Abadani Humour


by divaneh

Last night I was searching the Youtube and came across some hilarious Abadani videos. I thought that it would be a good idea to share these videos with some other friends who may appreciate them.  I am not sure who has made the Abadani Football but this is the first time that I see it. My guess is that it has been made by Abadan branch of the IRIB. The lead actor just cracks me up; he is right from the Naafe Abadan. There are a couple of other plays available on the Youtube featuring the same actors and actresses. Just search for Abadani Comedy if you are interested.

Abadani Football

In Abadan people say Berezilete. This comedy offers a perfect image of an Abadani family.

Part 1

Abadan Animals

A little video that proves bandari is in harmony with nature.


Abadan Ashura

Abadani Sine Zani is like the Bandari dance.  They play their drums and cymbals (senj o damam) in the annual carnival. You hardly find anyone self harming. Enjoy the percussion.

Abadani Laaf

Abadanis are famous for their laaf (exaggerated claims) but sometimes support their claims with action.


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Dear Mardom Mazloom and Arthimis

by divaneh on

I am pleased that you liked the clips. Dametoon Garm.


"Eee Anten khaili

by Arthimis on

"Eee Anten khaili Sete'meh..." LMAO :D Dame bach-hai Abadan garm, bahashoon bist saale football bazi mikonam... Great Footballers and they always make you laugh. especially with Brazil ... :D

Mardom Mazloom

دیوانه جان،

Mardom Mazloom

خیلی این کلیپها عالی بودند! اصتلاحهای آبادانی منحصر به فرد و حاکی از خون گرم بودن آبادانیهاست. من از اصتلاح "این دیگه ستمه" برای "این باحال نیست" رو خیلی خوشم اومد. باید یه لغتنامه اصتلاحات ناحیه ای ایران رو جمع آوری کنیم :)


Dear Faramarz

by divaneh on

Good to see that you have enjoyed the videos. I am not sure if we did have Braime Shomali, perhaps they meant Bovarde Shomali. We had Brime which was probably the most beautiful part of Abadan where red brick houses, big gardens and low hedges had recreated a piece of England in that city. Second to that was Bovarde (probably Boulevard which had changed to Bovarde in Abadani dialect). We had Bovarde Jonoubi and Bovarde Shomali. All these areas were owned by IOC and housed the high ranking personnel of the company. These areas along with Shah Abad and Farah Abad that housed the low ranking employees were all constructed by British who of course lived in their little Englands, Braime and Bovarde.

The Abadani family in the above video probably lives in Ahmad Abad, Saddeh, Istgah haft, Bahmanshir or similar. These are older areas of Abadan, with Bahmanshir apparently built by Bahman the Sassanid king.


دیوانه جان


I really enjoyed these clips, especially the Brazilian connection!

I have never been to Abadan, but I have a few friends from there. They are all fun and ready to party on a moment's notice. Also, they are all from Berim Shomali! What's up with that? 


Dear Friends

by divaneh on

I am glad you enjoyed it.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

even though there was no mention of Ahmad abad dble. 5 stop.                Maziar

hamsade ghadimi

this show is hilarious. 

by hamsade ghadimi on

this show is hilarious.  thanks for the videos.  "brezil goosheye khak abadan boodeh" :)  i watched the first video.  i'll have to wait to go home to watch the rest.


OMG, "Footbal Abadani" precious

by Mehrban on

and when the electricity is cut off priceless!

Thank you for sharing :-).

M. Saadat Noury


by M. Saadat Noury on

Thank you for sharing.