دایی جان ازل سابق - و حالا " حضرت" دایی جان

by faryarm


Bahais want nothing more than a fair representation of facts, without sensation, distortion or their incendiary portrayal as British/Russian/American/Israeli conspiracy.

( After the recent Canadian Parliament resolution, we are waiting to be called agents of Canada) 

For far too long, we have had to endure this kind of truly outrageous ,baseless, and hypocritical accusation.

However, I humbly ask to see a marked change in Nur's approach, not to mention a willingness to sincerely answer the questions put to him,; answers that are not mere links to anti Bahai vitriol, but answers that tells his story and the reason behind his self destructive angst.

I for one want nothing but friendly dialogue; I can not call myself a Bahai otherwise.



Update please see

Mr Wahid Azal/Nur's claim to Prophethood is the apparent outcome of the above.

Finally a clue ... 



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Dear Manuchehr khan

by x (not verified) on

:You says
I have seen some claims that Iran's language at the time of"
"Qajar was Arabic

?Do you refer to this comment
"TO Reza 41!
by AK (not verified) on Sun Mar 29, 2009 09:06 AM PDT

زبان دینی کشور مقدس ایران در زمان قاجار عربی بوده

زبان دینی مردم در زمان قاجار عربی بوده نه زبان معمولی!این نکته در کتاب کسروی وبهایی گری او به قلم بهمن نیک منش درج شده.بنده صفحه را گیر میارم و براتون مینویسم.

ایام به کام

!Happy Easter

Manoucher Avaznia

Taher'e Geraamee;

by Manoucher Avaznia on

I referred to Nur's response to you on that date as I had read it when it was posted.  Quite honestly, I did not find anything personally insluting.


طاهره جان؛


انگار جوابی را که باید خطاب به اکس می نوشتم خطاب به شما نوشته بودم.  ببخشید.  دارم قاطی می کنم.


Let put an end to all this

by Souri on

First, About this same blog and this picture above:

I took it as a joke, not an insult. If you look at it from a neutral point of view, you will  see Faryar is trying to bring the whole debate to a humoristic level. What's wrong with saying "Sir you are paranoid" in response to so many insult and accusation which are baseless? I think Faryar is trying to get over this whole ugly scene with humor, and I appreciate his effort and his inteligent and humble action. I know the Bahais never try to put down anyone, and from what I've acknowledged of Faryar's personality, I can say with confidence that he had no bad intention of posting this blog, but just to ease the tension.

Second: Mr Nur, whoever he is, has certainly some points to make. He has a right to make his voice heard by all of us and why not all of the world. Nobody deny this. The problem is, mos t of us, don't still understand "what he is trying to say"?? Because IMHO, he is mixing things together and brings too many copy/paste articles here, as a fact or a source, while all these things are only some other accusation made on some other site. Then 1) we don't learn anything new 2) we can't trust his argument because they are not his own statement and they are not validated somewhere else

Third: I would like to ask Mr Nur, to kindly speak only of his own mind, saying his own encounter with the Bahai (group, person or leaders) what is the root of his differences with them. Regradless of weather the Bahai religion is good or not, or the Bahai leaders are honests or not,,,,,,,,,,,which are all the points that Mr Nur can still explain and prove his point (no objection) just I wish Mr Nur, could also talk about himself, his belief, what is it exactly and why he thinks this belief/religion is better ? What is his message for the readers.

Now to Mr Nur: You know we the readers here, are not always interested to the subject of Religion. We are almost exhausted by all this debate around different religions. Our ears are full of all those accusation about the Bahai religion/people being the home made of British or Israel, and all those stories are now old and out dated.

If you want to re-tale them again, go ahead, but at least change the tone, change the music for not become too boring for other people who are not concerned by your "phobia" ........make them interesting to read. Going always trough insult and mockery and offense, dosen't attract many readers to your blog.

I second Manouchehr to ask you, not use so many offensive words in your text and I promise many people will be willing to read your blogs. Nobody has anything against you, not even Faryar nor Tahirih or anybody else here. It's just because we are exhausted from reading same ol same ol accusation and insults, without seeing any point made by yourself. Hope from now on, we will see more respectful article from you, no matter the content, I promise I will read them all and will pay more attention to them, if you chose to change the tone. 




Manoucher Avaznia

Alborz Jaan;

by Manoucher Avaznia on

I appreciate your questions.  If you think I have all the free times that some people have to read everything and respond to everything, you are wrong.  I am a worker working for a wage slightly above minimum wage and most of the time I work seven days a week.  Sometimes, I get a chance to read a bit of staff and mostly I do not have the time to respond. 

This said, Brother, I haven't been totally silent towards many stands that Nur takes and seem contradictory to me.  I have written to him even long responses.  There is no conspiracy in this regard and I have clearly mentioned to him that he has taken the fair share of free expression in this site.

By puting the cluase "reasonable" you are limiting the scope of questions and the answers that can be asked and expected.  Even if you and the Bahai community (that I understand you are speaking in its behalf) have given those "correct" responses and your opponent disagrees with you, you have no right to call that person a mad man or a person with sexual problems.  Attack on people's personality has to stop.  I have writtne many times just today that this tactic is not good to flourish the freedom of thought and mutual respect.

I strongly believe that every individual has the right to freedom of expression.  Majority does not have the right to take the right of expression away from individuals.  In any case, in my belief, freedom of expression stands above religious convictions. 

Again, my whole point that seems to be totally forgotten is "stop attacking people on personal bases".

I wrote a response to your comment on Nur's blog.  





Dear Mr avaznia :

by Tahirih on

This is an example of his personal attack towards me, He started his response by this heading: 

""Tahirih or hate-monger of Far-Right propaganda""

by NUR on

And sadly your comment is there just 2 comments below this attack! amazing that it was missed?




فریار عزیز

Anahid (not verified)

شما را به ادب وصیت مینمایم و اوست در مقام اول سید اخلاق طوبی از برای نفسی که به نور ادب منور و بطراز راستی مزین گشت دارای ادب دارای مقام بزرگ است.
-حضرت بهاالله


لقمان را گفتند: ادب از که آموختی؟ گفت از بی ادبان ؛ هرچه از ایشان در نظرم ناپسند آمد از فعل آن پرهیز کردم.

فریار عزیز

بنده خودم شاهد بلاگ ها و کارتون های بسیار شنیع اقای حزینی بودم.
بااین احوال عقیده قلبی حقیر بر این هست که این کاریکاتور برداشته بشه.

همینطور که ما شاهد هستیم امروزه هم وطن های منصف ما به یاری ما امده اند.امروز مثل سابق نیست که هر روز تهمت وابستی به انگلستان و اسراییل و این و ان را بتوانند به سادگی به بهاییان ایران بزنند.
برای نمونه

کسی که طالب حقیقت باشه میدونه از چه منبع صحیحی باید اطلاع بگیره.

با تشکر


Manouchehr Jaan..you are preaching to the choir here...

by alborz on

... and I respectfuly ask why were you silent during the insidious attacks directed at JJ, individual bloggers, Baha'i or not? If you did not notice these, what would it take to notice them?

You have my respect and if you were to create a list of the salient points that NUR has made, do you doubt the fact that you or NUR would get reasonable responses to reasonable questions from the Baha'is, where denegration is not the intent?

Since you are a poet, you appreciate more than anyone the importance of form.  So I am most curious to know what has prevented you to recognize NUR's abusive and venomous form?

Not a single Baha'i has asked NUR to be blocked or be deprived of the right to express himself, but his approach clearly has not met the approval of the vast majority of the readership.  Do you think that all are mistaken in demanding this?

Please review and summarize the salient points and the discussion can be resumed.

Also, when you have chance, please take a look at my earlier response to you.



PS - Just because you have not seen attacks on me and Faryar, does not mean that it has not occured, because it has.  Unless your definition of personal attack needs to be spelled out.

Manoucher Avaznia

طاهره جان؛

Manoucher Avaznia

As I said before, Nur is (mostly) speaking about a belief or an institution not a specific person or personality.  Some personalities who are symbols of a creed are representing that creed or institution and so can be criticized or applauded.  If Nur is not allowed to speak so, why Baha'is are allowed to speak about other beliefs and creeds and organization?  Do you not think by allowing this kind of treatment of Nur, you are justifying what goes against Bahai's in Iran? 

I have mentioned this to Souri that the example that I brought about university is not an isolated example to raise sorrow for that person.  As a matter of fact, that person was a socialist too, however from a different trend.  Also, I mentioned that my greatest fear (as it stems from my experience) is that such a trend is not going to stay confined to one single case and will not stop anywhere in sight.

Let's do not forget that I never said Nur is right in whatever he says or brings up.  I do not very much enjoy the pleasure of free time to write to every posting as I have today, so in many instances I noticed him writing Nuri as "Nari" that I thought he had done on purpose, but I did not have time to write to him.  In couple of instances I wrote to him about his assessments. 

Also, unfortunately  in some advocates of Baha'i faith I have found referring to Iran as Persia that was offending to me and I did not write to them either.   I have seen some claims that Iran's language at the time of Qajar was Arabic!

When it comes to pictures, as far as I have heard from some Baha'i friends, Baha'ollah doesn't have a picture to speak of.  People can use their imagination and draw any picture of anyone they like, but it doesn't mean that picture is that person.  People have drawn picture of many saints in Islam as well.  Go to the Vatican and watch naked David and many other things that were sponsored by the Church.  These are public fields of work and I don't think there is a prohibition of talking or writing about them.  I haven't seen Nur to write personal account bad things about you, Alborz, or Faryam.  

My final word is that field of personal life should stay out of this kinds of debates unless the person wants to talk about it.  Personal life should be that last thing to be spoken of in public.  Attack on personality is wrong.







Manoucher Avaznia

Souri Jaan;

by Manoucher Avaznia on

Still, you have to let the other side speak his mind whatever he wants to say.  Quite honestly, I have seldom noticed Nur attacking opponents on personal bases.  Our experience shows that silencing policy will not stop at the level of silencing one voice.  After the first one, it will continue.  We have seen these over and over in our own lifetime.  Once I called Jahanshah Javid an artist (Honarmand) since I do not know any art more prestigeous than the art of tolerating your opponents' ideas.  If it were not because of his policy, this site would have become one like so many that even do not allow people like you and I write to one another.  Unfortunately, I repeatedly see some people (who mostly have some beliefs in sacred or divine principles) showing lack of patience for others opinions and they ask Mr. Javid to bar them from posting their ideas.  The whole credit of this site is about letting everyone to post what they want unless it is outrageously harmful.  Let's do not forget that sword of barring will one day come on its own advocates. By bringing the example of the person at university I wanted to say the very people (mostly of leftist students) who did that to him were later deprived of the same tiny freedom of expression that they were trying to deny to that person.  Perhaps, some of them lost their lives.  We cannot call Nur a virus because he has expressed something that we do not agree with.  If you do not agree with him, if you believe he writes nonsense; why at all you should read his postings.  I am sorry to say that belief in divinity and sacred principles (divine or secular) do not tolerate freedom of expression; however I personally am inclined towards virtues of spirituality.  Let's put attacking people's personality aside because by attacking others' personality we are allowing the same thing to be done to us; and there will be no end in sight for this.





Dear Faryam, I am really

by ryan (not verified) on

Dear Faryam,
I am really surpised and disappointed at what you have done here!
This goes against all that your beliefs preach.
(or did I get them all wrong and there are many loop holes?)



by Souri on

I did not get offended when the guy called me a Bahai hack or whatever, I just laughed at him. who care what he thinks of me. He is not normal, let him think whatever he wants. I never tried to discuss anything with him. I'll never do.


Mr Avaznia, Nur is covenant!

by Tahirih on


Nur is not just criticising an institution, he is abusing the adherents of bahai faith, there is a difference here. You are comparing him , abusing bahais verbally and emotionally on this site to , that poor man you witnessed being abused in 1385????

What do you think about covenants avatar? what do you think about the pictures that he posted? what do you think about the choice of words Nur has for our prophet?

I am curious to know.


Ahang Rabbani

I agree ...

by Ahang Rabbani on

I like to register a strong support for the comment by Anahid, in which a statement by the Universal House of Justice is quoted that one should deal with the opponents of the Baha'i Faith with kindness and patience.

Nothing good ever comes from contention and strife.  And sometimes it is best to ignore certain postings and comments. 

The Baha'i Faith has an enormous body of positive teachings that enshrines solution to all the ills of the present-day society.  Why not focus on that instead.

Mona 19

May he has a long life ...

by Mona 19 on

...until the day when he sees with his own eyes here in this mortal world the complete frustration of all mischievous and schemes that he and his likes have created.





Manouchehr aziz

by Souri on

As I said before, we have been too tolerant of this guy's absurdities on the site. There's a good proverb in Persian which says:

You said once, I believed you. Then you repeat it, I got a doubt. then you swear, I got sure that you are lying.

If this guy has something solid to say and if he is sure of himself knowing what he is assuming, he would never go trough insult and accusation and "that, for so long"...as I always repeat it. We had many heated debates about the  Bahai's and the religion itself, here. All the Bahai readers always, participated and discussed the matter in a very nice and wise and logical way. No matter if we believe them, we agree with them or not. I have many questions about the Bahai religion too, but why going trough insult and accusation ? The guy always said JJ was a Bahai, now he changed to : JJ's ex was a Bahai....then he changed to : JJ get money from the Bahais......... you want to listen to all this? For how long?  Look, why I got mad finally :

"Slanderous Vilification" = The Baha'i Technique - Ad Hominem, Libel,
Slander, Demonize, Scapegoat, Ostracize, Shun, Banish, Backbite,
Defame, Vilify, Discredit, Smear, Revile, Suppress, Attack, Bully,
Intimidate, Threaten, Malign, Blackball, Deceive, Coerce, Silence,
Harass... etc., etc....  CAUTION NON-BAHAIS 


[Time of comment & copy of posting recorded in the event of deletion by censors]..........

Here it is, the Iranian.Com Sourcewatch article.

I find it quite amusing that according to the site's own statistics 70-80% of the users come from North America. What is more interesting is that one of the advisors of this site is the Asia Society which was set-up by John Rockefeller and is tied to the Rockefeller foundation.

No wonder (besides other closer to home reasons) that there is a
pronounced pro-Baha'i spin here on this site. The Rockefellers and
Rockefeller money is the nexus. Go figure..."

You know, when someone goes to a so down level, repeating these nonsense, nobody takes them in serious. Your nostalgic sense of
humanity and pitiful memories of "the other guy in the university"
should not get in your way of distinguish a cyber-virus like NUR from a
sober and normal simple reader who has something ordinary to say.


Manoucher Avaznia


by Manoucher Avaznia on



Souri you get offended when

by Pawn (not verified) on

Souri you get offended when he calls you or others a Bahai or a Bahai hack but you don't have any problem doing the same yourself.

When did he post a disrespectful photo of Bahaullah? Show me, in this website.

Covenant posted those photos. Now if you think Covenant and NUR are the same that is another story. That is another paranoia all by itself.

You guys stoop to as low as you can and then blame it on his behavior!

Manoucher Avaznia

Souri Jaan;

by Manoucher Avaznia on

I have read almost all of Nur's comments.  Even if we believe everything he says is wrong, still he has the right to speak.  On personal grounds, I believe, we have no right to attack someone specially that he is one single person and not a political or religious figure trying to assume a public position.  This specific case somehow reminded me of what I wintnessed in 1358 at university while a whole group of people were verbally attacking one single soul about his political beliefs and selling a newspaper and were calling him by the name of his hometown.  Almost all of the points Nur has written about (except for those he had written about Mr. Javid) are about an institution and a belief whatever their nature.  But, on the other side people have called him a madman with extreme sexual needs, illitrate, sometimes Akhond.  Even a letter was published that Nur needs prayer, and now as Daa'ee Jaan who sees everything in the shadow of an English conspiracy.  Is there anyone to claim that an empire "over which the sun never set" had wonderfully clean hands in handling world affairs especially in our land? One of my Baha'i friend was claiming "a Baha'i is an exemplification of all good charactristics".  Finally, if Nur is whatever he has been described, other side has not shown a better logic.  Pas Fargh'e Meeyaan'e Man'o To Cheest Begoo.

Do you not think if the contents of these blogs are examined, it can prove that you do not tolerate "otherwise thinkers" and use every means to silence them? 

With regards,


Yes, I did....

by Souri on

And I'm saying that I agree with Faryar's action now.

I said, usually I'm against mocking and making fun of the people, but this guy started first by blogging with a distorted picture of a prophet, he added insults to injures and accusation and never stopped!! 

Everybody has their limit of tolerance, I'm not an angel! I had many debates with JJ about this guy's disrespectful manner and JJ always refused to delete his insulting blogs or change the avatar:


Debating and discussion, dose not mean insulting and oppressing people, and that, for so long!!

Enough is enough!! If JJ doen't want to take care of this, we will react. Too much of non sense on the site for too long, is disgusting. I am not a Bahai, and I have nothing for or against the Bahai religion I am an atheist. The only thing I am against is to oppress and repress people, like IRI is doing against the Bahais in Iran. That's why I have sympathy for them in general. Also all the Bahai people that I have known whole my life, are very nice and good and honest people. Maybe I was lucky and I only knew the good ones, I don't know. but there's something to be against the leaders of a religion, and something else to come here insulting their prophet, their religion, their people and accusing all other people, like JJ and JJ's ex wife and TheMrs and myself and all, to be a Bahai and/or a Bahai secret agent !! All he said are the nonsense, like the advisers of the site, like Rockefellers, like me and you and all being th agent.......All this is a profonud paranoia, isn't it? What you think?

You can still defend this guy until the end of the world, but I'll say :khalaayegh har che laayegh

He doesn't know s*** of a logical debate. All he does is copy/pasting articles from other sites and relate them together to accuse and insult everybody (no matter who) ......you want to go with him, your choice!! But give me a break please!!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

If he is mentally disturbed... why are you doing this?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You are pushing this guy further and only making him feel validated the more you target him like this. How awful. 


Dear Azadeh khanum, and Mr Avaznia:

by Tahirih on

I have to start by saying that how much respect I have for both of you , but with all due respect I have to disagree with you . Azadeh khanum, as a dedicated lady to the cause of women's liberty, how would you feel if a mentally disturbed person attacks innocent women and subsequently posting pictures of their mutilated bodies as " freedom of speech"!! He regularly posts pictures of our beloved Bahaullah in disturbing way i.e. him naked with lots of women!!Do you think this is justified as criticising an authority figure?

I have had many sleepless nights since the pictures were so disturbing to me.He does it to eliminate us bahais from this open forum. So with all due respect where were you and Mr Avaznia when we were begging JJ to stop this insanity and emotional abuse?

I guess , bahais pain is always invisible! A few friends on the site , like Souri khanum did speak out, but the majority were silent. I guess this has been the trend in the last 160 years and I should not expect a change.

He continuously attacks our House of justice. House of justice members are  our elected representatives, My son could be the next member, they do not hold any exclusive power as individuals, and if they are corrupt , we just do not elect them next time!!

 By him attacking them he is misrepresenting facts and for majority of the readers on this site the only real knowledge about the administration of bahai faith is through the lies spread by enemies of Bahai faith. If he repeats a lie too many times it becomes a fact !! if you do not believe me, ask people about bahai faith, what is the first thing that they are going to say, oh bahais are related to some sort of foreign power. This is the lie that  has been started by azal , Bahaullah's half brother!!and lasted over 150 years.

reading his poisonous material is like learning about love making through cheap and sick  porn!!

As a person working in the health care I feel for his sick situation but do we give a mentally disturbed person a gun to do what they wish to do? we have to help them , and in psychiatry the first rule is to not get entangled in the patients hallucinations, and move them towards reality.

So it is a dilemma for this site, freedom of speech on jj's mind , but for how long do we let Nur to takes us inside his delusions?? 

Most regards,



Souri you opened your first

by Pawn (not verified) on

Souri you opened your first comments by mocking NUR. Here are your first comments 4 minutes apart, same copy and paste



Now you are against mocking? Our resident Bahais say Bahais are all about love and peace and forgiving and bird singing and everything and then they rally behind mocking someone and attacking him. Albeit their self-professed loud critic.

You see a lot of people not mocking him like the below or elsewhere. Are they anti-Bahai too? Are they paranoid too?


Manouchehr jan

by Souri on

Have you read other comments of this guy NUR, in other blogs? Have you read his comment to me and other readers who have nothing to do with the Bahai religion or even with the discussion at hand?

I am always agaisnt "mucking" and making fun of the people, but here I have to say I am all with Faryam's idea about the guy. He is awfully paranoid and very much a la Daee jaan Napoleon!!

Everything is related to something else and all the something else(s) are related to the Haifan Bahais and at the end to the British!! Even me and the Mrs are not Bahais, but doesn't matter, for him, we are the Secret Bahai Agents!! lol.........

Like you, I too am for the sober discussion and debate about the religion, but this guy started with the slanders and accusation from the beginning of the beginning. He doesn't want any discussion. What he wants is only "attention" nothing else. He doesn't know even what he talks about.


به مسعود از امریکا

Anahid (not verified)

اطلاع صحیح از منبع صحیح:




Happy Easter:)


" چرا جواب نمیگوئیم ؟ "

A. (not verified)

باید از تجربه تلخ و تاریخی مسیحیان در قرن سوم و مسلمانان در اواخر قرن دوم درس گرفته و آنرا تکرار ننمائیم . آنها از زمانی که طریق مجادله را از برای دفع معاندین خود پیش گرفتند مانع پیشرفت روحانی و معنوی امر الهی شدند و مسلم آنکه دیانت بهائی نمیخواهد خود را به چنین وضعی بیندازد




by Anahid (not verified) on

Let's dont forget the message from The Universal House of Justice,9th Feb.2009.

پیام بیت العدل اعظم مورخ ٩ فوریه ٢٠٠٩

دشنام را با تحیّت و سلام پاسخ گویید و حتّی با ظالمان به رأفت و مهربانی و صبر و شکیبایی مقابله نمایید.



No leave it!!!

by clown catcher (not verified) on

only by taking away his sense of pride will he conclude that there is no thrill in his slanders.


مسعود خان...


دوست گرامی‌، من نوشتارهای شما را خواندم و دورا دور به شما ارادت پیدا کردم.

ممنونم از توصیه شما، ولی‌ کمبود اطلاعات مردم در مورد آیین بهائی از طریق این سایت حل نمی‌شود.

لطفا اگر صادقانه مایل به مطلع شدن هستید، در این سایت زیر خود را آگاه کنید.

در مورد هیچ مطلبی از طریق نزاع نمی‌شود آگاه شد.  اگر یک طرف از اول با مشت و لگد به صحنه مباحثه میاید، لطفا انتظار مباحثه نداشته باشید.

توصیه من این است که شما اگر سوالی دارید مطرح کنید و پاسخ آن را دریافت کنید. در غیر این صورت سیل اتهامت و دفع آنها راه مطلع شدن نیست.




(لطفا از اسم صحیح استفاده کنید - دیانت و یا آیین بهائی - غیر از این نظر کم لطفی‌ شما تلقی‌ خواهد شد)


Dear Azadeh ...

by alborz on

...during the period in which NUR has appeared on this site I have limited my participation to responding to readers, such as yourself, whom have raised questions or made assertions in the context of NUR's postings.

You see, the House of Justice, is inseparable from the Baha'i Community and NURs attacks have been and continue to be against the Baha'is as they are the ones who "elect" the members of this institution.  Furthermore, you need to review his attacks once again and see that his attacks also encompass the entire Baha'i community through his misrepresentations and verbally abusive language.

There are no factions within the Baha'i community and the terms used in NUR's blogs are entirely fabricated.  NUR may claim to be a Bayani or Azali, but has anyone learned anything about these two self-named groups during this exchange?  For example, would he have anything to say regarding himself and his beliefs without a reference to the Baha'i Faith?  His views are his personal views and they are venomous towards the Baha'is in general and has verbally attacked me and other bloggers here.  I have chosen not to respond in kind.

Next, in the Baha'i Faith, the members of the elected institutions hold less power than the members of the community.  Yes, indeed it is an inverted pyramid of power.  Institutions, through a process of consultation, arrive at decisions.  No one is forced to obey, but their respect for these institutions is based on their Faith.  It is their Faith that unites the Baha'is, as these institutions are clearly spelled out in their sacred Writings.  Let me assure you that Faith and Intelligence are not mutually exclusive and so Baha'is are also capable of making decisions regarding their institutions.  You need not be concerned.

NUR chose to leave the Baha'i Faith.  That is fine.  He claims to be a follower of the Bab, who is revered by the Baha'is.  Fine !  He has gotten the appropriate response from the general readership on this site. Fine, again.

Now what has transpired since his leaving the Baha'i Faith, is of concern to the Baha'is to the extent that they are obligated to correct his propaganda and misinformation.  None of the material he has posted is a source of concern.  Far from it, I am futher assured of the integrity of the institutions and the role they play in safeguarding the Baha'i community.  Imagine a local community watch group announcing the presence of an armed gunman to a neighborhood that intends to harm or terrorize the community.  Information is provided and people will then act accordingly.  NUR is such a character and his frustration with this function in the Baha'i community is well understood. Anyone choosing to terrorize a community certainly would not appreciate information disclosing their intent. 

I remain committed to informing but please understand that no one is immune from getting contaminated when in contact with contamination.  Let's hope that I can keep my nose clean.

With much respect for your views, I now invite you to also try and remain spotless.


مسعود از امریکا

جناب faryarm، دوست عزیز

مسعود از امریکا

من می خواهم از شما خواهش کنم که نظرات دوستان زیر، منوچهر جان و ازاده خانم، را در نظر گرفته، و حتی المقدور این بحثتان را با اقای نور در جهت مثبت ادامه دهید. من از مقدار کمی اطلاعات که از بلاگ ایشان در اورده ام، تصورم اینست که ایشون قبلا بهایی بوده، و الان بابی می باشند. همانطور که خودتان می دانید، اکثر مردم ایران اطلاعات بسیار محدودی در مورد بابی و بهاییگری دارند. سعی کنید که با اقای نور یک بحث عاقلانه و مثبی داشته باشید که خوانندگان بلاگ شما و اقای نور یک چیزی از دو ادیانتون یاد بگیرند - با کمال تشکر، مسعود