IRI Cyber Army Attacks VOA

IRI Cyber Army Attacks VOA
by divaneh

Voice of America Persian News Network ( has been attacked by the cyber army of the Iranian regime. Visitors to the website are directed to a page with the title "We have proven that we can". One of the simplest ways to hack a website is to load the damaging script through the forms that accept user input. Although a good programmer checks the user inputs for any malicious code, there are developers who forget to build the necessary fences. I hope that VOA has not fallen for that old trick.

 This should also serve as a warning to our beloved who must now check its defences and reach its readers for financial support if that is needed.


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Joe L.

personally i would be more concern about real threats

by Joe L. on

like attacking nuclear sites and military head quarters that israel does. hopefully you are as concerned and mad about stuxnet as this news. doubt it. anyone?
iranians against iranian progress is amazing lesson of propaganda to brainwash a nation to go against itself. interesting. progress is not only for freedom that people don't even seem to understand well enough what it is. i just read barzan's piece complaining about dictators who preach freedom, right on. that's freedumb for you!!!


Why an AK47 with a stiff, thick, long barrel in their emblem?!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Islamist regime leadership must through therapy or otherwise end their fetish with the AK47 assault rifle, this superp engineering creation  of a godless anti fascist follower of a London residing communist Jew.

 They should replace it instead  with a bent, thin, short floppy islamist sword!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Jeesh Daram

IRI Cyber Army

by Jeesh Daram on

IRI Cyber Army is nothing but a subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corp. also known as BBC.  BBC is determined to crush any voice against the IRI ... No other government ever protected and promoted spread of Islamic states more than the British did and they continue to do so.  The true protectorate of Islam is no longer the king of Saudi Arabia, it is now clearly London as the center of Islamic studies and research.  Allaho-Akbar, BBC Rahbar. 


They will never attack IC because they need to know and gather public opnions.  After 12 years of singular attack and manifestation of the British attrocities in Iran by yours truly, they finally realized that they need to order the regime in Iran to start promoting anti BBC slogans and chants.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

IRI Cyber Terrorists will NOT attack IC because....

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

they have already dispatched their agents around here and they are in full control. They have managed to keep the rest of us occupied with endless, redundant, repetitive, old, and "no band tomban for Fati" types of discussions.

Hey IC community rest assured you will not be attacked! Sorry folks, didn't mean to rain on your parade!



by yolanda on

I don't think IC is on IRI's priority list 'cause IC is blocked in Iran already!........but they will send their pro-IRI bloggers here to give the pep talks!

Thank you for the warning!


Say what

by comrade on

I find the comparison between the VOA and IC totally unjustifiable, no matter who says what! Even with all of its shortcomings, the IC is a far greater medium of free expression from both sides of the aisle, so to speak, than the VOA. 

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.




by Rea on

With all those computer people on board, I think IC is safe. Hopefully. ;o)

PS. either IRI cyber army is pretty good, or VOA is pretty amateurish. 


IC should not be next

by divaneh on

VOA seems a little useless as it is now more than an hour that I have seen that page and it is still serving. If they cannot fix their web servers at least they can stop them to avoid further embarrassment.

I hope after all it is not only me who experiences this.