The Seated Persian

The Seated Persian
by fozolie

This is dedicated 'Taghdim' to Shazdeh, and to have a laugh at the sons of Cyrus at one end of the spectrum and all the IRI Academia on the other. It is a good depiction of a 17th century Sufi (read Charlatan) Persian sometimes Sunni sometimes Shia, sorry SHIITE until a few years ago now definitely a born again Zoroastrian but willing to become anything that may benefit him depending on the prevailing wind, who is 9.93% Turk 10.776% Mongol, 5.5673% Greek, 75.6789485% Arab and what else, oh 7.45% Gilani (apparently it is to be a new country) 3.5% African, 9.5% Kurd, 8.32% Lur errm and 100030020% Persian (feel free to make up appropriate percentages for anyone else I missed - it is the Iranian way).  Oh I forgot he is also most probably a Seyyed (Double Charlatan) from both parents (Quad Charlatan then).

The Seated Persian is a drawing by Chardin a 17th Century to "Persia" or as Germans suggested we should call it (geddit?), Iran. 


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دوستان می‌‌توانند این کتاب را مطالعه بفرمایند :



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Sorry for the omission.

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