Shahbanou Farah interview by Point De Vue


Shahbanou Farah interview by Point De Vue
by Darius Kadivar


“Choked with emotion and In Tears”

As Tragic events unfold in Iran, Shahbanou Farah in exile for 30 years shares her Fears and hopes for her country.

Interview by Philippe Delorme for Point De Vue N° 3180 Week Edition 1st to 7th of July (translation by Darius KADIVAR )

Point De Vue (PDV): Iran is at a precipice. Your Majesty what are your feelings in regard to these events?

Farah Pahlavi (FP): I will never forget the tragic scene of the death of the young Neda Agha Soltan. I was truly choked with emotion and In Tears. She has become a universal symbol. Her assassination by the death squads of a government that claims to speak in God’s name is truly intolerable, horrible and revolting. Neda is a symbol today but I cannot forget all the others who have been killed during these demonstrations. I sincerely send my condolences to all those Iranian families who lost one of their members in these tragic events. I pray for all my compatriots back home, for their freedom and for their voices to be heard …

PDV: Are you in contact with your compatriots back home?

FP: Through the Internet yes. It is much more difficult to do so with the Telephone nowadays. I just spoke to a compatriot who told me “ We managed to survive all these years despite all the tragedies that befell upon us. But Now we really can’t anymore … Please Help Us …”. She was telling me that ambulances sometimes take the victims outside the city and simply dump them on the road. Security Agents (the Bassijis) mingle with people under civilian clothes and stab them with knives. The media is shut down so Iranians are simply asking all their compatriots abroad to spread their calls for Freedom.

PDV: Do you fear a radicalization of the regime?

FP: With this regime, one can expect anything. My husband the Shah left the country because he did not want to keep the throne by spilling the blood of his compatriots but as far as this regime is concerned, they couldn’t care less … But it is interesting to notice that differences have appeared within the ruling establishment. Clerics are now expressing their disapproval, but I am still waiting to see if one of the grand Ayatollah’s will launch a Fatwa condemning the violence. I think however that this is just the beginning of a much broader movement that goes beyond the election results. It is the regime itself which is questioned at its roots. We have heard slogans such as “Down with the IRI” or “Death to Khamenei”. Today what Iranians truly want is Freedom and Respect for Human Rights.

PDV: Madam what would you do if tomorrow you were to return to Tehran?

FP: First Thing I would do is kiss the soil of my country. What then? … If I can serve my country, if my age and strength will still allow me to serve my countrymen and women in the fields I am familiar with such as Women Rights, Cultural activities or education, it will be a great honor and joy for me.

PDV: You mean Under a Restored Pahlavi Dynasty?

FP: What truly matters is a democratic system of government and a secular one. For the past 30 years my son has been struggling along with many other compatriots belonging to a wide spectrum of ideologies and political sensitivities and preferences. It will only depend on the choice of all Iranians as to what our role should be. If the people at large choose to restore the Monarchy, it can only be a Constitutional Monarchy very much like in Spain where the government will have all powers and the King or Queen will Only be a Symbol but cannot rule.

PDV: Is it true that your granddaughter Princess Noor, who is 17 years old, was chosen by her father as royal successor? What do you think about Iranian women today?

FP: Iranian women are for me an extraordinary example. They are certainly the ones who suffered most from the regime. Despite the insults, the arrests, the torture, beatings and stoning they have boldly struggled all these years. In our Ancient history we have also had women who have become Queen of Iran. I am certain that in tomorrows Iran, women will have exactly the same rights as men. As for my granddaughter Noor, she has been following the events in Iran with great emotion. She has participated in the demonstrations in the US in support for her fellow compatriots back home along with her Mother and sister Iman. She is very proud of her fathers efforts to free Iran.

PDV: In conclusion what would you like to say to the French people?

FP: As you know I had a French education and studied in a French university in Paris. I want to thank all the French who have been so supportive during all these years in exile. I ask them from the bottom of my heart that they listen to the Iranian people and that they support them in this struggle for Freedom and Democracy. That is the Only thing that counts today.

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I admire her

by capt_ayhab on

My position is crystal clear, I am against monarchy, HOWEVER:

I respect her as a mother and a wife. She has been through a lot as a woman, and more. Events that she endured would have brought anyone to her knees. But she stood like a real Iranian women, raised her children, and supported her husband. It is easy to convict her by association, but that would be ultimate injustice to humanity.

She had nothing to do with governance of the country and her husbands failures in seeing the inevitable. As a mother and a wife she endured humiliation that she did not deserve. She sacrificed her youth for her children. 

For that I truly admire her as a woman, wife and above all a MOTHER.





by MAZIAR058 (not verified) on

merci haghighat ra goftid.

payandeh iran



by MAZIAR058 (not verified) on



in case you've missed this before: The Real Revolution of '79

by Anon this time (not verified) on


Classy Lady

by AhMADd (not verified) on

Regardless of your opinion of the revolution, she is one lady respected by almost all.


Queen of Iran for ever even after many of you clowns long gone!

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

Farah Pahlavi is the epitomey of grace, sophistication, and elegance. The most powerful women of the world envied here including Jacklin Kennedy.

Had it not been for Queen Farah and her husband the late Shah of Iran, many of you barking Seals would have been living like your brethrens in Afghanistan, in a robe under a camel or donkey!

God bless the Queen!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

به خانم دیبا احترام میگذارم ولی‌ ایشان یک مقدار باید کمتر بوتوکس بزنند به صورتشان ! زیاد قشنگ نیست که در مصرف بوتوکس زیاده روی شود.


Billions? 22 Billions??

by 1 Hamvatan (not verified) on


First of all- in 1978-1979 The whole Iranian Oil revenue was not even 20 billion dollars. The facts are available.

Second of all- The maximum amount they had was around
1 billion dollar but that counting shah/shahbano/the shah mother and few others together.

Third of all- Few years ago. A thief called Ansari took control of their money and plundered most it and by the time they found out most of it was gone!! They sued Anasari in the court and got around 7-10 millions dollars off of him. (not BILLIONS). That is public record so you can find it.

All said- I say noushe jouneshoun- I rather see them spending the money than see bunch of terrorist Islamic people do.

Alahazrat Hajagha

Great Iranian

by Alahazrat Hajagha on

She is the only one I like between Pahlavis. As a young Iranian I do admire her as a great and respectful Iranian, but as a queen? NEVER!


to Farrokh2000

by Daee Jaan (not verified) on

Don't worry! Iran's youth now are a hell of a lot different from the youth in 1979 or at the turn of the last century!

They're a whole lot smarter and more sophisticated and cannot possibly be duped and tricked as easily as the youth in 1979 were.

Leave it to them to make up for the GOHI keh amsale maa dar 1357 khordim va een lakeh nang ro az tarikhe Iran paak konand ...


Your "Grass Roots", maybe?

by farokh2000 on

Dear "Daee Jaan";

Please tell me if it was the "Grass roots" who supported Khomeini in Iraq and Paris for over 25 years, or was it CIA?, and who brought in the Shah and his Father?

Who was the one who went to Tehran in 1979 and ordered the Shah out , if it wasn't the CIA Director?

I must be dreaming, right?

FYI, I am on the side of the innocent people who are getting killed by the Mullahs and the ones who were getting killed by the criminal Shah.


History will judge her well,

by Historically Speaking (not verified) on

History will judge her well, especially in comparison to those who replaced her husband.


Old delusions?

by Daee jaan (not verified) on

"They brought them in, took them out and brought Khomieni in and now they are planning on another round for these criminals? "

I thought Khomeini was brought in by a grass root popular revolution!!! Are you implying that the recent protests in Iran were CIA engineered? if so, then I should remind you that you blew your cover since you're parroting mullah officials in Iran!


The One Pahlavi I Admire

by t (not verified) on

I've always been a fan of Farah Pahlavi. Not because she was the Shah's wife but because she has always been a humble, true and good person and at the same time majestic. For her time she was involved and genuinely cared about women's rights and social issues. If Iran were to change and allow her back, I'd vote to have her as "ambassador of culture".


I am glad they took all that money out

by Farzad1 (not verified) on

I am glad they took all that money out (if they did!!), imagine the money being in the hands of IRI thugs...


As always

by MRX1 on

she is a class act with dignity and honor. I would say perhaps too much for omati islamo communists but such is life.


groan groan groan

by fozolie on

That is a very cynical to get her grief for Neda in a the beginning. She and her son are irrelevant to Iran and Iranians. 

Mr. Fozolie


New plans?

by farokh2000 on

Does CIA have new plans to bring them back now?

They brought them in, took them out and brought Khomieni in and now they are planning on another round for these criminals?

Is that why you are hearing from them so much now?

Where were they in the last 30 years that the criminal Mullahs were ravaging the people and the Country?

I don't think people are stupid enough to buy that again.

Shame on you.


RP's Paris Conference: Iran Realities And Prespectives

by Informer (not verified) on

Iran Realities And Prespectives
Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Press Conference – Paris, France

Opening Remarks

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Thank you for coming. Thank you for your time, and attention to the cry for freedom and democracy in Iran. The past three weeks, my brave compatriots have paid in blood the price of ripping the façade of acceptability of the regime in Iran, and its legitimacy to speak for the people of Iran abroad. The ensuing murderous oppression can silence the streets, and media blackout can reduce world attention. In the West you may see headlines declaring the end of the protests. Some will say a family quarrel inside the Islamic regime is over and Mr. Ahmadinejad will govern Iran for another four year term. But they misread the situation. Although more demonstrations may pop up, and the 10th anniversary of the student uprising on July 9th is a date to watch, phase one, that is election-related mass demonstrations is over. But let me clarify what phase two, which is the phase of national resistance, will look like:

Viewed as a usurper in his second term, Mr. Ahmadinejad's increasing insecurity at home will compel him to invent foreign enemies, further isolating Iran. Compounded with low oil prices, the need for slower liquidity growth to limit spiraling inflation, with massive capital flight and a drained stock market, and a further hemorrhage of skilled managers, just to name a few problems, he will face insurmountable obstacles in running the day to day affairs of government. He will need a minimal cooperation of the people for the ship of state to sail on. Instead he will find burgeoning resistance everywhere, until his government grinds to a halt.

Disappointed and alarmed, influential clerics, important parliamentary factions and other institutions will question his ability to cope and undermine his authority from within the Islamist state. That final paralysis will mark the end of the second phase.

It is hard to predict the third phase. Will a part of the Revolutionary Guards move in to fill the vacuum created by a collapse of authority and a functioning government? If so, the regime will be reduced to an unsustainably narrow base of support, expediting its fall. Will strikes spread and re-energized mass demonstrations sweep the country, compelling the authorities to yield to public pressure toward a new democratic order? No exact scenario can be written at this stage, but the end is clear.

Fast rewind to today, let's acknowledge that the path is perilous. The regime has just appointed a three-man commission to punish those involved in recent demonstrations. The commissioners are men responsible for tortures and summary executions of thousands of my countrymen some twenty years ago. After all of these years, the sounds of rape, torture and dying in Iran's prisons haunt my countrymen. And now those men are back.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Today I am asking you to help put the spotlight of international attention on their dastardly deeds in the weeks ahead. This may be the only way of impeding the cruelty of this regime against those whose only crime was peaceful assembly and expression, including women campaigning against being treated as something halfway between man and animal in their courts. For I fear that out of the daylight of world media, the nightmare of two decades ago will return.

Your second contribution is keeping your political leaders informed about the range and brutality of the oppression in Iran. Your governments have insisted that they would not interfere in Iran's internal affairs. I applaud that. Any such attempt will give the tyrants the excuse they need to paper over their own differences and target anyone struggling for freedom as a foreign agent. But that is not all they do. They are painting every statement in defense of human rights as foreign interference. They benefit from the confusion between the two. It is vital that the free world not fall for such cruel cynicism in the name of realpolitik. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights knows no national boundaries. Its defense is not only a moral issue, but a mutual obligation of all governments who are its signatories.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A movement was born on the 22nd of Khordad in my calendar and 12th of June in yours. It is not Islamic or anti-Islamic, it is not for capitalism or socialism, nor any other ideology or specific form of government. It cares little about historical squabbles before its birth. It is about the sanctity, even more, the sovereignty of the ballot box. By certifying fraudulent election results, the Supreme leader and the Guardian Council have spent their authority against the movement. They stand in the people's way, leaving no bridge behind. The movement may not succeed immediately. It will have its ebbs and flows. It may not control the street for now. But it will not die.

The Spirit of the movement will permeate every home and workplace, public and private, grinding the government to a halt until there is no exit for tyrants, but yielding to the victory of human rights and democracy in Iran.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I stand before you today to ask for your solidarity with my fellow Iranians on their march towards liberty and justice.

Reza Pahlavi, has been leading a campaign of none-violent defiance against the theocracy of Iran, he is an accomplished jet-fighter pilot, author of three books, in Farsi, English and French, and father to three daughters.


Where is your evidence? rumors and hearsay do not count!

by Proof (not verified) on

"What about the 22 billions of $$$$ that they have stolen from Iranian people? What about the Millions of $$$ that Farah and her family stole from Bonyaad Pahalvie?"

I am not here to defend the Pahlavis, but in spite of all the videos, pictures, eyewitness reports, and all the audio visual materials quite prevalently available, mullah supporters and lackeys on this site still constantly demand for evidence regarding their paymasters' butchering of Iranian people while the undeniable evidence is right in front of their eyes, yet we do not see any verifiable factual evidence and proof regarding "billions & billions of dollars allegedly stolen" by the Pahlavis? just hearsay, rumors, and words of mouth by sources with apparently suspicious agendas!!!

P.S., Ahmad Ali Ansrai lost BIG TIME in court and could not prove any of his allegations


come on!

by Anonymous-9999 (not verified) on

Pahlavies had their chances to bring democracy in Iran but they failed to do so. What about the 22 billions of $$$$ that they have stolen from Iranian people? What about the Millions of $$$ that Farah and her family stole from Bonyaad Pahalvie? Wouldn't be nice to give first all the money back to Iranian people and then talk about Iran, Iranians and showing off their fake patriotism? She wasted a huge amount of money for ordering and making a golden door for the Haram of butcher arab Ali in Iraq because she is truly in love with Shia religion and we all know why!!!!!!, she is from Qajars. In fact it is Pahlavie's fault that we have the IRI in the past 30 years in Iran.


Constitutional Monarchy

by Annonymous (not verified) on

Indeed these are interesting comments voiced by Ex empress. One, in particular regarding restoration of monarchy stands out where she states if it is the will of Iranian people to restore monarchy so be it but it must be a constitutional monarchy much like the one in Spain where government holds power while king & queen are symbols.

Well, I could not agree more. Overridding question that must be asked is..."How come your husband did not subscribe to this theory throughout those 37 years of ruling Iran with an iron fist?!! If he would have, perhaps we would not have to endure 30 years of Islamic Republic!!!!!!


Just one point

by Alborzi (not verified) on

From the time the demonstration started and the massacres (in Jaleh among other places) and the strikes, it took more than a year, but Alas Alzheimer might twist the memory.


Quelle grande dame!

by Quebeqi on

Je trépigne d'impatience pour aller me procurer ce numéro de Point de Vue chez mon libraire car les exemplaires seront disponible à Montréal que demain, vendredi et je crois bien qu'ils s'écouleront rapidement. En effet, la Shahbanou est très populaire auprès du grand public québécois. Déjà, ses mémoires ont fait un tabac ici et la chaine des librairies Renaud-Bray a décerné aux mémoires de l'Impératrice-Mère la mention "Coup de Coeur".



by I wonder (not verified) on

She is so regal and majestic as always! God bless her!

Darius joon; there is a new article regarding RP on his site! I was surprised that you did not post it here!

I hope "Marge" and some other clowns have not intimidated you!