Why does The Islamic Republic want so desperately to eliminate the Bahais in Iran.

Why does The Islamic Republic want so desperately to eliminate the Bahais in Iran.
by faryarm

An in depth look back at a VOA conversation with Dr Milani about the rising systematic persecution of Bahais In Iran.                


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Dear Reza,

by faryarm on

Dear Reza,

I refer to the last part of yor post.

you said:

"No one  trying to stop your faith , in my faith that is GOD's job " 

well, Reza, who are all the "No ones" who have killed  and tortured Bahais? 

 I ask you, can you in all fairness, despite the last 160 years, the brutality, the violence and  the number and the Might of the opposition against The Babis and then the Bahais; tell me WHO has been behind the progress and the acceptance of this new faith? 

You and me both know that it is the Creative word of GOD , the love of God, that has the power to influence and attract people's hearts, not the words of  mere men who can corrupt and make it an object of hate; as unfortunately your (IR) brand of Islam in iran has become today.

Ask yourself why most  Bahais refuse to recant their faith  and their principles in face of execution.

There are at this very moment Bahais in prison and under torture who could with a simple signature and promise to deny their Bahai beliefs, be freed.But they refuse; Why" By what power?  What Belief? 

If you and the Islamic regime are so sure of your belief in God and Islam 

why resort to such inhuman coercion in denying Bahais their rights, their freedom to speak about their beliefs and defend themselves in the public arena. 

Why dont you RezaA,

right there in Holy city of Qom, stand up, form a movement to raise the banner of true islam, emphasizing its teachings on justice, defending its name against all the injustice done to the Bahais and minorities in its name.

I wish you well


Reza 41

our days are coming you are right but..

by Reza 41 on

Dear Faryam;

we shouldn't worry much about how people judging us , we should prepare for end of our life day , and GOD Judgment day, yes same Judgment day that you and other Bahai dont believe the way we(Muslim)believe,and worry about how we going to be Judge by Almighty.

and I think with what you are saying than you should be agreeing more with Islam believe rather Bahai believe,because : 

Islam and Ibrahimic religion believes: it doesnt matter what ticket you have in your hand , if you believe1- solo GOD ,2-be good person and do good deed and 3-believe day of Judgment (not Bahai way) ,GOD had said in Quran if "any one"who does believe and do all this three , they should not be afraid, so you are OK if even believe as Bahai.

that is Islamic believe, how ever Baha'ullah as you know ,ended such a believe, the person has to have his ticket in his hand other wise it is not accepted. Book OF Aghdas Band 1 . read it.

you say 160 far more Ignorant than me(Reza) try to stop  Bahais faith?,

brother , NOT ME, I actually in good faith do encourage you and other Bahais, get to know your Jamale Mobarak faith, and his teachings , and if you are fair person, you see although I have many bucket of trash from your faith and I can throw like many ,I never intentionally throw them unless ,I see unfair attack and lie ,than it is my duty to bring out the truth and clear things out ."just to respond and defend" example : despite the fact that I told you I'm going to surface  what Baha'ullah and AB-Baha said in clear language abut how good is British monarchy were and we should look up to them,(the one who raped IRAN over 100 years) I refrain from it , because I  didn't want instigate hate for Bahais in Iran, in the anniversary of 7 arrest. you see .and, I do suggest to treat bahais good with good and fair manner. I DO NOT NEED TO DO DIRTY WORK and you shouldn't either.and once again no one  trying to stop your faith , in my faith that is GOD's job and all we do is respond and defend any intrusion and" TAHREEF"if it lunch by any of you.  we are man of peace if no one attack us  .     peace be with you

Mona 19

فمن یعمل مثقال ذرة خیراً یره و من یعمل مثقال ذرة شراً یره

Mona 19

Reza,we'll reap what we sow, including you ...

"On that Day will men proceed in companies sorted out, to be shown the deeds that they had done. Then shall anyone who has done an atom's weight of good, see it! And anyone who has done an atom's weight of evil, shall see it." Holy Quran 99:6-8





Reza, at the end of the day...

by faryarm on

Reza, in the end, people will judge the Bahai faith by its deeds, the effect it has

on a person's life and happiness; on how one behaves and ultimately the good it does in society. The results are there for all to see.

After 160  years, people far more ignorant and powerful have tried to stop its progress. If The Bahai faith was all about nothing; it should have died out after the death of its founders; and yet it draws, lives and grows in the hearts of millions, without the presenece of a leader or a charismatic personality.

It instead conducts itself as a democratically elected  organic family of peoples and races, through the selfless service of devoted believers, some of whom are ready to defenselessly give their lives for its progress i the holy land of its birth , Iran.




spooky "weir"deo

by namso (not verified) on

that video was spooky. bahais have ids???? with numbers??? OMG, what sort of control is this?

Reza 41

مروت به گرگ تیز دندان** خیانت باشد به گله گوسفندان

Reza 41

دوستان بهایی و غیر; 

اگر میخواهید  معنای گرگان با پوستین میش را در عمل بفهمید این بهترین موقع است .حضرت مسیح(ع) میفرماید: مواظب پیغمبران قلابی باشید ایشان مانند میش پوستی نرم و زیبا و اخلاقی صلح دوست و بسیار رام از خود نشان میدهند کما اینکه در زیر این پوست نرم چهره زمخت گرگشان پنهان است پس بنابر این باید مواظب باشید به چنگ این گرگان نیفتید که این گرگان برای اعتلای خود ایمان شما را میخواهند و نه برای خداوند یگانه و بدون شریک  . (بهاییان عزیز حق بدهید در روز چند دفعه اسم خدا را می آورید و چند دفعه اسم جمال مبارک را یا جمال مبارک ورد زبانتان هست یا خیر ؟آیا این نتیجه اعتلای اسم خداست یا بهاالله  و نه خیر بهالله را نمی توانید بگویید خداست )
در این ویدو ایشان دم از عشق و صلح میزنند اما این فریاد صلح را به گفته خودشان به قرار دادی در سرزمین خون و آتش  فروخته اند وهمانطور که شاهد بودیم چندی پیش در این سرزمین این جانیان خونخار به کبیر و صغیر ؛به افراد مریض در آمبولانسها وحتی به زن و بچه هایی که با پرچم سفید به ایشان پناه آوردند آنها را به کوچه ای راهنمایی کردند و آتش گلوله هایشان را بر سر اینها ریختند این جلادان بیش از ٣٥٠ کودک را قطعه کردند بیش از ١١٠٠ زن و مرد غیر نظامی را به فجیع ترین وجه کشتند حال این آقایان با ایشان قرار دادامضا کردند که مثلا کلام خدا در اینجا معاف از نور پردازی باشد . آقای میلانی کجایید کمی به این واقعیتها تفریحانه بخندید  بخندید که زمان خنده خداوند بر شما انشالله نزدیک است .
دوستان گرامی; در این ویدیو شخص تهیه کننده سعی صادقانه ای کرده که این گرگان تیز دندان ملبس به پوستین نرم میش را به شما نشان دهد. آقای فریام دوست دارند خودشان و شما را با پیش پرده سرگرم سازند ولی این پیش پرده پس پرده ای هم دارد  ببینید و  قضاوت باشما .



snake in the grass

by Jinabi Haaloo (not verified) on

"Mona jan , let us not make mistake ,not even blink of eye, I or any one in the world has doubt that these beautiful Young women & men were in any wrong doing what so ever."

Ya right!!!!!


they loved Bahais untill the video of kids getting some affectio

by Seagull (not verified) on

Agh Reza41,
You and your bodies need to get a life, that is a better way of preserving yourselves.
Even during MammadReza shah, in grade school and middle school I was called to the office to tolerate the mozakhrafaat that comes out of your mouth.
The bigotry, hypocrisy and hate and intolerance shown by your like, did not start with IRI.
Find a better excuse and a real job.


Love Conquers All..

by faryarm on

Reza 41

Dont try change the subject & distract minds to somthing we know

by Reza 41 on

Mona jan , let us not make mistake ,not even blink of eye, I or any one in the world has doubt that these beautiful Young  women & men were in any wrong doing what so ever.

nither there was any stone block from IRI for many months, to prevent them what they were doing, the Question is; what did prompt IRI to go there and arrest these young women and men?why, because simply they didn't like these Bahai doing the good deeds or because they are just hate Bahais? what is wrong with this theory ,as neighbors and many witnesses said, no one heard or knew they were Bahai not even intelligent service ,the reason is they have so much to deal with(drugs smugglers and drug dealers and other political opponents terrorist activities..etc)going out there and looking after some license human service workers there is no call and time for it at all ,

 therefore it is so clear with out the doubt , video which was made By Bahais and purposely contributed to public, prompt IRI actions ,as  you hear in the video this girl talking about kissing and hugging yang boys ,which of cours they knew in Islam has different teaching and caution how to approach the women . you hear they say sensitive things to instigate and making sure IRI presence, there is no doubt  this was a well plot plan of self inflected wound By devils behind curtain, who truly leading Bahais may be not even 9 jokers ,which you and 99% of Bahai don't even think of such possibility . that's OK , you are free not to believe, that is don't mean they are not there , keep reading LA AHMAD these wolves has no respects and value for any of you, all they are after implements their evil agenda to consume the whole world(in their dream) eventually ,and Islam and its teaching specially Jihad(self defends )is obstacle for them. so it is very normal they do all this despicable thing to achieve their goal .that's all

Ahang Rabbani

Document Vindicating Baha’i Youth Prisoners in Shiraz

by Ahang Rabbani on

In support of Mona19's posting, here's a translation of the document she mentioned:  //www.iranpresswatch.org/2008/10/document-vindicating-baha%e2%80%99i-youth-prisoners-in-shiraz/

Mona 19

تأييد بی‌گناهى بهائيان شيراز ...

Mona 19

گزارش  مورخ ٢٧ خرداد ١٣٨٧ (١۶ ژوئن ٢٠٠٨) توسط بازرس رستمى ( اين بازرس  با نام رستمى گزارش را امضا كرده است) خطاب به نمايندۀ مقام رهبرى در استان فارس و امام جمعه شيراز حاكی‌ست كه به گفتۀ تمام كسانى كه او در تجسس‌هايش با آنها گفتگو كرده هيچ اشاره‌اى به آئين بهائى در اين كلاس‌ها نبوده است.

"اين افراد از آغاز فعاليت تاكنون با هدف خيرانديشى و خدمت انسان‌دوستانه به نوجوانان و جوانان هفته‌اى يك مرتبه كلاس داشتند و بيشتر كلاس‌ها جنبه نقاشى و آموزش خط و بهداشت و اخلاقى داشت و هيچ گونه اظهار نظرى در مسائل دينى و سياسى نداشتند و هيچوقت از بهائيت نه اسمى و نه عنوانى مطرح نكرده‌اند."

بازرس رستمى گفته است "و (آنها) پس از سؤالاتى اعلام داشتند اين گروه مشغول امورات تربيتى و عموماً كلاس‌ها جنبه نقاشى، خطاطى و اخلاقى و معاشرتى داشته و هيچگونه بحث سياسى و اظهار نظر خلاف موازين شرعى و قانونى و فرهنگى نداشتند."


گزارش بازرس مورخ ٢٧ خرداد ١٣٨٧ (١٦ ژوئن ٢٠٠٨)

و متاسفانه با گذشت یک سال از صدور این گزارش, ایشان (جوانان شیراز) همچنان در حبس بسر می‌‌برند و از اتهامات وارده تبرئه نشده ا‌ند.


Reza 41

Ey rah gom az in rah nagzar, be turkestan meravad

by Reza 41 on

Rahgozar -e- Rahgom

kodom vari meery , why you ar so stupid?

that what I am SAYING ALL LONG they concealed their identity ,but your masters they sent out video ,telling the world who they were , thats why IRI went there and  arested them, khar fahm shodi ya khodeto zadi be khareeyat Rahgooomm???

motmaenam dovomi  


I think

by Anony98 (not verified) on

Who will decide if, someone is innocent or not ?
And based on which principle?
What's the definition of "crime" ?
What's the definition of "punishment" ?
Who are the persons who will act upon those measures?
Are they truely innocent, themselves?
or only the power holders?



Agha Reza,

by Rahgozareh Irani (not verified) on

Ageh inha az esmeh Bahaee estefadeh nakrdan va khastan be in bachehayeh bichareh komak konan masaleh shoma che hast? benazreh man tu Agha Reza ye adami hasti ke maghzet por az peheneh facist islamic hast. Khoda shareh amsaleh shomaharo az sareh mardomeh Iran kam koneh va be hamoon jahanameh soozani ke behesh eateghad dari beferesteh ke pisheh hamoon akhondayeh mordeh sag pedar ta abadolabad zendegi koni. Man bayad beram in ketabeh Ruhi ro ke to azash dam mizaniro bekhoonam bebinam toosh che hast? Lotfan be man begid in ketabro to che siti mitoonam payda konam.


Reza41 what time is it in Iran?

by faryarm on


What time is it in Iran?

You must have a super delux Hojjatiyyih Filter Shikan to get Iranian.com


Reza 41

conforming UNICEF connection (big lie) and more on these videos

by Reza 41 on

thanks faryam,

Here Mr. Cowiani stats and conform big lie of UNICEF connection to the shiraz activity, this is at the very beginning part of wide range propaganda mischief agenda to Iran government and Islam as part and point of this plot.UNISEF had never acknowledge any connection to shiraz group. haaaaaaaaaay Bahais wake up

which follows lot more Millani lies in this show, activity of this rohi group in Iran-Mehdi Abad Shiraz was near six month not 3 years which as Shiraz video  that bellowed up their cover admits and indicates 18 weeks was past that they sent out the video ,now, the book that they were using to teach was not from local stores(at-least not all) as millani says,they were roohi book ,teaching Bahai philosophy with out mentioning name of any Baha'i figures .and it was publish in south Africa by Baha'i forum. Mr.millani should answer Bahais; why they sent out the video saying who these people are, address were they teach? ,were was this video  produced and who made it  ,they should ask and demand for answers

Dear Bahais; you have been betray by your own leaders . wake up

BTW ,this Question for every one why information on that video is blacked out ?




by Alexx on

Thanks for sharing!


No innocent killings?

by Souri on

You said you oppose all innocent killings.....


Who will decide if, someone is innocent or not ?

And based on which principle?

What's the definition of "crime" ? 

What's the definition of "punishment" ?

Who are the persons who will act upon those measures?

Are they truely innocent, themselves?

or only the power holders?

Adib Masumian


by Adib Masumian on

Ravian Bilani

No innocent killings.

by Ravian Bilani on

I oppose all innocet killings or any kind of persecution in IRI, but if anyone does not respect the law and rules of the land and he is punished then this is not oppression or injustice.

Baha'is please don't take my comments negatively.



Who is Nigar Bahai Amsalem ?

by Student-of-faith (not verified) on

What is her role in the ITC?