SHOMAREYEH SHISH: I'm not a Number ... I'm a free man ... I did not vote For Obama ! ...


SHOMAREYEH SHISH: I'm not a Number ... I'm a free man ... I did not vote For Obama ! ...
by Darius Kadivar


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The Prisoner - Opening sequence:


I’m Not a Number :



The Prisoner - Number 6 Speech ( I, I, I):








Do you know what a Zombie Is ?:



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Darius Kadivar

Jason Robards Long time no hear ... welcome back ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on

Always a pleasure to read your diatribes ... Particularly with a "deep throat" ... LOL


Darius Kadivar

by jasonrobardas on

....It is obvious that a monarchist like DK would vote for Romney....That goes without saying ....The rationale behind such choice is evident ...

    This is how a monarchist brain works.....Vote for the one who is more apt to attack Iran .....the republican one who will initiate a full fledged war ..cause full destruction ...bombard Iran ....dismantle the status quo...So we  Shahollahis    can go back and be installed as the rulers of that land.....

    So we can once again re-establish our single party of " Shahollah" ....or "the new Rastakhiz" party ....We love the glamour and the glitter of the Shahi system...

   I wish these Shahollahis could see further than their noses .....and would look at our country through a historical perspective .....

     Obama has stood for the poor and the working people trying to keep the social saftey nets in place ...This does not concern the monarchists at all !!!!!...They are neither part of the working people of US, nor needy of any of those services .....they ran away with a lot of stolen cash ...they are all living a comfortable life here in US with the money they stole millions from the nation...

    Now..All they have to do is to lounge and write false propaganda about our royal heritage ....


Obama won


bettereke cheshmeh hasoood.