Chernobyl Contaminated Butter in Iran

by esmal3kaleh

Dear friends who lived in Iran in the 1980s, do you remember that after the Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident butter from eastern European countries flooded supermarkets and "baghali"s in Iran ?

Does anyone have a picture of the Polish, Ukranian, Bulgarian butter, or a sample of the wrapping paper ?

Who allowed the import of the butter that the countries of origin had obviously discarded ?

 Anyone know ?



"Tschernobyl" Butter

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Bringing butter from contaminated milk back into the human food-chain is a crime, no doubt. Anybody who potentially consumed such butter should know, however, that the main radioisotopes released from the Tschernobyl disaster and later found in cows milk were radioactive iodine and caesium. During butter production, however both radioisotopes remained in the buttermilk. Therefore, fortunately the butter might have been relatively "clean". Anyhow, in Germany all contaminated milk and the products were dried and discarded as waste. 

Other milk products like cheese and creme fraiche would have been contaminated with radioisotopes to a much higher degree than butter. I hope that no Bulgarian Feta cheese was imported to Iran in the month after the accident. This could have been much more contaminated.



by Parham on

Bikari Esmal?