Advice: To Ink Or Not To Ink!

Advice: To Ink Or Not To Ink!
by eyeranian

This is my advice blog. You can submitt your questions on any topping and I will try to answer them from my prespective.

“ZIBATARIN” writes: I really badly want a tattoo but my parents won’t hear of it. I’m 17 and need their consent before getting one but my dad especially hates the idea and keeps telling me I will look like a convict. You seem to be about their age but much more open-minded so tell me what I should do?

Dear Zibatarin; Getting “inked” has certainly changed a lot, even in the last 10 years. As your father remembers, it was in fact a sign usually associated with criminals and inmates but that was then and this is now. I personally haven’t found anything interesting enough that I’d want displayed 24/7 on my body but again, I’m not sure if I’d be offering that something special, much of a special canvas to be displayed on.

Although you wont like my answer here, I am with your parents on this one and the only reason I say that is because of your age. Your tastes, likes and personality even is about to go through a tremendous change and by the time you are 25, you might as well be a different person. I can tell you that looking back, if what I was into at 17 was tattooed on my body back then, I’d be having removal operations and cover-up tattoos put one on top of the others for the rest of my life and it still may have not been enough.

Just look at how Angelina Jolie is still trying to cover her dragon and Billy Bob Thornton’s name. Take a deep breath and wait, until you are at least 21, but preferably older. Then go and find the most unique design that expresses something meaningful to you put on by a real artist. Until then, use this “giving in” against your parents to scheme other privileges out of them!


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To Zibatarin, My husband is

by skatermom (not verified) on

To Zibatarin,
My husband is a Scottish American with full sleeves. However he is also a professional skateboarder in an Irish punk rock band. Not very conventional I know. I however do not have ANY tattoos for 2 reasons. A) My Iranian parents will kill me B) is for shear vanity, at 60 I'll either have a stretch mark running thru it or the prancing unicorn that was on my thigh will be at my ankles. I'm generally not a sexist but for women I'd say: no don't do it. At 75 my husband will look like a salty sailor and that's fine. A 75 year old man with or without tattoos generally isn't hot anyway. My advise is do what I did. Marry a man that you can vicariously ink. In other words if you're in dire need of having a "tramp stamp" ask him to do it. If he truly loves you he will gladly oblige.


Excellent advice from

by American Wife (not verified) on

Excellent advice from themrs.  Except don't say anything about maturity.  Kiss of death to any conversation with a teenager.  Just emphasize the fact that they look like shit.  I tried to use the "girls might like tats but WOMEN don't" line of reasoning with my son but alas, at 18 he couldn't care less about what women want.  Especially when the word "women" equated to "moms".  They (yes, plural) look mighty pretty... a beautiful celtic cross... but it breaks my heart to see his body desecrated in such a way.  Oh, I tried everything.  A long letter (also the kiss of death) as he was in Okinawa and I couldn't physically tie him down to reason with him... pouring out the pain in my heart seeing his beautiful body (which I carried so bravely for nine months) scarred for life...

He's only 22 and still not mature so I haven't seen the regret yet. 

But I'm waiting... oh yes, I'm waiting....:-) 



by 24601 on

Most people I know decided to get 1 tattoo and ended up with a full sleeve. Thats why I haven't gotten one yet. I do think that a lot has changed and that people tend to be a lot less judgmental about tattoos now. I'm not going to say that you're to young, because I don't know you. But... I wouldn't do it if I were you. It's going to be there forever. Removal spots sometimes look worse than the tattoo did. Just don't do it to make a point. Do it because it's something that you want a reminder of, something that you want to think about. If you have a good reason to, do it. If not, don't.


Don't use Angie as an

by TheMrs on

Don't use Angie as an example, she isn't very stable. She thinks collecting kids will some how benefit her or the world. Eyeranian used to give realistic advice. Since when is a 17 year old in a position to take advice or even look up to celebrities? Also, 17 and 21 aren't much different. I would say, wait till you have your own apartment, job, bills and car! That brings maturity, not numbers.

A friend of mine was in your situation and she got the tatoo on the bum where no one would see. Eventually, she got married, had kids and her parents really don't care about the little ink on her butt. But she was in pain and I had to nurse her infected ass to health. It wasn't pretty. It really hurt. Not to mention we had our ordeal in secret. So we couldn't actually take her sorry ass to the doctor! It was so immature. In farsi we say: khob hala ke chi masalan?

But, before you make your decision, check out some old people with tattos. Not the fancy tatoo parlor people. Stand in line for a bus. Look around at grocery stores. It looks like shit. You get old, your skin tans, you have kids, you get fat, you lose weight, you lift weights, you do all sorts of things to your skin. Tattos are just butt ugly.

And being artistic doesn't make a difference. Do you use oil paint on your hands? Or use tools to sculpt your bones? Of course not. Art doesn't belong on the body. Unless it's make up. And that's not permanent!

Also keep in mind that unless you're from a Polonesian island, it isn't something you have to do to be cool or fit in.

And contrary to eyeranians assessment, and even if others do it too, most criminals sport tatoos.

So, don't do it now. Wait. When you are mature, if you still want to do it, look at some ugly tats...and then don't do it. Don't do it when you're alive and not even when you're dead.



Dont do it !!!!

by Anonymous javaneh (not verified) on

Listen to your dad... and eyeranian. My daughter got her name tatoo'd in farsi on her foot much against my wishes and hid it from me for ages. I wasn't against it for the sake of it, us parents do remember what it was like to be young! I knew she would regret it at some point in her life. And now she's getting married, and she has to disguise it and cant wear the shoes she would have chosen.
Dont think it will be different for you because you are a guy.. I have heard many men say they wished they never had done it. And although it might seem great now, when your older women will not find it attractive then. If you dont believe me ask some older than you women!!!