1 in 4 US women victims of severe violence

1 in 4 US women victims of severe violence
by Esfand Aashena

Yesterday there was a Survey: 1 in 4 US women victims of severe violence that was really shocking.  I suppose in gender apartheid Iran under the Islamic Republic the ratio would be 3 out of 4 women but here in USA? 

The report also talks about a significant percentage of young boys who also experience sexual violence.  So after decades of improvement in the lives of US women and fighting for equal rights 1 in 4 women in US have to experience violence in their lives?  If anything this proves once again that for many sky is blue, or dark in this case, no matter where you live.

I am sure there are many reasons for this and one very significant reason being the ignorance and lack of compassion or culture for many in America.  How would you go about fixing such a problem?  I think sex education in schools and teaching social sciences as it relates to the USA in 21st century would be a big step towards reducing this problem.  Yet so called conservatives or liberals for that matter and holier than thou religious groups have enough influence to stop such education.

It is really sad and in these days when you look at Presidential candidates you see how backwards they still are when it comes to making statements and taking positions on issues such as this.  I wonder what will these candidates say now about this survey if asked in the debates.  What would be their suggestion to reduce this trend. 

Photo caption:  tele-cabin in Ramsar a Caspian city.


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Tiger Lily

Thanks for the info and insight, EA

by Tiger Lily on

F'ing scary.

Be safe... 

I might be the messenger of overzealous doom and gloom, but even if you have a windowbox or a jar, start to grow your own food, like edible sabzeh. If anything, it'll give you the confidence of knowing that you know that you can survive and it's cute to pick one's own bits. ;)

Wishing you good....


Esfand Aashena

A survey of 9,000 women and 7,400 men.

by Esfand Aashena on

Tiger Lily, they didn't mention the states, I think it was probably a mixture of states.

As for gun laws, it's not going to get better and actually the statistics of new gun owners are on the rise.  I think there is a 20% increase in first time gun owners.

When you have bad economy which fuels more crime and actually people coming into your home at night for criminal activity or criminals roaming aroung looking for trouble you may consider getting a gun to protect yourself and your family.

You know if there is another depression in the US I don't think people are going to line up for soup properly!  There will be fights and looking foreign will probably attract more nutjobs so a gun may not be a bad thing! 

Everything is sacred

Esfand Aashena

Ali jaan let me ask you some questions you can answer!

by Esfand Aashena on

- Do you make more or less than $250,000 per year? 

- Have you had sexual relations (as defined in Bill Clinton's deposition for definition of sexual relations) with more than one partner in your lifetime? 

- Do you have a bank account with Fidelity and if so are you happy with them?

Are you or ever been a member of Communist Party? 

Are you in favor of an invasion by US or NATO to eject IRI oh IRI out of power?

Everything is sacred

Tiger Lily

grand US of A, is the most violent of all Western states

by Tiger Lily on

Unlike other Western democracies, or rather known as such, it has Capital Punishment, i.e, state murder written up in its judicial system, as well as gun laws. GUNS for god's sake, GUNS! The most whacko bit is that many Christian fundamentalists, the anti-semitic Zionists of enormous wealth and power, who are "pro-life" , love guns as they maintain and claim,  as protection against a government. 

Yeah, anyone seen what happened with gunowners trying to protect their personal property around Katrina with a shotgun? 

The army helicoptered walked in. 



And the most shocking of all,is that quite a few states have their judiciary not funded via normal taxes but by parking tickets!

Take it from there...


P.S. one in four? Sounds so bizarre. What are the population statistics per state and which state per in four?



by JahanKhalili on

Question 1:

What's your real name? 

Ali P.

LOL...ask me anything!

by Ali P. on

I'd tell the truth, expect questions about:




my past

my present




Imagine a survey of Iranians. It would be impossible!

by JahanKhalili on

They would all lie, and ruin the survey!

Esfand Aashena

علی‌ جان اصلا بی‌خیال claim شب یلدا بجاش کلم می‌خوریم!

Esfand Aashena

I remember when they asked Bill Clinton if he had sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky, he asked what was their definition of sexual relations which led to him being acquitted!

So in this survey they could've provided the definition of "severe" as one slap or one forehand or one backhand or one punch or one kick and I think the men would've responded truthfully.  Why wouldn't they, it's not like they're under oath or giving away their names.

I was actually thinking of having a survey right here on i.com but don't feel like it, being holidays and all!  Maybe someone else can do it. 

Everything is sacred

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

You are right about 'severe'. Apparently, the surveyers used the word 'severe' in their questionnare.

But, as it always the case is in this kind of surveys, the answers are subjective.

 For example, what do you think the result would be,if a survey is done on how many Iranian( or American) men severely have ever abused their wives, or girlfriends, by asking iranian (or American) men?

You probably get a very low number, not reflecting the truth of the matter. We don't take THAT NUMBER as face value, do we?

We'd say,...number of Iranian men CLAIM to have, or not have, ever abused their spouse.


Esfand Aashena

Ali jaan I thought you were using "claim" as a dirty word!

by Esfand Aashena on

Otherwise why did you even say it and capitalized it?!  Come on now!  You also said the claim was not about "severe" violence which the survey said it was.

Anyway, what do you consider "severe" violence?  I think a slap or a backhand or punching or kicking a wife or girlfiend even "once" would be considred "severe violence".

There are so many, even among celebrities that are supposedly well off, like remember Rihanna or Kim Kardashian's first marriage?  If you go to backward states like WV, KY, AL or some other states the problem is probably worse and perhaps 3 out of 4 or something.

Perhaps it's something that is handed down from one generation to another!  My grand father did it and then my father did it and I'll pass it along to my son and him to his son and ...! 

Everything is sacred

Ali P.

Esfand jaan

by Ali P. on

"Claim" is not a dirty word, and it is more accurate to say:

1 in 4 US women claims to be victims of severe violence


1 in 4 US women (are, in fact) victims of severe violence


The report adds: No documentation was sought to verify the women's claims, which were made anonymously .

Many, many claims are true, specially in domestic violence cases; and some are not.


That's all I am saying :-)

Esfand Aashena

Ali jaan do their CLAIM need to be notorized?!

by Esfand Aashena on

In both links I provided they say the women either "say" or "report" and I didn't see where they CLAIMED!  But it could be there somewhere which would mean the same thing as say or report.

The survey also said "severe" violence.  This is astounding and as they said:

 Even so, a government official who oversaw the research called the results "astounding."

It is really shocking and I don't really understand what you mean by your CLAIM!  Sorry.

Everything is sacred


The situation in America is very different..

by JahanKhalili on

Very different from Iran, and very different from how America used to be.

In the old days, a woman's brother or father was a force to be feared, and if someone beat their wife, it would likely end up involving the woman's male relatives.

That was a good detriment.

Ironically, feminism has undermined the useful role of men in keeping the worst types of men in check.

They also undermined the institution of marriage itself by telling women that they don't need men to raise a child, with the result that society is today burdened with a vast number of children who are being raised without fathers, and who are highly likely to be criminals (including wife beaters) when they grow up. 

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

Actually, the survey says,1 out of 4 American women CLAIM to be have been victims of  violence- and not severe violence- by their husbands or boyfriends.

By the same token, I'd think 1 out of 6 or 7 American men, would CLAIM to have been physically attacked by their wives, or girlfriends.


Of course, in reality, far more women are physically hurt by men, than men by women.


On the lighter side: Yes,

by vildemose on

On the lighter side: Yes, the US of A is NOT the right place for folks from islamic nations to immigrate to, as islam provides more protection for females, minorities and of course everyone else. 



 A state of war only serves
as an excuse for domestic tyranny.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Born December 11, 1918


The Ku Klux Klan used to beat up wife beaters

by JahanKhalili on

That's according to some members and the children of some members I've spoken with.

Esfand Aashena


by Esfand Aashena on

What the suck are you talking about?!  What does Islam have to do with American women?

The girls in the photo are in school uniform and on a school tour.   Boys and girls go to separate schools.  We do not have gays or lesbians in Iran. 

Everything is sacred



by Raoul1955 on

On the serious side, Azadeh Azad [to my knowledge] is the only contributor here with the credentials to write about social issues.
On the lighter side: Yes, the US of A is NOT the right place for folks from islamic nations to immigrate to, as islam provides more protection for females, minorities and of course everyone else.  Also, your included photo presents a bunch of young females and no males.  Are they lesbians on a sightseeing tour?  Just curious.