younger generation have the same feeling today lets say in comparison to the 1990's or if they are all very comfortable in their Skin ? ... Whichever the case I wish them the latter !

But Now looking back at the 80's They don't seem THAT Horrible ? I wonder why ? I'm just glad I don't have to Re Live it !  Maybe I will write about this in another blog or article before I start my Mid Age Crisis and go straight for a psychoanalysis session ;0)



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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

darius was peter sarstedt iranian?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

what a mustache! what eyes. 

not from the 1980s but one of my favorites! thank you for your collection. you didn't need to give disclaimers about how garish the 80s were in EVERYTHING. We still like them but I'd rather get in a time machine and go to the 60s too.

I think a lot of people are uncomfortable with their period of early adulthood and late teens. it doesn't matter the time period. No one is "comfortable" as you say.