Join us Saturdays in the park

Elham Gheytanchi
by Elham Gheytanchi


Iran’s Committee of Mournful Mothers is formed by mothers who have lost their children- killed, imprisoned or disappeared- during the peaceful demonstrations protesting the declared result of 10th presidential election on June 12th 2009.

The Committee of Mournful Mothers of Iran has publicly stated the following:

We, the Mourning Mothers of Iran are law-abiding citizens and will continue our civil rights struggle till the release of our Children and prosecution of all those responsible for the killing, disappearance and imprisonment of our children.

Mournful mothers in Iran, protest in silence every Saturday evening from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m., by dressing in black and gathering in the parks, to commemorate the loss of their innocent children.

Shirin Ebadi, Iranian Human Rights attorney and the Noble Peace Laureate has been vocal and supportive of the mourning mothers in Iran:

“I invite all freedom loving women of the world to dress in black and gather in solidarity with the Committee of Mourning Mothers every Saturday in their own cities and towns to help make their voices heard throughout the world.”

In response to this invitation, we Iranian Americans, gather on Saturdays to join the silent protest of the Mournful Mothers in Iran. In solidarity, we gather on Saturdays in parks in the City of Santa Monica (till further notice: Ocean Ave & Colorado, by Santa Monica Pier).

We invite the freedom-loving people of the world to join us in expressing our solidarity and support for the Mournful Mothers of Iran.


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