Clerical students attack Khoumeini


by FG

From Enduring America:

2155 GMT: Kalemeh reports that the wife of the late Seyed Ahmad Khomeini, the son of Ayatollah Khomeini, has been attacked by clerical students.

Link to source: [url=//]سایت خبری تحلیلی کلمه � Blog Archive � حمله طلاب افراطی به عروس امام خمینی[/url]

Comment: The founder's younger son, a severe critic of Khamenei's dictatorial tendencies just like this victim, died a suspicious death over a decade ago when Khamenei's well-protected death squads enjoyed a free hand to assassinate critics and human rights spokesmen. Khamenei has always deeply detested the idea that the scum over which he rules should be entitled to any personal liberties or freedom of speech.   Such things might interfere with his mass thievery.

It is no surprise that these clerical students mainly came from the seminary run the ultraconservative Yazdis in Qom, whose totalitarian interpretration of Islam totally match the Supreme Billionaire's own tastes and help meet his own needs (for power and money).

Recall Khamenei's silence (tacit approval) when Mesbah Yadzi issued a pre-election fatwz commanding vote counters to rig the election as obligatory Islamic behavior.

You can bet that most of the thugs in roving gangs that have been attacking homes, mosques and offices of reform politicians and ayatollahs have been furnished by the Yazdis. 

These are the same types who burned almost 500 working class Iranians alive in Abadan a year before the Revolution and successfully blamed it on the Shah, which made no sense but people fell fo such nonsense then.  

These are the same types that--after the Revolution--went around throwing sulphuric acid in women's face--to break mass resistence to new "islamic" laws requiring the hajib and teach them a lesson.  Many women were blinded or disfigured for life.   Then, as now, no one dared interfere because such thugs enjoyed protection from the very top. 

Oh, what a sweet and lovable regime!  

The people must simply adore it, as Perouz, a frequent defender of its crimes at, keeps assuring everyone.  The people, who go payless for months, get to enjoy breathing the very air of so many mullahs who have gone from poverty to multi-millions under this corrupting system.   The only mullahs who didn't were those like Montazeri, Karoubbi and Senei who turned down the money and condemned the corrupting effect of power on greedy clerics.


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gitdoun ver.2.0

Sargord akhundaaaak

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

sargord very good . u learned a new vocab word. im dancing for u ! FG's analysis is holistic in regards to you bad baaakht. not to just 1 single post.  your getting ripped to shreds here with your akhundaak logic

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Do you even know what an ad hominem attack consists of?

It certainly doesn't consists of negative views of a news source based on its history of distorted and inaccurate reporting, or its obvious bias.

Y'know, this is tedious. Please look up the terminology on the web if you are in any way uncertain as to its meaning, before offering such embarrassing arguments.

Otherwise there isn't really anything substantive to this discussion. 


Perouz and Fox news

by FG on

There are 2 other things wrong with Perouz comparison of Fox credibility and that of the Iranian regime.

First, for a guy who likes to complain about ad hominem argument when  folks bring up his Hezbollah background, the attempt to discredit actual news merely because it was reported on Fox is ad hominem argument.

Secondly, while I'd agree that Iran's political slant is clear (very conservate, pro-Republican, anti-Obama), and not to my taste (Obama man) it's easy easy enough to distinguish between political commentary (slanted) and actual news items.    I find their political views outright repellent but--for example--they report the same news stories as everyone else without making things up.

It's also easy to distinguish the slant of Iran's state media.  Both Fox and Iran state media "tie" there.

The huge difference in news reporting is that Fox does not dare make things up.  It can't afford to if it wants to retain some credibility.  To whatever degree its news reporting is slanted, it's not in details of actual news but in the kind of stories that get emphasize and the commentariers that accompany them.  Fox also does allow opposition (liberal) commentary.

By contrast, the Iran state media simply makes things up (no rigged elections, no prison rapes, ujnderestimates of protesting crowds, vast overestimates of pro-regime demonstrators, stories of imaginary "earthquake bombs," stories of fake western conspiracies, etc.  Critics of the regime are not allowed to appear.  Often they are in jail along with family members.



That's right FG

by Fair on

If you want to be well informed and not disappointed you should listen to realiable well sourced media like IRNA and IRIB. Then you can be assured and nice and safe and sound knowing that our beloved leader is protecting us from all evil plots of the Zionist Imperialist British agents, like Neda Agha Soltan, who masterminded her own murder and fooled us all.

Sleep well knowing this, such strong evidence that the Islamic Fuehrer has so much popular support and is here to stay.





Nonsense that Pirouz actually believes

by FG on

Re: My sources

1. They include far more than Fox News as you may have noticed.

2. Anyone who would rely on regime sources can't complain about others relying on far more honest and neutral sources.   The Iranian regimes abuses have been condemned by virtually all free peoples, scholars and human rights organization.  It is only loved by fellow dictatorships who see a kindred spirit.

3.  Karoubbi, Montezeri, Sanei and others who could have made more millions too like Kamenei are clearly much more moral and far more concerned with the Iranian people's welfare.

4. I notice you evade discussion of banking riots in several towns, just like you evade discussion of Khamenei's UNEARNED billions, regime crimes caught on video, including several cold-blooded murders, and so many other things.

5. Anyone who believes in the nonsense that appears in the regime's media can hardly talk of relying on "confirmed" sources.  Self-interested sources would be more likely.   As for motive, I don't gain a thing by supporting human rights and freedom for Iranians.  Whereas in your case...


l. A US "earthquake bomb" cause Haiti's earthquake.

2. The June 12th election wasn't rigged (despite Yazdi's fatwa and Khamenei's approving silence and so much else).

3. Protestors weren't raped or tortued in Iranian jails.  (Taeb was directly involved in one rape).

4. The regime didn't kill Neda.

5. It didn't dump bodies of murdered protestors into mass graves.

6. Nationalistic Iranians loved the regime and wanted no social, personal or political freedoms until ouside spies, operating for years in a regime dense with cameras and police (uniformed and plainclothes) made them unhappy.

7. The regime didn't break into dorms, mosques and private homes to trash them and beat people.  

8. Such things don't count as "crimes against property" and sholuld not therefore be prosecuted.  By contrast, any demonstrator who sets a trash basket afire (counters tear gas) or a motocycle (used to attack demonstrators) should be prosecuted for "crimes against property."

9. Khamenei is an honest and moral man.

10. Taeb, Jafari, Janatti, Ahmed Khatami, Mohamed Yazd and Mesbah Yazdi (all became millionaires under this regime) are moral men who most Iranians admire.

11. The regime isn't corrupt.

12. The mullahs and IRCG are capable of running an efficient economy.

13. The majority of Iranians could admire such leaders after how badly they "exposed themselves" on June 12th and since.


Sargord Pirouz

you'll be disappointed again, FG...

by Sargord Pirouz on

So now you're down to using reports using unsourced material from FOX news, of all places.

Well, like I've said many times before, if you're willing to take in, uncritically, any news material that conveniently fits your tilted political bias, so be it.

But you're bound to be disappointed doing this, FG. 

gitdoun ver.2.0

holy $#%%#% !!!!!!!!!!!

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

wow i never knew that ahmad khomeini was killed by khamenei!!!!!!! i am still so new to the evils of this regime that every day i am learning new things. this is unbelievable !!! im right now reading on Mehdi Hashemi and how he was tortured and killed by the regime for exposing it's arms deal with israel/u.s. !!!!  And Mehdi Hashemi was like the I.R.I.'s shining knight according to my research. He spent all his life supporting the ideals of the I.R.I., particularly in the 70's, and was like Khomein's iron fist in the early 80's as an official of the Revolutionary Guards. But i feel he really bought into Khomeini's  speeches of over 30yrs that U.S./Israel were shaytaan and so when he found out that the government was doing arms deals with them he felt compelled to protest this "unholy alliance". And the guy's protest was just a simple peaceful demonstration in the streets of Tehran.   Result ??? tortured beyond comprehension to confess on television he was was demonically possessed, that he was a kaffir, an Opium drug dealer , a paid double agent of MKO, and that khomeini's wisdom was the best in human civilization after Prophet Mohammad !!!  After his televised confession he was immediately executed by firing squad.  What amazes and shocks me is that the regime tortures/kills their own supporters just as swiftly as those who oppose them.  And they have the audacity to say this is all Halal, Islamic, and they are doing God's work !!!!!!!!!


Rezaei lashes out at police. More bank collapse news

by FG on

--Rezaei: In other countries, the police don't confront demonstrators but protect them.

--ILNA:180 workers of a textile factory in Kerman(central IR) blocked highway 4 several hrs after plant closure

--Peyke Iran supports Internet chatter with the story that shots have been fired at Bank Melli in the city of Ram Hormuz in southwestern Iran.


--Head of central bank admits Iranian banks aren't profitable anymore (And they aren't a good place to keep your money unless you are a fool).


 --More than 70 posters ready for demonstration,  View some at:


--Bank Depositers advised 2 Withdraw as much as possible this week #IranElection //

--Bank directors met AN & warned only days left 2 bank closure


--RT @lissnup: Police called to the National Bank branch in Tirajeh


-- In Ramhormuz sec forces open fire on ppl in Bank where ppl demanding their own money

 --Body of a Kurdish man, Anvar Mostafazadeh that disappeared after a protest back in July,was found outside a village .

--Regime fires 5,000 police for refusing to crack down, hires village thugs as replacements.



More gems

by FG on


1900 GMT: You Couldn’t Make It Up (Unless You’re Iranian State Media). Earlier this week Kayhan, the “hard-line” Iranian newspaper, reported that a US “HARP” energy-shifting weapon caused the earthquake in Haiti.

NOTE: The "unconfirmed" report (using the word from Iran's own media, of a new "earthquake weapon" originated from a similar regime via Venuezuela TV and that originated in turn supposedly with the Russian fleet and its first-rate technology.  


1905 GMT: Economic Rumour or Reality (cont. — see 1135 GMT)? The “bank crisis” continues to spark Internet chatter, whether accurate or mischievous — the German-based Akhbar Rooz reports on bank closures after panicked customers tried to withdraw their money because of reports of bankruptcies. And Voice of America Persian is now broadcasting on the topic.


MY COMMENT: When banking panics start they are hard to stop.  I've read that at another bank the regime's police broke up a demonstration by worried customers by breaking the bank's windows and shooting one customer in the foot. 


1025 GMT: ...It will be interesting to see if President Ahmadinejad can pull this off: amidst fears of inflation, he has proposed a rise of almost 25 percent in the Government budget, from $279 billion to $368 billion.


I'm indebted to Scott Lucas at America Online for the above items.  The sarcastic headings and comments are my own.