Future Iranian generations won't think like today


Future Iranian generations won't think like today
by Esfand Aashena

I was watching the news earlier this week when Jackie Kennedy's oral history was published which were interviews given about 4 months after her husband's assasination.  The interviews were supposed to have been locked up for at least 50 years before they could be published.

Caroline Kennedy is said to have been informed of these interviews by 1994 and she recently decided to publish them after the 50 years were passed.

One of the more surprising parts is when she talks about Martin Luther King and how she didn't like him and that he is so terrible to her!  I haven't heard or seen much protests towards this except today when her current grand daughters were said to have been horrified! She also believed that women should not get involved in politics!  Oh no!  Oh well!

I always thought that when this generation of Iranian rulers and politicians headed by Khamanei, Rafsanjani, Ahmadi, Khatami, Mousavi and the rest pass away, the future of Iran will be cleansed away and we won't have the stupidity that we have today.  Younger generations will be better than this.

How many times have you heard or learned of your grand parents or elderly family members' views and twitched at the thought of someone you love having such views?  Do you care?  I don't.  I always say they're from a different generation and they won't change, too late for them to change.  I guess now it's our time and watch our children and grand children think of us as having rigid views!  Do we?  Who? Me? You?  NOOOOO!

So Jackie Kennedy is proof positive that things change and it'll get better.  Who ever thought that someone that beautiful and with such a sexy voice would have these views?!  Views that she probably abandoned prior to her death.  So there is hope for us too but it's just bad that we may not be here to see it.  I don't know how long Islamic Republic will last but I doubt it'll last 50 years.  Since it's inception we've always heard about this year and next year so we're all ready for it and it's just a matter of time!

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Esfand Aashena

Future Generation of Dictators!

by Esfand Aashena on

Faramarz jaan, the point I was trying to make was a relationship between the current dictators and future dictators as you put it, and those who followed them throughout the 1979, into today and beyond.

If you recall one of the major rallying factors in 1979 was what Khomeini and his followers referred to as "decadence"!  Oh god, women are wearing bikinis and Islam is gone!  Oh god, Monsieur is selling beer and vodka in his deli and it is the end of the world!  Oh god, Oh god!  Remember?

So people who followed them were our parents and us and we have a good memory of the "decadence" and so there is still this dead horse that they're beating.  However, the newer generation when they get their turn they won't have any memory of the "decadence"  so to them it's always about whatchu talkibg about Willis?!

Now you brought up the future generation of dictators and I can see where that can come from my blog so let's talk about it.

Yes I agree with you that the current dictators of the Middle East are just as bad as their fathers.  But there are differences.  King Hussein in Jordan for example went on a horse and killed thousands of Palestinians like he was galloping in the deserts of Karbala!  Whereas his son is more like our own Prince chubby and in the recent unrests he just said f*** it and decided to make some reforms.

Hafez Assad again killed thousands without much fanfare whereas Bashar's every move is broadcast around the world and he is just one step away from a military confrontation like Qaddafi.

Mother freaking Saddam was all about invading countries but had his sons stayed alive they would have probably not bothered with wars anymore and just tend to their other atrocities.

Kim Ill Sung tried to become like Pol Pot but time just ran out on him and Khemer Rouge altogether.  His son (the Ill mother freaking the second :-) wants to keep talking with the West.

Sure these sons are just as bad as their fathers and once a dictator always a dictator and none of these dictators left or will leave voluntarily.  But who leaves "voluntarily"?! 

Do you have an example of anyone ever "voluntarily" leaving power?  There must be a reason.  It doesn't have to be a war or a revolution, but no one in their right mind would leave their position of power "voluntarily". 

So yes the future Islamic Republic dictators will be dictators none-the-less but will they push the same nonsense they're pushing now?  World will change by the time the old fossils of Guardian Council are six feet under.

This guy, was it Jannati or Mahdavi Kani?, in his 80s is talking about separating boys and girls in the universities.  Is there no one better than him to make these calls?

So bottom line and my apologies for such a long comment (you started the subject :-) the people are getting more and more separated from the leaders of this Islamic Revolution.  We had 2009 and there will be other uprisings. 

I am of the opinion that this regime will fall apart and collapse because of the financial crisis.  Part of the reason the financial crisis will be their kiss of death is because the "new" generation won't fall for any execuses like "decadence"!

Everything is sacred


Future Generation of Dictators

by Faramarz on

Esfand Jaan,

The future generation of IR dictators will be as bad and even worse than the current ones and I don’t see any reason why they would voluntarily relinquish power to the opposition.

It is true that educated and open minded people like Jackie O. can change their attitudes towards certain topics and the younger generation will be more moderate and tolerant towards religion and social issues, but we are talking about the people of Iran and not the ones who are running the place.

Just look at N. Korea, Syria, Gadhafi’s Libya, Mubarak’s Egypt or Saddam’s Iraq. In all these places the dictator fathers turned (or were planning to turn) the country over to their dictator sons and the new generation of rulers are trying (or planning) to run the place with the same brutal force and intelligence apparatus as the old ones. These people will not leave voluntarily even if the majority of the population asks them to. A percentage of the population is on their payroll and will show up and demonstrate on their behalf. Everybody else has to keep quiet or else.

Do you think that Saddam’s sons, Odai and Kouse, Khamenei’s son, Mojtaba, Gadhafi’s son Seif Islam and Kim Jung-il’s son are any better than their daddies? I don’t think so.