Interviewing Taysha Smith Valez


by ExoticSarah

Taysha Smith Valez is an internationally known entrepreneur and marketer that is making many waves in the cosmetic beauty industry. At only 25 years of age, this makeup guru is the ultimate success story. As the CEO and President of H.Couture Beauty, Taysha proves that it doesn't matter how old you are to succeed in this business. In fact, she proves that if you possess a powerful wisdom, interest, as well as, individual ethic and originality, you are destined to succeed, as a result.

H. Couture Beauty is home of beauty twenty one brands in which six are in the haute division. Some of the companies include: Taysha Smith Valez Cosmetics, Haute Beauty Mobile, Suite Tay, 77th And Park, To Him From Her, I Love Lipstick, Green-T, Beauty Water, I-sha-doe, Alex Outlaw, Park Ave Princess Productions, Beauty Books Only, H. Couture Beauty Publishing, BeauTayful Smile, and more.

What makes H. Couture so universal, yet exquisite is the fact that H.Couture Beauty owns its own manufacturing plant, as well as, chemist, and H. Couture also has it's own croc farms in Thailand. H. Couture Beauty has exclusive agreements with private jewelers, as well as, designers to create only exclusive and divine packaging. H. Couture Beauty is very haute. In fact, H. Couture Beauty is so "haute" they do not ever use plastic or cardboard.

This is not all nor does it end here. Taysha Smith Valez is also an author. Some of her books include: Young Black Millionairess: How to start a Million Dollar Business and Young Black Millionaires. She is the proud owner of a variety of individual corporations that range from Millionaire's Weekly (the world's most expensive magazine) which is $29.99 a week to Beauty Books Only which is a book store. She is also an investor in real estate and diamond reselling.

SA: How long have you been in the beauty business?

TSV: I worked for a major brand from ages 17-18 ( yes young I know)...So about 8 years

SA: Taking you back to the origin of your first business, your first sole proprietorship, when did you realize "I am going to bigger than this, much bigger"?

TSV: All of my businesses over lapped. The day I started my first business I made up my mind to go big or go home. I have a type A personality. And as a New Yorker I am exposed to everything. So I just went for it . " I said I want to create a category, develop it, and set all the rules and standards for it. Just like the greats before me . I dabble in Prestige, but the core of the business is Haute. From magazines, to Tv shows, to mascara, to educational toys...Its all haute... :)

SA: I remember talking to you before and you mentioned previously that H couture Beauty is home of beauty 21 brands 6 of which are in the haute division. Do you have any plans of expanding?

TSV: Of course my business plan is about 20 years long. But, just watch and see. From media to department stores just sit back and enjoy the HCouture Show :). OO yes..B.A.P. cosemtics...its a cosmetics line I am so excited about. Not one cosmetics brand that markets too "black" women of has celebrated the classic ness and the hautness of a Black American Princess..The creative director of the line is Miss Parker C..Wonderful woman , and a real B.A.P. This line will change the 4 billion "ethnic" market..WE promise . :) OO and we have a Department Store in the works. OMG its so grand...just beautiful.

Its not a boutique its a real department store..Very excited about that..ery..We are also involved with a huge piece of history in the fashion World. Atlanta's first ever haute couture fashion week. Its called

// . The production is that of Couture Connoisseur network, which happens to be an amazing company!

SA: We all know that Taysha Smith Valez as one of the hottest, young CEOs making many waves in the cosmetic industry, but there are many things we do not know. Tell me more about Taysha Smith Valez...

TSV: I am young, extremely focused, fun, I love doing nothing on my days off, shopping online is fun, I am very normal, nothing "Hollywood" about Tay. I keep a very closed close circle . Its very safe and I like it that way . I love Hawaii and Aspen...and believe it or not I am not a huge fan of overseas travel . I enjoy the USA and its my fav country in the world!

SA: Lip gloss, lip stick, foundation, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, ETC. If there is one specific cosmetic you can't live without, which would that be?

TSV: Mascara

SA: You are absolutely stunning! I have noticed that your skin is amazing. I would love to know, what is your secret to such flawless skin?
Thank you !

TSV: The Secret is hard work...LOLOL.. I drink tons of water, facials , and I use something called Tox in a box. Its from Sepia Skin care spa (

// ) . Very cool...All you need is Tox in a box and bammm flawless face..LOLOL. Skin care is about diet, products, stress, etc. You must must must take care of your skin .

SA: Ok, I have been thinking about the world's most expensive mascara. You have to tell me more!

TSV: I created the Haute category in beauty . The cosmetics industry already had mass, masstige, prestige, and now it has Haute! WE take packaging, service, and experience to the next level. Its an extension of Tay's life style. Very Haute, very fun. Very hard to speak on unless you experience it for yourself...ya know? Just like there is a market for $800 shoes and $8,000 bags. There is also a market for $300 lipstick and $4,200 face cream. Its all in the client and the offering.

Its not the stuff its the experience. The Haute Category is not for everyone. Just like haute couture in fashion is not for everyone. I sell my items as if they are jewelry, etc . My clients are treated the same way I am treated in my everyday life. No dif. So think of Haute Beauty as timeless, as an experience. And again everyone is invited to the Haute Beauty Party but will they all RSVP?..Hey we shall see..That 14 million mascara and lippie was bought as a museum piece for My clients birthday.

Very limited Edition. That client has lifetime access to all of HCouture items, when ever what ever. She even has a key to Suite-Tay in Hawaii...:) It was a private sale that leaked to the media. We also have limited edition collectors items with genuine gems and precious metals with price points of 3k and up up up!

SA: HCouture is an amazing company and every product is for everyone. I am curious, what is the general demographic of individuals interested in HCourture?

TSV: Young Affluents. Its not just the super wealthy, thats the huge misconception (the group is very mixed , from old money to new) My business is built around young affluents..the sons and daughters of the baby boomers...(40 and under with incomes in the ranges of 50k to 150 million and so on ...)

SA: Beauty is a rather "undefined" kind of term. In your owns, how do you define beauty? What is beauty?

TSV: It is me, It's loving the skin you are in, being fearless, Its breathing!! Its always remaining positive. Its so many things ya know?

SA: What is your favorite individual product (or top five, if you can't choose a favorite) in the HCourture line?

TSV: HCouture is not a line . HCouture is a company that has 21 brands. The Socialite collection Lip plumper is great! The Black box from B.A.P. cosmetics is great! The travel blow Ionic conditioning blow dryer from 77th & park is amazing! The TSV (

// ) eyes set is wonderful. I can't live with out my day and night eye creams. The B.A.P. BeauTayful smile (teeth whitening system) OMG Talk about blinding white teeth! ( // )

SA: You are very bright and you know a lot about business. I am curious to know, what are some of your other strengths that lie outside of the business?

TSV: Well...I can speak 3 languages, I know how to surf , I love music and my friends call me juke box, becauseI can remember any song. Just "hum" a little to Tay and I know it.

I truly enjoyed talking to Taysha because she's not just someone who is very inspiring to me and others, but she's fun and very much down-to-earth. In fact, she's someone I find to be an example of a quality motivator. She's more driven than NASCAR and it truly shows, as a result. I was moderately impressed with her individual intelligence, as well as, her direct knowledge and misc experiences in cosmetics. I definitely believe that Taysha Smith Valez will continue to leave her mark in the beauty business and know her place in the industry, as a result. She is definitely here to stay.

H. Couture Beauty LLC
57th L. Park Ave.
New York, NY



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How can one not love this

by Persian Socialite (not verified) on

How can one not love this woman?! She (Taysha Smith Valez) actually created an Iranian beauty line called Golpari. She actually cares about the Persian culture to do such a wonderful thing. I am definitely going to purchase her products.