Vaginal delivery is unnecessary


by DoctorMaman

What I am about to share with you is not based on scientific research but rather on some of my own experiences and the result of conversations with other women and doctors. I believe that with the marvels of technology, a vaginal birth delivery is unnecessary.

* Most doctors will disagree with me. We are warned about urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor damages that supposedly follow C sections. From what I gather around me, those same issues can happen in women who have had vaginal deliveries. Damages to the body depend on many things and not exclusively the delivery method.

* Many people enjoy natural things and want to “give birth”. In my opinion, a C section is just as special. Also, we live in a world of birth control pills and vaccines. Therefore, certain natural processes are no longer necessary.

1) Episiotomy and Natural Tearing:

Anyone who has given been through a vaginal delivery is familiar with these procedures. With a C section, they can be avoided.

Besides the obvious pain and discomfort that follows an episiotomy (or natural tearing), your stitches might not hold up. This will give you more bleeding and more visits to the doctor’s office.

If you decide to go with a natural delivery, discuss post episiotomy pain control options with your doctor.

2) Pain:

A natural vaginal delivery involves pain at a level that most human beings would not be able to endure on a random basis. Not to mention the episiotomy, possible complications, hemorrhoids, post delivery contractions etc. Even with an Epidural, the pain you will experience is very real. We’ve all heard that “It’s only a few hours” phrase. Sure, it is. How else are you supposed to approach it?

Some other painful vaginal delivery issues are Back Labor, Emergency C sections, the Epidural etc.

So how do some women do it in water and with little medical help? They are in the minority. Most normal human beings in this day and age cannot and have no reason to tolerate unwanted pain.

With a C section, you will have surgery pain. But I’ve never heard of anyone needing an epidural to deal with it.

3) The Vagina:

a. After a vaginal delivery, your genitals will never look the same again. Imagine 36 hours of hard labor and 1 hour of PUSHING. This powerful elastic muscle will show her strength and bring life in to the world. Don’t expect her to look like she did before.

b. The color of the vagina which usually darkens during pregnancy will most likely not completely go back to its original hue.

c. The lips will be slightly looser/larger.

d. After tearing or an episiotomy, the area between the Anus and the Vagina will be slightly softer.

In general, these changes are slight, but if you have multiple children you will notice them more. Your vagina will still be pretty but you will be a woman with a child.

As far as I know, a C section doesn’t involve your vagina so no worries there. I know that this surgery might leave a slight mark on some women’s belly. That can easily be taken care of with some laser treatments. You will not need Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery. A little belly fat can linger for a while but let’s face it, how many of us have 6 packs to begin with?

4) Sex:

a. After tearing or an episiotomy, intercourse will be painful for a while.

b. Carrying a heavy baby load for months coupled with hours of pushing will cause hemorrhoids. This condition is not attractive during sex and it will make intercourse painful even after its recovery.

c. Although Kegel exercises can help strengthen the pelvic muscle, there is no denying that a vaginal childbirth will stretch the vagina and loosen it up a little. Most men like the vagina to be tight and most women like to feel as much as possible inside them. This issue is especially important to consider for women who have partners will small penises! Ladies you know you are out there. You might feel even less of the penis after a natural delivery. My advice is to evaluate your sex life. Evaluate how important the look and tightness of your vagina is to you.

A C section does not interfere with the look and feel of the vagina.

In conclusion, I wrote this blog in celebration of womanhood and all that we can do with our bodies. A vaginal delivery should not automatically be the option handed out to us.



Holier Than Thou

by Whatever (not verified) on

Your sentence was a bit off in your bid to find an ob/gyn who would perform an elective C-Section so excuse us for not understanding what you were trying to say. You came across as Holier than Thou and heaven help any of us who had the audacity to disagree with you. You expressed your opinion, loud and clear. So did we.

Kaveh Nouraee

Excuse WHO?

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Tonya, you have been nothing less than absolutely polite. I certainly don't have an issue with being called "Dude".



DoctorMaman, unless I have missed something entirely, I don't see where anyone has been vulgar with you. I can safely say that I have not been anything of the sort. Of course, I disagree very strongly with your point of view on this matter. If anything, I was jumped on by women who feel that men shouldn't be making any comments on women's health matters. But, it's OK. We can disagree and life still goes on.





Excuse me????

by Tonya (not verified) on

I havent got the vaguest idea where you're coming from.  I wasn't speaking to you when I addressed Kavesh as "Dude".  And if he has a problem with it, I'm sure he can speak for himself.  It isn't a rude or vulgar chill out.  I made NO reference to your profession.  You are confusing me with the several other people commenting on the veracity of your article.   You need to spend a little more time reading whatever else was written before you attack ME.  I asked ONE question... which you elected to ignore until you worked yourself into a tizzy.  And I beg to differ with regard to "experience".  I believe it is at the very heart of the matter.  I made absolutely NO rude or vulgar comments.  I am simply amazed at your attitude!  And for your information... I DID have a C-section and can assure you with ABSOLUTE conviction, proof, facts, and experience... it is not... and never will be a preferable election of birth.  You may certainly express your opinion... on any subject and at any time. But you might be a little more prepared to deal with the truth as known by those who have experienced the situations you describe.  I bid you goodnight.


Tonya And shame on you for

by Doctormaman11 (not verified) on


And shame on you for trying to label an attitude or try to associate it with a particular gender DUDE.

I don't understand this attitude that many responders have on this site. It's like "dava darin ba adam"???

A person writes a piece and states an opinion. I was nothing but respectful in all of my responses despite the vulgar language used by some and the negative attitude displayed by others.

What is so difficult about reading something, and responding politely? What is gained by using words such as moron, lazy, stupid, ignorant, shut yourself up, asshole and other completely useless words that you people threw my way?

What is gained by questioning a person's gender, profession or birthing experience in a rude and belitteling manner?

It's one thing to say "BTW, how did you deliver, could you share with us issues you experienced" or " what line of work are you in? do you work with insurance companies", but it's another thing to be rude with the apparent goal of wanting to prove me wrong and yourself right. You sure have the right to disagree and it would be such an addition to this exchange of information if you stated your opinions. But you definately add nothing by being mean, rude and inconsiderate.


Hi Tonya, I responsded by

by Doctormaman11 (not verified) on

Hi Tonya,

I responsded by saying: "I was unable to a doctor in my area who performed elective c sections"

I thought this was clear in saying that no i didn't have a c section. Which puts me in a much better place to judge the need, effectiveness, necessity etc of a vag delivery.

Again, I believe my blog coupled with my comments state clearly all the reasons behind my opinion. I didn't need to insult anyone (I do not work for an insurance company and even if I did, it is irrelevant, and I am not a moron). I didn't belittele anyone's experience either (my experience of c section or not is irrelevant. As an educated adult, I have done LOTS of research into this and have formed an opinion while taking all the pros and cons into consideration.).

Whatever, FYI, the epidural administered for vag del isn't exactly the same as for c section. Get your facts straight. How widely available AND WIDELY USED are epidurals in vag deliveries in Iran? No answers? My research shows that in Iran, many families fear the use of epidural and it's side effects (namely paralysis). So they prefer not to get one for vag deliveries. This puts the woman under intense pressure and pain. A c section is a much more pain less option (Tonya how did YOU deliver??? question is irrelevant but can go both ways). So one of the reasons c sections are popular in SOME parts of Iran, is woman's fear of childbirth pain. But please, go ahead and answer the question: How widely available and used are epidurals in Iran?



by Tonya (not verified) on

Dude... I wasn't about to leave you hanging in the breeze.  You're likely to be hunted down throughout and vilified for the rest of time.  Been there.... done that.  You know what... I'm not sure Doctor IS a woman.  The article sounds far more like a man's attitude than a woman's...LOL.

Kaveh Nouraee

To Tonya

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Thanks for the support!


Kaveh, aka The Grief Magnet


to Whatever

by Tonya (not verified) on

Yeah... I noticed that myself.  And this is one time I'd really really REALLY love to get an answer.  And Kaveh... you went out on a limb as a man making those comments and invited ALL sorts of grief down on your head!  But if a woman is going to be perfectly honest and get off her high horse... there ain't a one who could call you wrong!  We probably just don't like hearing it from a



by Whatever (not verified) on

And actually, you're the one who never answered Tanya's question. How many C-sections have YOU had??


You're a Total Moron

by Watever (not verified) on

Yes,of coure there is pain management in Iran. It's not as uncivilized as you might think it is. They have epidurals, they have anesthesia. They have doctors. How in the hell do you think they manage to do their umpteen million C-sections? By having women bite down on a stick so they don't scream out in absolute agony? And sorry, but the episiotomy stitches DO disolve, by themselves, within a week.


Majid, Having noticed that

by Khadeshid (not verified) on


Having noticed that my comment was deleted on another thread, I am reviewing the hotest blogs and I am noting a lot of deleting going on. I don't know if it is JJ or someone else. But it better stop and there better be an explanation in the form a BERIMFAZA blog or feature article.

If he can put people's unconsented sex tapes on air, my "f" word, better not get deleted.


Whatever, You never answered

by DoctorMaman1 (not verified) on


You never answered the question, what kind of pain management is available for vag del in Iran? How often do women use epidurals?

Your attitude and misinformation is typical of a male dominated traditional health system. I am not going to engage in a war of words with you. I have stated the reasons behind my belief.

Most opisiotomy stiches do not disolve within a few days. When they do disolve, there are months of other issues that come up with it. Some times years.

Your ignorance is your bliss.


Doctor Maman

by Whatever (not verified) on

Obviously she hasn't. Pretty sure she works for a major insurance company or she's a doctor who can charge triple the going rate for a C-section delivery as opposed to vaginal. Maybe she gets a kick-back, ya think? She's talking about a 6-week recovery vs maybe a 3-day recovery. Episiotomy stitches disolve within a few days, women are up and around within hours of a normal delivery vs bedrest for several days with a C-section.



by Majid on

I noticed "A" comment from "Lab-o-Zaboon........." and my response to it and another one were deleted, I'm just  curious as to why? 


Look at the big picture

by DoctorMaman2 (not verified) on


Vag deliveries are considered "natural" and as such they are by default considered the best method. This is wrong.

I was unable to a doctor in my area who performed elective c sections. Most of the doctors were above the age of 50. The reason was always the same, c section is major surgery, you are a young woman, you don't know what you are talking about. They mention damages to the pelvic floor and incontinence. However, they almost never tell you about the SAME issues that are COMMON among women with vaginal del.

Many OBGYNs are of the older traditional generation who haven't had an update class since their graduation. Some younger doctors have been trained by these olders ones. It is a vicious circle.

I realize that recovery from surgery is not easy. Child bearing is not easy. Surgery is serious business and there is pain after. However, you have to look at things relatively. Recovery from a relatively easy and safe procedure (yes! easy and safe in comparison to other surgeries) vs all the negative side effects of a vaginal birth.

The medical community is traditionalist and refuses to update itself to the current family dynamics and women's needs. This also true about breastfeeding. A lot of myths and false information out there encourages unhealthy women to breastfeed.

If you consider medical technology, high rates of post partum depression, side effects of vaginal births, availability of pain management, family demographics etc, in my opinion, you will consider that vaginal births are not what they are cracked up to be.


My partner gave birth to our girl and after birth we resumed

by Iranian Lesbian Couple (not verified) on

normal sex immediately! Of course normal to us means using the double-headed strap-on! To satisfy each other, we use different sizes, anywhere from 8" to 12". I know of heterosexual partners who use this tool as well. Strap-on can be very effective tool for both sexes! All you need is to conjure up and get in the action!?



by Tonya (not verified) on

One question... please... just one!  Have YOU had a c-section?  That's all I want to know. 


Whatever, You basically

by DoctorMaman on


You basically just repeated your previous rant!Since you are aware of the situation in Iran, could you tell me if epidurals are available and being used on a mass scale? My question is specific and does not involve blaming me. So if you have an aswer, please share....

I did not want to take the readers time by going into many details like politics and demographics. However, if as a young professional woman, you are to have one or two children, "major" surgery is not as bad as the problems that a vaginal delivery brings along. C SECTIONS ARE NOT THE SURGERY THEY WERE  15 30 or EVEN 5 YEARS AGO. The myth that C sections are this major surgery that one is to be pertrified of is simply not true anymore.



situation in Iran

by Whatever (not verified) on

I AM aware of the situation in Iran. It's a man's world. Everything is done for the comfort of the man. HIS needs. Sexual and otherwise. Women's needs don't come into play. If these men want their wives to have C-sections, so be it. Don't tell me that recovering from major surgery (Yes, C-sections are MAJOR surgery) is easier than a vaginal delivery. Unless it's absolutely necessary for the health of the mother and baby, why in the world would anyone subject themselves to one?


What do you expect from men... jeez

by Tonya (not verified) on

Obviously no one here, especially DoctorMaman, has had a C-section.  PERIOD. 


Kaveh Noonwayee

by 2 (not verified) on

Kaveh Noonwayee and Bush are of the same mind. Bush said "OBGYN's can't practice their love of women", reference to medical malpractice insurance being high, and Kaveh is thinking a relationship between tight vaginas and C sections are an intersting subject to opine about.


I was born Cesarean

by 1 (not verified) on

Everything else is normal, except whenever I want to enter a room, I have to go in from the window.


kaveh stop yourself - don't continue this subject

by lady (not verified) on

Please Kaveh for the love of woman, God, Iran, Shah STOP talking about birthing. You sound so ridiculous. I usually like what you write, but you sound incredibly dumb on this subject. Stop it, please.


Kaveh Noon-widee is an idiot

by Dr too (not verified) on

Kaveh where did you learn all these subjects? Are you the same noon-widee who said; come at noon and I'll spread my ass wide for you? Who should see your wide ass? your same sex partner, your veterinarian and yourself?

Kaveh Nouraee

It has nothing to do with Iran

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Simply put, elective surgery that is not medically necessary is irresponsible.



The rationale of wanting to preserve the appearance of the genitals is sheer lunacy. If your husband only loves you because you're tight, then that's a character flaw of his. If you feel that all you have to offer a man is a tight vagina, then you have the issue. There are only three people who should ever see your genitals: your husband/partner, your ob/gyn, and yourself.  You're not putting them on display in a museum.


Don't apologize

by mom (not verified) on

these men are stubborn. if their bodies were always bleeding on a monthly basis and taking hormones to control pregnancy/encourage pregnancy, they'd open their dark dusty minds to why you are talking about this. thank you thank you. remember when JJ announced his surgery to tie his tubes? no one called him vain. it's a medical issue, not a "you dont have a zipper so it's not natural". Sounds like something psycho tom cruise would say


Whatever, I am not aware

by DoctorMaman on


I am not aware of the situation in Iran but let's give some of the women there some credit. Maybe they want c sections because:

- There is no effective pain management available on a mass scale. Safe epidurals?

- They enjoy sex! What a concept. We want to feel the penis inside and they don't want to be loose because of their OWN sexual appetite.

- C sections maybe clean and easy and more safe for them.

Is it possible that they have a brian and make decisions for themseleves? I am sure they have men they want to please but could it be possible there are other contributing factors?





Mr. NouraeeC secs have

by DoctorMaman on

Mr. NouraeeC secs have existed for a long time, never as a choice. Today, a c sec a 30 minute procedure and is very safe.An increasing number of women undergo vag dels with an epidural. Indicating that we are not interested nor do we feel obligated to go through pointless pain. A vag del has many long/short term risks to mommy and baby. Therefore to eliminate the c sec option based on the old surgery excuse is not acceptable anymore.HMO problems are not a factor, a bad hospital is dangerous for everyone. C secs are mostly scheduled in advance anyway and are performed by an OBGYN.

There is no proven scientific or psychological link between elective c sections, laziness, a person’s readiness for parenthood or their parenting skills.


The Tunnel

by Whatever (not verified) on

It's assholes like you that drive every woman in Iran to request a C-section. Heaven forbid she's too "loose" for her husband afterwards.


Kaveh Nouraee the medical expert

by Judge Judy (not verified) on

If Kaveh Nouraee could tolerate a mere acquintance with Khar-keer guy below and feel his assets up his ass then he would have a little idea what women go through when they give birth!

How the heck do you know? Here is a lady giving first hand experience about the issue, and you jump in with two page essays?

You are just a brat bacheh akhoond, most likely daddy also worked for the Iranian Oil Company!

Feel the pain and then talk....