Shah of Iran’s State Visit to Morocco’s King Hassan II (1966)


Shah of Iran’s State Visit to Morocco’s King Hassan II (1966)
by Darius Kadivar

Reception given by Iranian Embassy in Rabat for King Hassan and visiting Shah. The Shah can be seen hugging the current King Muhammed VI who was a child heir to the throne. (Source:

Shah of Iran’s State Visit to Morocco’s King Hassan II:

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La vision d'Hassan II sur la laïcité:


Description of Above Footage:

In a rare french interview King Hassan II uses a mumbo jumbo argument to explain why in the muslim world one cannot separate Religion and Politics and that all heads of state’s in the Arabo Muslim world don’t separate both entities whether they are Monarchs or Presidents. He then says that his « friend » the Late Shah fell because he did not understand this fundamental islamic requirement and dared introduce secularist policies in his country. He then adds that in Morocco you do not have Clergies as in Iran. 

King Hassan II and the Moroccan historian who comments after him offer a fairly twisted interpretation of Shi'ism as opposed to Sunni faith which interestingly equally confirm yet simultaneously contradict what some current Iranian historians ( like Abbas Milani) claim to date that the Shah was fundamentally religious and that the fact that he encouraged the developpement of Hojjatiehs in Iran  was the source of the religious « highjacking » of their deemed « secular » Revolution …


Yet Milani actually claims in his best selling biography « The Shah » that in Morocco the Royal Slogan is in the following order: « God, Country, King »


Where as in Iran it was : « Khoda Shah Meehan » aka « God, King, Country » 

Yet the Iranian Slogan is very much like in Great Britain : GOD SAVE THE QUEEN / OR KING where the Monarch is above her Subjects be it symbolically but she is also the Guardian of all Faiths which she is supposed to protect their followers but the British Monarch is also the head of the Anglican Church which defines the State Religion in the UK. 


In the above interview King Hassan however offers a very different reason why his absolute rule cannot be questioned and that is that he himself embodies Religion and is above the Clergy since he is the direct descendent of the Prophet. 

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David Frost Interviews the Shah at the Height of Power (1974):








Shah Admonishes The Working Class: "Stop Praying All Day and Roll Up Your Sleeves"

During a speech ( exact date, location ? ) at a public gathering of workers, University teachers and industry entrepreneurs, the Shah of Iran deplores the shortcomings in terms of qualified executives and insists on the importance of developing the nation's technical schools instead of sending workers abroad (to Federal Germany) for further training only to come back boasting about their qualifications only to sit behind a desk. He then criticizes those male traditionalists who refuse to work on days of religious mournings (aka"Azah Dary") while their wives and or daughters (who normally work half the amount of time in the same companies) as a result often have to double their efforts in order to compensate for the delays.



Rough Translation:


 "We know better than anyone the shortcomings of our generation. We lack sufficiently qualified personals and executives in various technical branches of the industry. We also lack sufficient technical schools to train them in. In addition unfortunately each time a new technical school is created, the teachers are immediately tempted to over estimate the value of the diplomas delivered to the students in the eye of the university establishment. Hence an inadequacy between the training required and the diploma delivered." say's the Shah.


"The result is that each time someone get's a diploma he thinks that entitles him or her not to work and seek an easy way out. That is Not good." He Continues.



"On days of religious mournings, given the facilities in a city like this one (exact location ? ), you stop working while your own wives and daughters have to finish the job. That is not the genuine message of Islam, Our White Revolution is precisely trying to translate in practice that original message of the prophet. But there are people who are distorting that genuine message with an explicit aim to pervert it and manipulate you through superstition." say's he.



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