The little mermaids and the French Seahorse


by divaneh

It was only after the dark spirit of the seas had killed so many of the sea habitants and caused so much destruction that the little mermaids decided that enough was enough and someone had to stop the evil spirit. The little mermaids from the seven seas came together and vowed to the unseen tears of the victims that they would not rest untill they had stopped the damn spirit.

They swam deep to the dark waters of the deep sea and after a long struggle captured the evil dark spirit and brought him up to the shallow waters where they built a castle from shells in which they imprisoned the evil spirit forever.

Having completed the job they now wanted to return home and needed someone to keep the key to the prison. They looked around and the first thing that they saw was a French Seahorse who stood in one place and showed off his sculpture like body without being distracted by anything or anybody.

One of the mermaids said: That is who we need, someone who stays in one place and does not travel the sea randomly like the other fish do.

They all agreed and then approached the Seahorse who did not seem to notice them. They told him the story and were overjoyed when he accepted the responsibility and further informed them that he comes from a noble family of warriors and that the sculpture of his great grandfather adorned a French naval vessel.

A crab who had just crawled out from beneath a coral proclaimed that curly things should not be trusted but no one took much notice of her. The mermaids kissed the Seahorse goodbye and he shouted au revoir as they departed back to their homes.

When the first oil leak appeared in the clear waters of a beautiful sea, the mermaids realised that the dark spirit must have escaped his prison and all rushed back to the shell castle. There stood the castle with the open door of its prison drifting back and forth with the currents. They approached the French Seahorse who was still in the same position and who did not seem to notice them again.

- What happened Mr French Seahorse?

- Ah, it’s you. I am sorry, he escaped.

- But how?

- I was threatened and had to give the key to the little flies. Mon Dieu, vicious creatures.

- Little flies?

- Oui, they were hovering on the surface of the water and threatened to come down and straighten my body if I didn’t give them the key.

- But flies don't swim.

- How would I know?

One of the little mermaids who was now very angry said: and so what if they even managed to swim down and straighten your body?

- But Mademoiselle then I would not look bien.  I am a French Seahorse and it’s very important for me to be a la mode.

The little mermaid did not wait any longer and went in search of the dark spirit never to trust a French Seahorse again.

Moral of the story:

Never trust a French Seahorse with keeping anything safe. If you do, then beware that they cannot be straight.


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Cheddar diet

by divaneh on

Dear Ari, thanks for reading. Yes, I will also go on a Cheddar diet for a while. No Champagne neither.

Ari Siletz

Outraged too!

by Ari Siletz on

Great fable! Perfume, wine and ballet won't have the same appeal for a while. Vieux-Boulogne cheese, maybe!


Thanks friends

by divaneh on

Dear Samsam, Thanks for your kind comment.

Shazde Aziz, Thanks for reading. I dont understand French and therefore used the online translators. the best answer was the land of baguettet and timid. Vive la France indeed.

Monda Jaan, Thanks for your encouraging comment. I must be influenced by the little black fish. Have read it a few times and love it.

Dear Souri, Glad that you liked it and thanks for your generous comment. The French Seahorse is a Seahorse that is French. Just like a French man being a man who is French.


I wrote this just to vent my anger at French for being such empty drums of democracy and human rights. Everyone knows that in terrorism cases the criminal law is replaced with the special measures. The killer of Bakhtiar was not an ordinary murderer and no ordinary law would apply. The French have just proved that in their noise, hollowness and ability to bend they match their accordion.


Very nice!

by Souri on

I liked the imagination and the mystical style of the story.....

French seahorse? What is that?

LOL, very funny...........

" I am a French Seahorse and it’s very important for me to be a la mode"

I liked that so much :)

Thanks for the great story.


Lovely metaphors

by Monda on

Fabulous divaneh. You depicted some of Behrangi here.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Vive la France!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

La terre de bagget et les timides.



by SamSamIIII on


A very wise moral indeed. keep it coming. cheers pal!!! 

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