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Hold it.......hold it right there, you fellows with funny accent and bad teeth..............why on earth do you think that I the proud Child of Cyrus the Great, or whatever should give a hoot about your useless queen and her dysfunctional family? Is it for the historical facts of your bloody colonialism or is it merely for the sweet memory of your Princess Diana who slept with every creature with a pulse?...............Is it for your miserable, stinky "Shepherd's Pie"? or your government's refusal to give a refuge to our Royal Shepherd when he needed a place to rest for a short while before coming back to lead His herd to the "Grand Civilization" pasture?.............Give me one reason, you bloody bastards, only one for which I too should march to the tune of this whole thing of your disgusting national pomp and circumstance these days............the BBC Persian World Service broadcast during 78-79 doesn't count......


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You mean you have asked 90% of your neighbourhood!

by anglophile on

How many people live down your street? 10, 20, 50, 100? You must have had a busy time interviewing them :))


You see my friend, one of the Iranians common skills is to come up with their gut-feeling stats so please let us not go down that way.


I have not even mentioned Mr Pahlavi so I don't know what is the connection.


I think I need a much less hard-wired anti-monarchist than Will Self to come up with a sensible argument. The whole problem with an elected head of state is in his or her party political affiliations. The stability of the British parliamentay monarchy is in its being an apolitical office in contrast to the bipartisan office of prime minister, This is not a medeival system as you try to wrongly describe it. It is as modern as you can hope for.


آنگلو جان


شما که ماشالله عالم هستی برای ما از خدمات انگلیسیها در رونویسی کردن کتابهای مقدس برای پرشین و به زبان عربی در باب مظلوم نمایی در سرزمین اشغالی اظهار فضئل بکن!

I wear an Omega watch



by Truthseeker9 on



thought joon: you didn't put enought though into this blog.

by mousa67 on

i am not a big fan of brit's myself. but in your own case, if it was not for the brits, their queen & their assylum system, where would you be now? probably back in tehran shouting daan daan ingilis, instead of using the generous social security benefits , courtesy of her majesties government to buy the latest ladies  underwear at harrods sales


My link

by Truthseeker9 on

though has spelling mistakes, makes the right points which you cannot see, or perhaps are denying. The British are a difference "jens", the temperament, manners, tolerance which is lacking where we are concerned. Now you want to use the Monarchy aspect for your Reza Pahlavi propganda go ahead.

As for events of this week, there is a Street Party in my road tomrrow. 90% of those attentding tell me they want an excuse for a Party and it is a day out for the kids. Seriously Anglophile, there is no NECESSITY for Monarchy at all, it is a medieval institution. I'm not going to discuss more as I know people have hard wired brains where Monarchy is concerned. I dont wish any members of the Royal family harm, just will not "respect" unelected cretins as my Superiors.



Monarchy and British culture are insepearable

by anglophile on

As the events of this extended weekend and its massive public reception is the evidence. Even your own link (as poorly as it is written) testifies to this claim.  


They gave us Monty Python

by Zia111 on



Otherwise f*ck the British and up the British Queen's!!


shepherds pie eaters

by Truthseeker9 on

Their success is not due to Monarchy, as some are trying to insinuate. It is their culture, their sense of freedom ... WHO they are. Take away their Monarchy, and they will still be successful.


Not like Iranians ...   :) 


Well said Arash jan, well said

by anglophile on

In 1979, we brought the worst calamity upon ourselves and still deny it.

Arash Kamangir

Why child of cyrus needs to respect shepherds pie eaters!!

by Arash Kamangir on

Many of us iranians wonder why the english have been so successful in ruling over other nations!! The answer is very simple. They have lots of " common sense" that people from other nations lack!! Just look at iranians and how they all got attracted to khomeini. Would any other nation with common sense would do what iranians did?!! Only if they don't have it.

Anahid Hojjati

British food sucks

by Anahid Hojjati on

thank god you can get indian food and kabab in england. on a positive note, visit portsmouth. charming city. had a great time in england and enjoy their movies but can't get in their jubilee mood.


I can give you many reasons Comrade jan! But the best one is:

by anglophile on

The gave us our most valuable commodity: OIL! Now come and join me for a sip of Pimms old boy :)