US tabloid titles "Liz Taylor and Ardeshir Zahedi Very Much in Love"


US tabloid titles "Liz Taylor and Ardeshir Zahedi Very Much in Love"
by Darius Kadivar

Ardeshir Zahedi Imperial Iran's ambassador to Washington and Elizabeth Taylor make headlines in an American tabloid as the hottest couple in town. Although described subsequently as "platonic" by Zahedi, the two years romance nevertheless led to much speculation in the American media and Hollywood tabloids.

BBC Persian's Interview with Zahedi on his relationship with Liz Taylor and her trip to Iran:

By the mid 1970’s in between marriages and divorces with Richard Burton, amidst recurrent health problems, and a career at crossroads, the late Hollywood Icon Elizabeth Taylor was to enjoy a rare moment of spiritual solace during a trip to Iran, and enduring friendship, with Ardeshir Zahedi , Iran’s ambassador of the time to Washington.  Although always described as “platonic”, their two years relationship, led to wild speculations in American tabloids as well as amongst Washingtonian socialites as one could expect with anything related to Elizabeth Taylor’s magnetic stardom.

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Thanks for the compilation

by Iranian123 on

If she had some links to Iran it is of interest to her Iranian fans. Zahedi did her poud in his tribute, and proved himself to be a gentleman (to say it was platonic). The other links are very interesting.


This is taking the piss

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This is the kind of rubbish information you raad in the National Enquirer. I think DK should keep his Liz Taylor fetish to himself. 


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I woulda coulda shouldhaha- heehee embedded instead of htmled a Farrokhzad video.