The Iranian Film Festival starts this week!

The Iranian Film Festival starts this week!
by Esfand Aashena

The annual Iranian Film Festival in the Smithsonian's Museum of Asian Arts, better known as the Freer Gallery of Art starts Friday January 6th.   The Freer’s 16th annual Iranian Film Festival is cosponsored by the ILEX Foundation, with additional funding from the Iran Endowment Fund. It is curated by Tom Vick of the Freer and Sackler Galleries; Carter Long of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; and Marian Luntz of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. All films are in Persian with English subtitles unless otherwise indicated.

This has become like an annual ritual!  What better way to start a new year for Iranians and those who like Iranians than to watch brand new films, award winning films, from Iran.   It is also free!  But please don't be cheap and pay your recommended donation of $5/person.  Let's keep this annual event alive for at least for another 16 years!

This year's selection is rich with many celebrated films and often noted artists of the Iranian cinema.  Don't miss it and they'll be all gone by Sunday February 19th.

Photo Caption:  opening week of the movie "A Separation" at Cinema Esteghlal, in Vali Asr street (formerly Pahlavi) north of Vali Asr median (formerly ValiAhd).


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I will be wearing my green muscle shirt!

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Everything is sacred


Make sure

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you wear your PERSIAN muscle shirt to come to the PERSIAN film festival. I wanna be able to spot you right off the PERSIAN bat!