Questions: IRANIAN-WOMEN 18-28yrs in U.S, Canada


Questions: IRANIAN-WOMEN 18-28yrs in U.S, Canada
by GitDoun

The audience for these questions are for women in my age group late teens or in their 20's. So if your an Iranian Woman Exile pushing in her forties or fifties don't post your opinion on my blog. Since the Outlook and Values of our respective generations are somewhat different. Anyhow without further ado here are my questions:

1) Why do Iranian Women have double standards when dating?? How come when dating an Iranian Guy she expects to be wine/dined driven around in a $50,000 car and maybe at most at the end of the date gives the Iranian Guy a pat on the head and a kiss on the cheek but theeeen when she dates a Black Guy she settles for McDonald combo #5 and spreads her legs from midnight till dawn as soon as they leaves the drive thru???

2) How come Iranian Women dress sluttier than other None-Iranians?? They seem to dress in far more revealing clothes, far more shorter, far more low cut than their Blond American-Jessica counterparts ?? why is that ?? Also why is it that Iranian Girls are always in the top 5 Sluts in high school or in the top 20 sluts in College??? I know here at UCLA the top 10 sluts in my social circle of friends who everyone and their brother has slept with are Iranian-Girls. Why is that??

CASE AND POINT = Guess which one is revealing as much "muffin" as possible !? Surprise! it's the Iranian Girl !!!!!


3) How come Iranian Women suck so much Black Dick when their Single. But refuse their Iranian Husbands when they Marry???

4) Speaking of Marriage this leads to another question. Why do Iranian Women treat their Iranian Husbands like a "Sugar Daddy"??? Arguing that happiness is a two way street. "If he wants me to make him happy in the bedroom then he should in turn make me happy by buying me this pearl necklace or buying me this convertible." "Buy me this and tonight i will make you happy. Don't Buy me this and tonight your not going to get any love from me. Make Me happy and i will make you happy in turn. Sooooo how about you buying me that BMW convertible? " 

5) How come Iranian Women when living in the West are STILL Two-Faced!!!?? Why do they feign being good moral religious girl during the day but at night are getting facials?? Thus the saying "Lady in the Streets but a Freak in the Sheets". Why the Duplicity??? Why the Lies??? Your in America or Canada or wherever. Why be a hypocrite? Why say your a good religious girl but as soon as the sun-sets and the moon comes out your going to be sucking and fucking like no tomorrow?

6) Why do Iranian girls think that the only "Mr.Big" in the whole wide Universe are the seeyah poosts??? not the italians, not Latin Lover from Spain, not the French, not the Swedes, not the Persians, not the White guys, not the Arabs, not the German, but just the Seeyah Poosts??? why think only they are "Mr.Big"??

7) How come Iranian women tolerate being mistreated and disrespected by their None-Iranian BF but will snap in a Fury if God Forbid her Iranian BF picks her up 20min late to a concert. Why do Iranian Women have this Expectation of Iranian Guys to be a Doormat for them to walk all over and shit on ??? Why do they take Iranian Men for Granted ???

8) Why do Iranian-Girls bang so much Black Dick but when they are pregnant with a "Black Baby" they say --"Kill It. I don't want my child to be Black. Kill it. I want an abortion. i'm not going to have a Seeyah Baby." 

Why the contradiction?? Why the racism? Take a Black Dick? she takes it in a heartbeat. Black Baby ? she's looking for her abortion pill.  how come iranian girls are like this??

9) Why are Iranian Women "Ghaar'y'be Parast"???


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You can see from the comments

by Escape on

 that older women,are where it's at


My Experience with Iranian women

by IndianVoice on

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پول و دول


Gimme Gimme Gimme

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"Last night I drowned in a puddle"


  Gitdoun My advice is

by Escape on


My advice is probably the worst advice you could ever take,but here it is...

1.Stop Giving a Sht.Learn the American saying 'Fkit' ......

2.Stop playing with little girls.




gitdoun ver.2.0

Blacks Judge IRANIAN WOMEN !!!

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

This is for the comment below from Fast-Get-Away. I had to do a 2nd look on your comment. Are you kidding me ?? Blacks don't judge iranian girls ????? I'm one for proof and evidence so how about I broaden your horizon on Blacks and send you a reference for you to look up. Ever hear of 2pac Shakur ???? Look up " Wonder Why They Call U Bytch "  The artist writes a whole song on how Blacks refer women as hoes and bitches for having what you describe as "animal-sex" !!!   Another stupid arguement shot down. 'nuff said


Iranian Girls are the WORST

by Mehrdad3754 on

Bro. I agree !!!! Iranian girls are all a bunch of spoiled 2-faced hypocrites. Loved your blog and you bring up good questions. Forget the haters they're coming up empty in giving you a legit answer. All they can do is tell you to shut up and work on yourself. What a bunch of idiots !!! EVERYONE ON PLANET EARTH HAS SOMETHING TO WORK ON  GRANTED THAT THEY CAN SEE THEIR ERRORS!!!  THUS THE POINT OF HIS BLOG (atleast to me) is bringing YOUR noses to the scum on the curb and rubbing it in your face so YOU CAN SEE these issues that are plaguing iranian women ON A EPIDEMIC LEVEL !!!!!!! And eventually ,if you have an ounce of humility, be able to correct them !!!

gitdoun ver.2.0

Did i touch a Nerve ???

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

Over 4,000 hits and still counting. Pretty impressive. Look to everyone here trying to invalidate my argument through ad hominem attacks it's pretty pathetic and sad. I mean i've gotten insults from everything from the beer i drink, to my glasses, to my lips. Can we plz be adults ?? Anyways all these lame attacks only reinforces the truth of my blog. I'm not here to insult people or get into to some cyber war of words. I'm here to put into light our dirty laundry and get an explanation as to why.  I still hold to the same opinion and for that i have to give thanks to older IRANIAN MEN at the Dehkhoda bookstore here in Westwood !!! //



by ShapourBakhtiar on

This is all due to Islam. 1400 years of Islamic oppression then suddenly modernization. Most Iranians, both men and women do not know what real Iranian culture is about. They think westernization and modernization are synonyms. They think being anti-Islamic and free means you must behave like Europeans. They got a major inferiority complex. As someone here said before, they wanna "catch up".


But this isn't catching up. This is going the other wrong way. From one foreign culture they go to the next. As mentioned above, most of us do not know who we really are, what our heritage is, what our culture is. Sure they know a lot about personalities like Cyrus the great or Achaemenid and Sassanid Empires, but that i'm afraid is as far as it goes. Not only do they not represent our culture, they give it a very bad name by calling themselves true Persians then behaving 100 times worse than westerners, both men and women.


The author himself does not know the difference between Iranian and Islamic culture, hence why he mentioned the "good and religious" and there was a lady here who also had the same thoughts. Being modest, good, cultural has NOTHING to do with religion nor Islam. That in fact is real Iranian culture.

Iranian culture: Men and women are equal in every way. Both are modest, dignified and have self-respect! Neither goes around sleeping with everyone they find sexy, specially not with foreigners over their Iranian countrymen. That is an insult to themselves.


Western culture: Modesty is hard to come by, although equality between the sexes is getting higher in some places, in other places women are considered and looked upon as mere objects.


Islamic culture: Hypocrisy; men can sleep with whomever they want but women can't. Women have no rights whatsoever.


I've seen what the author is talking about, many Iranian girls here in Sweden sleep with Arabs but not with Iranian men. You can call it whatever you like, freedom, desire, whatever. Not only is it morally wrong its a huge insult to themselves. The arabs see them as toys and prizes to satisfy their pride and ego and superiority over Iranians.


My humble advice is that we Iranians do not read enough books or have any interest in our real culture. Let's not let our culture die, let's stop destroying what great personalities like Ferdowsi worked so hard for to save.


Read this

by Iraniandudee3 on

Btw, it's not about protecting these
women because we feel bad for them, it's commen sense, LOGIC, because
you're simply exaggerating like the rest of the minority of
americanized people that the Iranian community ignores, or atleast
tries to ignore.

Further more, it just seems like you hang around the wong crowd, now
who you hang around is up to you, but as long as you hang around
americanizd morons (which are a small minority of Iranians in the
Iranian community) then you will experience the same crap. so go and be
with true cultured Iranians/Persians, and stop fliping out just
because some b!tch or homo barks out of their asses for attention,
because by doing the same thing, you're just making things worse.

Ps. latina girls are mostly whores and gold diggers themselves,
probabely the biggest sluts in the U.s, after american women ofcource,


Americanization vs iranian culture

by Iraniandudee3 on

Regarding these Iranians you people talk about in your stereotypes
(even though I haven't met any Iranians like this yet) you need to know
that these people are a Americanized/westernized minority of idiots.
Most Iranians, even in the west, keep true to their culture, and are
cultural people..... Don't exaggerate like this.


Confused much?

by Iraniandudee3 on

Just stop acting like such a women and do us all a favour and stop
hanging with the wrong crowd. It's so obvious that you're exaggerating
and fliping out because of a few isolated cases.


Come on man, Stop being so simple minded.


I myself have lived in los angeles for 2 years and now currently
living in virgnia, and I have never met Iranian girls like how you try
to describe them.



by malussak on

 azizam aynakato darar ke cheshmato bebinam chera ghayem kardi cheshmato? lol

 as for a response to ur blog, alot of persian woman are scared to be themselves or do what they really want to cuz persian guys are judgemental and will judge them so they put on this 'good girl' act. for example, a reason they feel they have to put on a fascade is when persians go to a club, they go just to stand aside, look and point out someone doing something wrong or slutty to start new drama and feel better about themselves with gossip while at an american club everyone goes to have fun and get wild cuz noone gives a shit their doin their own thing. there are these rules and standards with persians that make girls to be fake its fucking bullshit.

as for me, ill be honest i never been with a black guy and never will im only into persian or european and goodlooking. and if im dating a persian guy il be dating him for his personality and cuz i can feel passionate with that person not for his money i make my own money.  also,  the more i get wild and make him happy in bed the more im happy so why would i deny myself that satisfaction? excuse my language but i have more balls then these pussyboy persian guys around here and im confident with who i am as a person; i have a good, pure heart and thats what matters when it comes down to everything.  someone who deserves me will see that. so i really dont give a fuck about peoples judgements. in fact, when people judge me i do what they think is bad even more and in their face ke hesabi besuzan bishtar zerr bezanan. i sense jealousy and bitterness about not being able to break me down and its a compliment. more woman need to have the balls to let loose and feel free to enjoy life fuck persian rules and standards if a guy trys to tell me ur not a good girl ill say ur right im bad if i was good id be wearing a rusari and alan nesheste budam khune chadoramo utu mikardam lol


DUDE - You are hanging around w/d wrong crowd

by MM on

Get a change of scenery; jobs, friends, your residence and even your attitude.  But, I guess you are still young and this story is the worst of your worries.  Enjoy.


The Answer To Your Little Experiment

by blackguyny212 on

The answer is quite simple, we are family-oriented, love our women and do not take corny pictures with side profiles, of our malnurished bodies with "GAY" as the main header of our beers.



by AsteroidX on

I am over your age range but have some advice for you.

You are trying to prove a point but all you do is make yourself look like an immature prick. At your age why so cynical? Your problem is that you are an inept male poser.  Iranian or not, women do not like cocky assholes who gets on their last nerve and are unpleasant to be around. Work on yourself before blaming the opposite sex and you'll get somewhere.


Because black guys don't judge them...

by fast-getaway on

they just fuck them. These chicks want to be fucked senseless all night by a dude that at least appears to be more into them than he is into himself. At least the black dude isn't wearing designer sunglasses and admiring himself in the mirror as he fucks her. When it's finished there are no regrets. She knew all along the black dude was just a fuck, and he was cool with that. He's like an animal to her. An animal that she can fuck but can't take home to her parents. She likes it because it's dirty and taboo. She's a rebellious, horny child and the taboo holds great pleasure for her, due in large part to the way GitDoun and his Persian friends treat her.

And WTF dude?? "polluted womb"? do you expect your own women to fuck you when they know you view them as polluted if they have sex with anyone who is not Iranian? I'm sure you've banged your share of non-Iranian girls. Is your dick polluted? Of course not... just clean it off after you bang the hotel maid, then use it again for the black chick who works at the Jack in the Box down in Crenshaw, and someday you'll meet a middle aged Persian woman who will have fucked the Compton High School football team but will say she's only had two boyfriends. You'll be a perfect match.

GetDoun is right about Iranian women when they grow into middle age... Sadly, due to cultural pressure, these grown up, beautiful spolied babies will search out their own countrymen when they hit their 30s and need to settle down. 

You've all seen these people in a restaurant in Westwood. She is 50 and still totally fuckable, resentful at her lot in life, jealous and constantly calculating whether Fariba or Yazi's husband has more money than she has. Hubby is 65, well off financially, rarely fucks his wife, and thinks he's too cool for the room. 30 years from now, they're both dead and buried near Mahasti or her sister Heyedeh in Westwood memorial Park.

and what abut GitDoun in 30 years? He's 55 years old sitting in a restaurant in Encino thinking he's still too cool for the room as he watches a 20 something Persian girl leaning back in her chair to catch a glimpse of her reflection in the window.




Not all black guys are big in pants

by azadmanesh on

i find this very misleading that black guys are big in pants.

yes i am a male.

i am persian.

buttttttt  i am a gay top male.

i've been with a few black guys and the majority of them were even smaller than white guys butttttt i think they are not good at math. for instance i met this cute black guy in a gay bar sometime ago. he told me he was around 7 inches while he was 5 inches max and i've been with persians that are actually in general bigger than blacks.

but after all the biggest are mainly irish.

i thouth i should write something here bc it really makes me laugh when they say black guys are big in pants.

maybe 1 out of  5 is over average but 4 out of 5 less than average.

believe me i have done a few black guys in the bum and i know that for a fact bc as a gay top i like to do guys that are bigger in pants.

and one more thing im not here to impress any women since im not into them. as i earlier said im a persian myself and my penis is around 8.5" and i am very good at math.

and the biggest i ever saw was one persian guy and the second a turkish guy.

now if you doubt me go right a head and sleep with as many as black guys you want and find out the truth and the steretype about that.

good luck and i hope i did not offend anyone by any means.






by capt_ayhab on

What does generation gap has to do with your ugly attitude and sarcastic stereotyping of Iranian women?

What does generational gap has to do with recognizing the chauvinistic attitude you are portraying toward women?

What does generational gap has to do with your ugly attempts in belittling women in general and Iranian women in particular?

What does generational gap has to do with you being so utterly racist and shallow? In calling them slut, and judging them by the number of boy friends or sexual partners?

What does generational gap has to do with Iranian women around you NOT wanting to have anything to do with you?

Sir you are a racist, chauvinistic and judgmental lonely soul who blames his lack of repertoire with Iranian girls on THEM. Young fellow, problem is you and not them, so as long as you have such the low perception of women, particularly Iranian women, So as long as you do not bring yourself down to respect them for their wants and needs, so as long as you belittle women they way you do, so as long as you have such deep hatred of other nationalities for allegedly stealing away girls for you, you are going to remain bitter, lonely and arrogant.

Generational gap has nothing to do with your total lack of respect for people, and your total and utter ignorance about people around you. You keep saying why do the su@k black di@k and not yours? 
I bet you that you are the type that even if you were in Iran, you
would be the same person saying that [why Fars girls su@k Turk or Lur
di@ks and not yours].

Well dude, go learn how to make a woman happy and stop being such a generationally hung-up, chauvinistic pig. Someone may take interest on you.

In a nut shell young fellow, Problem is YOU and not THEM.






by UCLA student (not verified) on

The answer to your question is: NO, that was not a stereotype. It's a true fact. Black people have big lips (just like they have big dicks). Do You like to argue just for the sake of arguing?!

Now, Michael Jordan's lips are not big enough for you:

Kobe-bryant's lips neither:

Ah! Maybe it has to be lab-shotori for you to consider it big?

Don't hesitate if you still have more questions.


man be kasi enja dava

by GitDoun on

na agha man be kasi enja dava nadaram.  man mostagheem fosh nemedam. man sadeghane ehsasam daram megam. hammeen. ...... be'tareeghe amrekai  ;-)

Anonymous Observer

Off Topic But Relevant

by Anonymous Observer on

Although I have a few things to say on the subject, in this particular instance, I'll keep my opinion on the issue to myself. 

I did want to commend JJ for not deleting this blog notwithstanding its use of obscene langauge.  I think that this form of expression is an art form (and a valid form of self expression) in and of itself, and it's about time that we did away with restrictions on self expression because of the use of what we normally consider to be profanity.  So long as the foul language is not directed at anyone specific it should be allowed to be published.



by smhb on

My friend thats called janamaz ab keshidan. Iranian women are experts at it. I grant that since I have seen it alot and its actually very funny. But I do think there a psychological and social reason behind such behavior.

I dont know if Afghans, chinese, koreans, indians are the same way but I suspect its a common issue.My suggestion is that you disregard their behavior and move on to other women from other parts of this planet. There is plenty for you to find the right match.


To Captain Ahab of Moby

by GitDoun on

To Captain Ahab of Moby Dick.  I never said women should be virgins till marriage. I never said women should cover up with a Burqa or a Chador. Don't read into things that aren't there. I'm not YOUR Generation. Those are hangups of your days, struggles of your era and your generation; not mine.  Girls having meaningful relationships and having physical intimacy is not a problem. And is perfectly fine. But once a girl or guy starts racking up sex partners into the double digits then that is a problem. I'm saying every race or people ,to a measure , have no problem dating their own country men. I see plenty of armenian girls dating armenian guys, i see tons of latina girls dating latino men, israeli girls having israeli boyfriends. But here at Los Angeles atleast in my social circle Iranian girls are dating every white guy and every black guy in the university and ignoring the iranian men. But then lo and behold when they are getting a few wrinkles and getting old into their thirties they start calling the iranian guys on the phone as if he was her soul-mate the whole time and tries to get him into the Church Altar. That's Bullshit. Fuck that. Iranian Men are no one's 2nd best. Iranian Men won't let anyone shit on their front yard ....not even their hamvatans.  And another thing which i was trying to point out is the hypocrisy of iranian-women living in America. Be transparent and truthful you bitches! Curb the head games and be honest about who and what your about. Don't come around saying your a "good religious decent girl" and then turn around that same night getting plugged at both ends at some party at Westwood.  PEOPLE ARE JUDGED BY THE CONTENTS OF THEIR CHARACTER !!!!  it's very natural. no one likes Duplicity and Lies.  Just keep it real. Say who you are and Be who you are !!!  If your NOT going to lie to the Black guys or white guys saying your a Good Decent Chaste girl then why spew that line of bullshit to the iranian guys in America ?? It makes no sense.


*UPDATE*:::: Since user

by GitDoun on

*UPDATE*:::: Since user "UCLA Student" below aaasked. I do infact have another question to ask !!! I noticed Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan don't have Big Lips. Does that mean they aren't Black ?? Or was that a stereotype ???? Similar to another stereotype, you Iranian Women worship, that allll Blacks on the Planet have Big Dicks. And nooo other Males are well endowed except the Blacks.

----And another question why do Iranian women keep Iranian men in the Friend Zone all through Highschool, College, and Grad.School but theeen when you women realize your Biological Clocks are ticking near Empty you stop being a Cumm Dumpster for the Whites and Blacks and you start Sniffing around Beach Condos and Houses of Iranian Men with your Polluted Womb and Sewn up Hymen hoping we will marry you ? Why is that ?? Why do you have such a plan; such an expectation of Iranian Men to buy you a wedding ring NOW after having treated us like a comfort-puppy , sidelining us for 6 , 8, 10yrs ??? Now you come back to us in your late 20's and 30's expecting Iranian Men to marry you. What do you bring to the Marriage Table other than Arrogance, Vanity, High Maintenance Bills of Luxury Living and the half dozen Hidden-Cam Sex Tapes plastered all over the internet by "Tyron" showcasing what Trophy piece of ass he had. Can someone explain the benefits of marrying an Iranian Women ??? And don't say it's the Ghorme Sabzi. Because just like me most of you were born and raised in America can't cook either.  


And one last thing to the same user just because YOU Iranian Women are "Gharibe Parast" and are conniving, scandalous hypocrites that feign the "religious good girl" act (here in America of all places !!) when infact your just as dirty as the next Hoe. Does NOT necessitate the Males are this way also. Infact that's a first I've ever heard of Men my Generation ,living in America, not wanting to be with their own or pretending to be religious when they really are not. That claim of your was just idiotic.


The Mrs, The Beautiful

by capt_ayhab on

Noted, I always speak in general, unless it is pointed at me.

Asides from that though, what do you think about my entire comment?




Moment captiain moment! If

by TheMrs on

Moment captiain moment! If you are referring to me, I didn't call anyone a magas. Least of all half of my hamvatan male home boys. I just said this guy's shades make him look like a magas. 


my take!

by capt_ayhab on

For once in many years I see the Iranian men and Iranian women stooping to the same low level.

In one hand we have the gentleman who is categorizing every Iranian women as [slut] and rest of the ugly words. In the other hand we have our  Iranian women here calling the men Magas and air head.

There is a fine line between liberation and promiscuity, being man or woman. Stereo typing each other as SLUTS[for women] and TRAMPS[for men] is nothing short of utter stupidity and ignorance.

Women as well as men, are masters of their own bodies. It is their sole decision to whom they grant the permission of entry[so to speak]. One calling the other names is only demonstration of ignorance and low class.

So as long as we do not get to a point in our bastardized culture,  and keep  maintaining the male dominated culture and mentality, we will have to force eachother down to achieve the sense of liberation.

So as long as our women see themselves as victims, who have some past debt to rectify, we are going to be unable to come to a point where we respect each other for ones [PERSON] .

So as long as we maintain the chauvinistic attitude toward women, women in return are going to confront us with one thing they have available to them, and that is to use SEX as a tool to get to men.

So as long as we can not comprehend that for every action of us men, there is going to be equal or greater reaction from women, we are going to keep calling each other sluts and tramps.

Body is a temple, being man or woman, makes no freaking difference, STD, AIDS attacks both gender indiscriminately. Respect for each other comes form respect we have for ourselves as a human being , and not as a object of sex and [shahvat]. Desire for clean and meaningful sex and intimacy should not be mistaken with promiscuity.

As Iranians[men and women] we still deal with taboos and cultural stigmas, i.e. virginity. If virginity is such a prized trait, then why shouldn't men maintain this sacred and divine[not] gift?

My personal take on virginity = Horse Crap, just another tool at the hands of backward and ignorant men to suppress women. Iranian women, in my book, are among the most desirable, romantic, sexual, beings ever walked the earth. Why keep them in back room. Why keep them down by calling them sluts?

Sir, if you do not like the way they dress, there is place for you to live, It is called Iran, where women are FORCED to cover up, in order for insecure Iranian men can keep their so called honor[my foot].

It is utter ignorance and stupidity to want our partner to be as pure as mother Mary, YET to preform like a porn star, and only for us. It ain't gonna happen dude !

You say why they are ghareebeh parast? Isn't it because a Canadian or that[ghareebeh] does not judge them they way you do? have you thought of that?




Early thirties, I'm no geezer!

by TheMrs on

Hey Zoolander,

With the short mohak and the shades, you look like a cross breed between a magas and a khurus.  Are you auditioning for American Idol? I don’t know if the letters displayed on your beer bottle were in the picture on purpose or not but I would really take a deep look within myself if I were you. Who are you calling a hypocrite? Your friends are brothers who share the same khanum and you’re not picking on the men? PUHLEEZ.

You need to get a new life and some new friends! Consider expanding your social circle and switching out of UCLA. Don’t rot there. Be javoonit rahm kon!

What the heck are you doing thinking about marriage anyway? Beshin darseto bekhoon bache enghad zaboon derazi nemikoneh. Sugar daddies deserve whatever they get as do people who let their spouses take advantage of them. But these are things you can think about later. Right now, go get a hair cut and you DO NOT need to walk around with your lips all puckered up.


99% of contemporary Iranian women are neurotic head-cases

by Anonymous414 (not verified) on

That is your reason.

Leave Iranian women alone. They can't decide between being liberated and having a man take care of them and they spend their whole lives confused struggling between resolving all this while making everyone around them miserable.

With Iranian women it also has to do with upbringing and the fact that their parents are confused themselves and are caught between maintaining a traditional culture while at the same time desperately wanting to be modern in all things.

My advice is find yourself a nice, demure and traditional Oriental woman or even a good white woman who knows how to appreciate a man and leave these silly Iranian trick bitches alone! They are all trouble to the last. Let them suck all the black ding-dong they can stand ta-jun az folaneshan darbiyad!

As for penis sizes, I don't know about you but Middle Eastern men generally have bigger penises than African men or maybe it's just Arabs. A friend of mine who worked as a paramedic once said to me about the Arab men he had taken to the hospital morgue over the years observing that "Arabs make blacks look like Jews!"



by NATURAL (not verified) on

Talk about exaggeration!
Koshti mano with that stupid pose of yours. It's so unnatural.

Tazeh be dorAn residi?