Regime may start "acting nice" in the months prior to next election

by FG

Every time an election approaches, the Supreme Leader encourages the regime to "act nice" until he gets what he needs--a large turnout. After two years of total barbarism, will people be played for suckers again? Here are three good reasons to boycott ALL future elections under this regime.

REASON #1 Keep in mind that any humane behavior you see will be temporary. This regime always reverts to the heavy hand soon after elections.

REASON #2: Having assisted election rigging, Khamenei went on to exploit the large turnout (45 million) two years ago as "proof" of his popularity. If you show up this time you can watch him make the same claim.

REASON #3: Suppose the regime actually keeps its "no ballot stuffing" promises this once on election day. Does it matter? Who can you vote for except extreme conservatives? Ever since the Khamenei Era, the Guardian Council has been instructed to pre-rig elections so that reformers can again never win a majority in the Majis. (A few "token" reformers suffice as window dressing).

My Proposal for an Election Day Alternative to Voting

Boycott elections. Don't even go near a polling place. Instead, wear green only from top to bottom and spend your entire day where you can be seen by everyone (cafes, in front of your home, etc.) rather than attempting mass demonstrations. Now Imagine millions of people doing so on every street and in every town and posting videos online. Sometimes there is safety in numbers.


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Larinjani courting reformers. Didn't I tell you!

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From Scott Lucas at Enduring America:

1325 GMT: Claim of Day. Iranian Labor News Agency asserts that Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani met with a reformist MP last month to encourage reformists to run in the next Parliamentary elections.

OBSERVATION: Larijani has toed the Supreme Leader's line 100% and echoed his post election statements urging harsh treatment and even the death penalty for demonstrators two years ago.   He is Khamenei's likely choice to replace Ahmadinjad.

 The link below is to the site mentioned but I cant read the article because it is not in English.   // 


Definition of "acting nice"

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Things you might see before the elections.  You are already seeing signs of it.

1. Thousands of political prisoners freed or sentences reduced until after elections.

2. Reform newspapers allowed to reopen with journalists given more latitude in criticism (temporary only)

3. Well-publicized and well-timed trialsl of a few lower level torturers or murderers just prior to elections (Amnesty later).

Don't expent:

1. Bail refunds.

2. Regime murder victims being brought back to life or torture victims being untortured.

3. Compensation for any of the above, or illegal imprisonment or brutal beatings.

4. Any reduction in the IRCG's growing monopoly over the economy

Best you can expect there: A "Tut! Tut! Sorry about that!"