THRONES IN MAJESTY: Versailles Exhibit’s 40 emblematic thrones from across the world


THRONES IN MAJESTY: Versailles Exhibit’s 40 emblematic thrones from across the world
by Darius Kadivar

"Power Moves, Authority is Seated" such is the tagline to a new exhibition at France’s historical Palace of Versailles which examines the long, symbolic history of thrones across the world.

These are the last days of a new exhibit which opened on March 19, 2011 at the magnificent Château de Versailles entitled Thrones in Majesty. The Exhibit will close this Sunday June 19th, 2011.

In all societies and in all times, monarchs and other leaders have made sure they have somewhere suitably grand to sit down. Now a new exhibition at France's historical Palace of Versailles examines the long, symbolic history of thrones across the world -- with dozens of exhibits that have proved fit for royal rumps and presidential posteriors through the ages. It should be noted that the Persian Peacock Throne is mentioned in the Booklet of the Exhibition with a Large Photo of the Shah and Shahbanou’s coronation but obviously it is not present for display (See the official website Here)

I suppose this exhibit will soon travel to other major capitals in Europe and probably in the US at the Mets (but not sure). It truly is Worth the visit.

I hope to do a photo essay on this exhibit if I get to see it this weekend. So Stay tuned ;0)

In the meantime I hope you enjoy this detailed presentation.

AFP report :

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Description :

Approximately 40 emblematic thrones from different periods and civilisations are on display in the Grand Apartments of the palace of Versailles. They will help visitors better understand the universality of the seated representation of religious or political authority.

Thrones in Majesty features exceptional pieces on loan from the Vatican, Beijing’s Forbidden City and royal palaces in Madrid, Warsaw and other European capitals. Emblematic chairs, including those of King Dagobert, Napoleon, the restored king Louis XVIII and Pope Pius VII’s sedia gestatoria are on display withTaino, African, Chinese, Thai and other thrones in a fitting setting.


Jean-Jacques Aillagon, Director of the château de Versailles :

Interview of Jacques Charles-Gaffiot, curator of the exhibition:

Throne of Pope Innocent X:

The Sedia gestatoria of Pape Pie VII:

Throne of African King Ghézo:

South American Duho Seat:

African Kingdom Rü mfo:

Napoleon Bonapart’s Thrones:

Portable Throne of the German Habsbourg Dynasty:

Mobile Portable Thrones of Asia, Africa and Europe:

Throne of French King Dagobert:

The Exhibition through the candid eyes of children visitors:


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