Happy New Year

by Daryush

I wish you and Iran a very prosperous year. Long Live Iran, Long Live Irani.


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Happy New Year To Everone.

by 2008 (not verified) on





Happy New Year 2

by NY (not verified) on



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.......\........... ....\ ★☆★☆

Happy New Year to you & Every Body.



May this be a year of peace and prosparity

by Q on

for Iran and Iranians everywhere.


Happy Wishful Thinking

by party pooper (not verified) on

For as long as you lazy bums are sitting on your asses and doing F**l All, there will be no free Iran. Keep writing useless blogs and articles and hope that one day someone will take you seriousuly . As fro Iran - she can take care of herself without your BS.


Harchi "Arezu" jan migeh.....:)

by ajaba (not verified) on

Harchi "Arezu" jan migeh, manam migam...choon kheyli khoob goofteh :)...In addition wishing a year of full prosperity, health, and happiness for everybody.


A wonderful, joyful New Year for all

by Arezu (not verified) on

Dear friends and compatriots:

I also want to wish all of you a wonderful New Year; a year of peace, happiness, good health for you and your loved ones.

May Iran and the Iranian people be protected from any harm, and may we all unite together for the benefit of Iran and our people.

Iran has gone through a lot of ups and downs in its history, but nothing symbolizes Iran better than the ancient, mythical bird the Phoenix. It rises from its ashes, surpasses yesterdays and soars towards the zenith for better tomorrows. It will always reinvent and recreate itself because of the love that its people have for this great nation.

May peace and prosperity prevail for all of the people of the world.


Happy New Year

by Shahriar ++++ (not verified) on


Wish every1 happy and prosperous New Year

by kurdish warrior (not verified) on

A warm and inspiring New Year wish for all my kurdish and Persian friends


happy new years to you

by hajiagha on


and in new western years I am going to stop complaining about Iran my home land and more support Iran, I get help from you tube, and I will add move , documentary on you tube and I am not worry about censorship like we have in Iranian page, yes we should support Iran and thinks positive, because is take times , money and so many lost own life in war or....to Iran to day became better place for living as tomorrow and tomorrow perhaps better place and next day,forget, forgive, love respect, hard working, helping each others, and after all pride to be Iranian and we are standing for Iran.

Thank you for your time's and all your advice to me and my cartoons no one perfect,


Happy New Year

by xerxes (not verified) on

Same here, I wish you Daryush and all Iranians all over the world the best. I hope 2008 will be a year of prosperity and happiness for all of us and hopefully, we can do some good for:
-our families,
-our community and fellow iranians,
-and our GREAT homeland IRAN.