Greed causes Mistakes


by darouse54

I have heard this phrase that no one is perfect, in Farsi we say humans have the right to make mistakes. I'm a firm believer of that, in factI have yet to meet one person who lived a perfect life and most likely won't see one ever.

Recently I've been asking myself, what is a mistake? Mistakes have many forms, and each one has its own consequences and they are mainly measured on how big of an effect they have. Here is an example, if you make a small mistake in a math test it can cause you a point and if you make too many of them they can cause you to fail a test and if the test was a final, then you might fail the class have to start all over again. Now if the mistake happens when your driving, it can cause an accident and the outcome could last a lifetime.

So mistakes are a crucial part of our life and normally they make the headline news, but there is one form of mistake that can cause the most damage and that's the decision making mistake. Of course you can say that's such a general term for a category but lets think about it for a second. Decision making is a process and the more time you spend on it chances are that they will be more effective, but these days it seems that people don't spend much time for the decision making process and that leads to making mistakes. Example: lets say the Iraq war, it took about couple of months for that decision to be made although many will say that decision was made years in advance, judging by how big of mistake it turned out to be I would say that decision was made in a short time.

If you look around you you will notice that decision making mistakes are piling up, they are showing up in in recalled products, bankrupted companies and arrested politicians. In my opinion we are living a life that is faster than what it should be, I mean do we really needed 5 generations of Ipod in less than 10 years?Do we really need a new car design every 3 years? Do we really need a burger that is made in 3 minutes?

What will happen if we just start to slow down?

The more I think about this concept the closer I get to root of all evil which is greed funny thing is that all religions have named greed as a sin and yet it still runs our lives.

To avoid making more decison making mistakes we ned to spend more time, but time is money, how to solve this riddle? I was never good at riddles so if you can solve this one you might help future generations from making more mistakes


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I wish I had read yours as

by Anonymous54 (not verified) on

I wish I had read yours as well,, let me know where I can find it.
Glad you liked mine.

have a nice day



Great article....

by 24601 on

I wrote something similar a month ago and everyone basically told me that I was an a-hole and that greed is a good thing. Good to know that someone else gets it. We are ruining our health and eating garbage just because we have to have it in 2 minutes. Then we end up eating it while we're driving to work. What is the point of living if all we do is eat and work? You are 100% correct, we need to slow down, or simply stop and reflect.