Haifan Baha'i Organization convicted at the 7th. Circuit Court of Appeals

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Facts and Opinion

by Mohamad.Purqurian on

Irrespective of the title which is misleading, I thank you for posting this interview.

It is unfortunate that we still lack understanding the basic difference between facts and opinions.  One may disagree with an opinion, but calling it a lie is just too low.  On the other hand, a FACT is, by definition, historical which means something HAPPENED in the past. 

Then, there are basically 3 possibilities (with many sub-options) regarding the FACT: knowing the fact. having no knowledge about the fact, and finally partial knowledge of the fact.  Obviously, whether that knowledge is direct or not is as important as confusing perception with reality.  Nonetheless, stating something contrary to what a person knows about the fact is by definition lying.

The tone and tenure of this interview is opinion oriented not fact finding, and it is repeatedly manifested by belief.  While Ahmadinejad is politically abreast of the interview process to guard against confusing facts with opinions, Morgan managed to express an opinion as fact and, unfortunately, Ahmadinejad fell for it.

That is around 12:35 minutes into the interview when Morgan says "there is a belief that a lot of the Assad military are using weapons they've got from Iran; is that true? ... then it follows "how long will you continue to support Assad, given the appalling condition of humanitarian catastrophe that we are all watching"

To analyze this, please note that like any head of a state (including Shah 3 decades ago) would have said, Ahmadinejad clearly stated that even one life is too many to lose.  Also the U.S. has experienced a civil war in which not thousands, but hundreds of thousands of people were killed, including President Lincoln himself; and he was one of the greatest presidents, the U.S. ever had.  Furthermore, no foreign country interfered to say Lincoln must go as Obama commanded Assad to go.

Yet, Morgan completely ignores the opposing party, as if Assad is the only party in causing this calamity and blames Iran for helping the government responsible for defending its country.  If so, why is it that the U.S. arms Israel to the teath to keep threatening other nations?  In short, if Israel has the right to defend its existence, so does Syria.

It is unfortunate that Ahmadinejad did not counter this malicious implication by becoming defensive that he had already condemned the violence.  In effect, he has condoned the mischievous comment.

Don't get me wrong.  Assad may well be a cruel dictator, but so are many Sheikhs supported by the U.S. in the region.  Yet, there were no killings for decade of his and his fathers reign until the west decided to counter balance the uprising in Bahrain with arming the opposition in Syria against Iran.  So, I simply do not pass judgment on Assad or any other head of states.  All I am opposed to is foreign interference in any of them. 

To sum it up, except for the case in Syria, Ahmadinejad was well prepared, calm and logical throughout this interveiw as it is his presidential style forcing his "haters" to resort to nonsense!




by hirre on

liar liar, pants on fire...