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I received a letter circulating in the community, naming me as some agent or well known "supporter" of the Islamic Republic of Iran, based on the photo in this Blog.

The photo is a random shot of attendees at last year's NIAC conference. I attended this conference and met all kinds of fascinating Iranian-Americans, including Dariush Shahnifar who had ran for Congress. Alan Eyre, the Persian spokesman at the State Department was also there. In this photo, I'm standing next to him right after a conversation with him about Hafez. I was so impressed that he knew his Hafez so well, I wanted to speak to him. He had quoted the first line of Yussef-eh gomgashteh - and I first thought:"Well, most people know that..." and then he went on to cite the 2nd line by heart (the line is posted in this Blog) and that's when I was truly impressed!

I have no idea who the rest of the people are in this photo. Apparently one of them is a contentious person, and the "proof" to some people that all the people in the photo are connected to something sinister.

I wanted to say unequivocably that I have never met any of these characters and certainly do not work on behalf of any government.

It is shameful for such accusations to be flying around in the commmunity. And yesterday, this photo from last October, had surfaced again. One thing did work - I decided to not attend the NIAC conference this year - even though the one last year, was one of the most interesting experience I've recently had.  This kind of headache is just worth it.

Please stop this kind of accusation. I wouldn't even go into the randomness of this photo - I was just happy to have had a chance to talk to Alan Eyre. I am putting the 2nd line of the Yussef-eh-Gomgashteh that Alan Eyre quoted at me, here, too.  

Attending a NIAC conference, or hoping Iran-US relations improve regardless of who is in power in either country, do not make one an agent or "supporter" of any particular entity. It is truly surprising to see this level of baseless accusation among the Iranian-American community. And I wanted to openly talk about this photo - incase it pops in your inbox, too.

I wish these lines of Hafez apply to all of us:

ای  دل غمدیده  حالت  به  شود  دل  بد مگن

وین سر شوریده باز آید به سامان غم مخور 

Many thanks, 

Afsaneh Mirfendereski 



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I saw that picture, elsewhere, titled as "Chokh Bakhtiar Family"

by Zendanian on

Any comments on that particular name or association? cheers

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

This blog is not about

if the present regime in Iran is good or bad or bad tar.

It's about 'Demonizing your opponent' by misinformation and propaganda.

It's about being harassed at your work by this cowardly act, by the ones who practice it here.

I believe iranian dotcom itself is one of the victims of this practice.

And those instructions are taught in a handbook available to the followers.

It's about acting like Savak, Savama, Mosad agents to discredit your opponent while screaming one's head off about 'Human Rights!'

I wonder what Hafez would do?


Islamic Republic Regime Is the Loser In All This

by seannewyork on

What this entire blog shows is how unpopular and hated the regime in Iran is by all sides.  It has come to the point that NIAC supporters are ashamed to be called a regime supporter and are forced to write a blog in order to distance themself.

And for you older generation I am 100% the Shah and Mossadeq would be standing hand in hand fighting this regime so you guys should as well.  All I know is both were patriots and IRI are enemies of Iran.


Iraj, you got it all backwards

by Fesenjoon2 on

the reason Iran is starving, AND HAS BEEN STARVING FOR 35 YEARS, is that the muslim rulers of Iran continue to steal from Beyt-ol-maal, and then the Rahbar comes and instructs everyone to "keshesh nadeen". That's the epitome of cowardice. A person cant claim to be the selected deputy of Mahdi on Earth, demanding everyone's unquestionable allegiance, constantly talking of liberating Qods, while hypocritically supporting a customized capitalist system that continues to create multi-millionaires left and right, and yet millions of others starve and sleep under bridges or bus terminals. Take a good look at the "Nezaam-e Moqaddas-e Iran":


Do you know the price-tags on these cars? Sanctions my foot! 

The fact that we have "a ton of degrees" here on IC is further proof to this argument. There is a reason almost every other Iranian you bump into outside Iran either holds an advanced degree or is a talented artist or accomplished person. The moronic Islamic Republic is at war with progress and modernity. The exodus of Iran's educated class is why we have poverty in Iran. Not sanctions. Not bombing. It's the bisavad clerical system that has driven Iran into poverty, just as it did to Europe in the Middle Ages.   

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

blog is not about who is 'ba savaad' and 'who is bi savaad'

but about an organized plan to Demonize Iranians who speak their mind against starving and bombing Iranians.

Even a ton of degrees and certificates cannot excuse such a lowly cowardly and undemocratic action here.

It's as bad as what Savak and IRI has done to their opponents. I have witnessed while they were planning and organizing their cowardly actions against at least 2 bloggers here who left because of being harassed constantly.

And it's the truth, they know who they are and they are still present here. 

Esfand Aashena

Masoud your PhD < Ahmadinejad's PhD!

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Winners and Losers

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Anglo:  When Esfand Ashena and Masoud Kazemzadeh, two rampant Mosadeghollahis rip each other into pieces, over NIAC, the only wnner is Trita and co - LOL


MK: You are wrong.

1. EA is a supporter of Mir Hussein Mousavi. Mousavi was and is a pillar of the vf regime. He was prime minister under the Khomeini’s "Golden Era" and was until 2012 a member of Expediency Council. Mousavi was one of the TOP officials of the fundamentalist terrorist regime under Khomeini and fully supported him. Mousavi is CURRENTLY SUPPORTER and follower of Khomeini’s line. Mousavi supports the terribly dictatorial and reactionary VF constitution.

You despise Mossadegh, JM, and myself. JM was a rival to Khomeini in the initial months after the revolution and then fought against the vf regime. Mousavi was the TOP official of the fundamentalist terrorist regime. JM opposes the dictatorial vf constitution.

In sum, Mousavi is fundamentalist lite. Mousavi wants to reform the vf regime in order to PRESERVE and PROLONG the vf nezam. WE are secular democrats who oppose fundamentalism; we want to abolish it. We want to abolish the vf constitution. We want to establish democracy. We want REGIME CHANGE.

EA using a photo of Mossadegh against monarchists does not change the facts. I have never seen EA supporting JM or other Pro-Mossadegh organizations. If he/she ever has, I have not seen it. What did YOU expect him to do? Use Khomeini’s photo or Mousavi’s photo against the monarchists??????? Do YOU think that it would have worked??????

The exchanges in this blog further clarifies EA’s views (if there were doubts).

2. There have been (and ARE) conflicts between the pro-democracy forces and the Reformist factions of the fundamentalist oligarchy. Since the elections, because they have been standing up to the hard-line factions, and we have lent them support. But that support is tactical, limited, and conditional. We want to replace the velayat faghih tyranny with democracy. We want regime change. The Reformist factions of the vf regime want some reforms to preserve and prolong the rule of the velayat faghih system. The Reformists support the nezam and OPPOSE regime change.

3. I think in this blog, EA really badly undermined himself. Some Reformists, such as Mohsen Makhmalbaf and Mojtaba Vahedi, have done fantastic work.

4. In political struggles, we should first decide what we want and who our enemies are. The rest will follow.

YOU consider your enemies to be Mossadegh, JM, and people like me. That is why no matter what, you always attack us. You attack us even WHILE we are struggling against VF regime and folks like Soroush!!!!!!!!!!!! Other than a few extremist Shahollahis people do not like you. You know that and that is fine with you. You are not a popular or well-liked person, but you do consistently follow the logic of your position.

As I have said many times, for me, in my opinion, the main enemies are the vf regime and NIAC. For me, the monarchists are a nuisance now (who undermine the efforts of the pro-democracy forces) and a problem in the post-fundamentalist Iran for the consolidation of democracy.


In my opinion, as a member of the democratic opposition, I consider the main enemy to be the vf regime. The first step to establish democracy in Iran is getting rid of the vf regime and establish democracy. Thus, I support policies that undermine, weaken, condemn, isolate, and corner the vf regime. We have seen how these policies against the apartheid regime worked. We should promote similar policies in our struggles against the terrorist regime.

In my opinion, NIAC promotes policies that benefit the vf regime. I have discussed these in this blog and in other blogs. I welcome anyone to PLEASE use rational and logical arguments rebutting my arguments. So far, no one has presented arguments countering my arguments. Why???????

Using personal attacks and insults instead of presenting logical arguments would not change my position. My role models are Dr. Mossadegh, Dr. Fatemi, and Abbas Amir Entezam. If anyone thinks that by making personal attacks on me, I would be intimidated into silence, simply does not know me. I know the costs that one must be willing to pay for one’s ideals, principles, beliefs, and struggles. I am willing to pay any cost: ANY cost.

5. I believe if an objective person would read this blog, he or she would reach the opinion that the main losers are Trita Parsi, NIAC, and EA. I also think Afsaneh does not win here. I might be wrong, but this is how I see the results of the exchanges on this blog.

In my opinion, the main winner of the arguments here has been myself and the critics of NIAC. This is my opinion. I wish there were a few objective folks who would share their opinions.

I do not believe that EA has been able to "rip apart" me or my arguments. He has not even presented any logical arguments to my arguments. He has made several personal attacks on me. I do not believe any of them were effective. Some of the weird attacks on Political Science, or Ph.D. did not even deserve a response. But I thought I humor him.

My 2 cents,





by Fesenjoon2 on

Instead of making fun of PhDs, go learn how to spell. In English, there is no such word as "oblivient", bi-savaad jaan. (unless of course we're talking about IRI-English: //www.jihadwatch.org/2008/02/iranians-burn-uncle-sam-in-effigy-vow-not-to-back-down-on-nukes.html )


Darius jaan you are so kind

by anglophile on

I wonder who Mr Kazemzadeh sounds like? LOL

Darius Kadivar

LOL anglophile Jan Your sounding like Churchill vs Lady Astor

by Darius Kadivar on

Lady Astor (Esfand Aashena) to Winston Churchill ( Anglophile) : 'Mr. Churchill, if you were my husband, I'd poison your tea!'



Winston Churchill ( Anglophile)  to Lady Astor (Esfand Aashena): Madame if you were my wife, I would drink it!


Cheers to you Both !




"A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death"-Saul Bellow. 

Esfand Aashena


by Esfand Aashena on

 Mossadegh !+++

Everything is sacred


And I thought Mossadeghollahi love each other!!!

by anglophile on

When Esfand Ashena and Masoud Kazemzadeh, two rampant Mosadeghollahis rip each other into pieces, over NIAC, the only wnner is Trita and co - LOL


Go on EA give me your MOSSADEGH  ewply - more LOL.

Esfand Aashena

Masoud your PhD = Ahmadinejad's PhD!

by Esfand Aashena on

The sign of a PhD such as yourself is that you do not know how to present yourself and are all over the map.  And then you call me clueless X10 just to show your hysteria!  Look at your pathetic response to me!  It is thousands of words with roman numeral bullets and such to make A point!

If you had any understanding of anything, much less a political debate or teaching, you'd know that it is NOT what you know, it is HOW easy you can relay your points to an average person.  If you can't convey your point and people don't bother reading your nonsense then your word means nothing, much less your PhD!

You are a typical PhD that is oblivient to the surrounding world and an example of it is this very blog, where you're trying to cross-examine the author of this blog (to no avail :-) as if you'll be given an Olympic medal for it, IF you're successful, which of course you're not, you're just embarassing yourself and losing any credibility that you may have had with anyone.

Mahmoud the old i.com cartoonist had good cartoons just for the PhD's like you!  Here's my pick for you, and you can enjoy this one or this one as well!  So long sucker! 

Everything is sacred

Hafez for Beginners


by Hafez for Beginners on

No body is using HAFEZ for any political purposes:

I posted this here on Iranian.com - because I believe going to the NIAC conference and the accusatory e-mail + photo that started circulating afterwards, may have been connected to users of this website.

Otherwise, my apologies to those who actually come to the Hafez Blog for Hafez related posts and personal insights. I agree that Hafez should be left out of any political fight. That's how our cultural heritage survived.


Shazde Asdola Mirza

لطفا از حافظ استفاده سیاسی تبلیغاتی نکنید

Shazde Asdola Mirza

NIAC is an IRI-friendly lobby group, which advocates open relationship between US and IRI. Using Hafez to shore up support for such an organization is simply distasteful.

khaleh mosheh

I'm just puzzled

by khaleh mosheh on

Whats all this got to do with Hafez? He is probably turning in his grave at the abuse he is receiving. First he was made to be paedophile and now..well his name is being used for no reason what so ever- its not as if he is not being abused by other extensively to make a buck or two. 




No questions

by Frashogar on

But a piece of advice. Since you are using your own name on this forum and you are relatively well known in the community, unless you have sought the advice of a lawyer, I would be extremely careful if I were you in publicly articulating innuendo against another well known individual in the community which may be construed as libel injurious to their reputation. In other words, you can be sued together with your university for the kind of dirty tactics you are employing here against the author of this blog.

Professors usually do not have accountants (as far I know).

Your university which hires you offers accounting services on the salary they already pay you. Most universities in the US do this automatically and send you the statements/dockets/invoices. You still however have to file a return with the IRS annually which usually includes these documents provided by your university accounting office. That aside, if you spend parts of your salary beyond what your university accounting has itemized, unless there is special tax exemptions involved, you are still usually obliged to declare these items, donations etc., specifically.

Masoud Kazemzadeh


by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

I do NOT have an accountant.  I do have someone who does my taxes, but I do not think she is called an accountant.  She is my tax preperer.  Professors usually do not have accountants (as far I know).  INF is not a tax exempt entity.  I hope this is helpful.  Any other questions?





"between $20,000 and $40,000"

by Frashogar on

Would a disclosure - which is what I asked for - by either an accountant or the IRS support this figure?

Masoud Kazemzadeh

My Political And Financial Contributions

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

In 1980, I supported Sen. Ted Kennedy.

In 1981, I founded and was the elected President of Iran National Front student group on my campus. I made a lot of financial contributions to the National Front.


In 1984, I supported Jessie Jackson.

I was also active in the anti-apartheid movement and the divestment campaign.

In 1988, I supported Jessie Jackson and Sen. Gary Hart.

In 1992, I supported Gov. Bill Clinton. I became U.S. citizen and VOTED for Clinton.

In 1996, I voted for Bill Clinton.

In 2000, I publicly endorsed and strongly supported Al Gore.

In 2004, I did NOT support any candidate. I opposed both Kerry (he was too weak against the fundamentalist terrorist regime) and Bush II.

In 2008, I supported Sen. Hillary Clinton. I did not support either Sen. Obama or Sen. McCain. I OPPOSED Obama’s policy of talks with the terrorist regime.

For 2012, I am not supporting anyone.

I believe that there is a very high likelihood of war between the U.S. and the fundamentalist terrorist regime under either Obama or Romney. The reason is that the fundamentalist terrorist regime wants to have nukes and the U.S. would not allow the genocidal terrorists to have them.

In my opinion, the best way, if not the only way, to prevent war is to overthrow the fundamentalist terrorist regime. Here is my blog on this:



The best way to accomplish the task is what I learned when I was an activist in the struggle against the racist apartheid regime in South Africa. I support using the same policies toward the fundamentalist terrorist regime ruling Iran that was so successfully used to get rid of the apartheid regime. These policies include:

* real economic sanctions on the sale of oil imposed by the UN Security Council;

* short of UNSC sanctions, we should support real strong sanctions on IRI by various countries;

* we should shame and condemn all those who make financial deals and trade with the terrorist regime;

* we should isolate the terrorist regime politically and diplomatically:

* we should publicize the human rights violations of the vf regime;

* we should help the pro-democracy parties and groups to get rid of the ruling tyranny and establish a democratic secular republic.


From 1980 to the present my political contributions are as follows:

I have made NO contributions to either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party.

I have made some very small contributions to liberal and human rights groups.

My guess is that I have spent and contributed somewhere between $20,000 and $40,000 for the Iran National Front.

I thank you for your questions. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.




Mr Kazemzadeh

by Frashogar on

Just so the record is squeeky clean on all sides, could you please disclose records of all financial contributions made by you to any political cause within the United States and beyond it over the past decade? Show us that you aren't Mitt Romney with an Iranian mask.

Eagerly awaiting your disclosure.

Masoud Kazemzadeh


by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

EA:  Masoud khan I have a PhD in Political Science in practice!

ALL Iranians have PhDs in Political Science and I thought you knew that. I am sorry that you had to pay for your Political Science degree ...



MK: I think it was Plato who said that the first stage in gaining knowledge is to know that you do not know. Unfortunately, some are soooooooooo clueless that they do not know that they do not know. In their mind, all the universities in the world from Harvard to Oxford down to local community colleges have been wasting the money and time of the people by having Political Science departments and courses. We can easily discern that all Iranians have a Ph.D. in political science by simply observing how well Iran’s politics is run. We all can learn about the theories and contributions of political science simply by listening to the namaz Jome’ sermons.

You do not know, and you do not know that you do not know.




EA: It appears you're quick to find something people say as "offensive" yet everything you say is supposed to be soothing like ice cream!


MK: To label someone who is a consistent and public civil libertarian as "McCarthyist" is like you call the officials of the ACLU "McCarthyist" or call officials of the NAACP as anti-Black racists, or the Common Cause "Conservative," .... Such labels would be both false and offensive.





EA: As I said your "line of questioning" is the same as McCarthy. You find that offensive? so be it. When McCarthy was asking "yes" or "no" questions, he didn't give his victims more opportunities, just yes or no, yes or no, just answer the question (PLEASE ;-) yes or no? Of course in your case you don't have that "luxury" and can't push anyone to just limit it to yes or no, but anything beyond a yes or no response is wasteful to you, yet you write 7 ton of nonsense in your comments!


MK: You are totally clueless and write nonsense after nonsense. You do NOT have a clue what is McCarthyism. It has NOTHING to do with "Yes or no" questions and answers. ANYONE who has taken a multiple choice or True/False exam KNOWS that one is asked such questions. In your mind, then the exams LSAT, MCAT, GRE, SAT that ask the student to simply answer "Yes or no" are ALL McCartyite line of questioning!!!!!!!!!!

As a matter of FACT, when a question is about an OBJECTIVE phenomena, then one can ask for a simple "Yes or No" answer. In this case, either the Iranian female in the video is Ms. Afsaenh or not.




EA: This blog is about someone going to an NIAC event and claiming she is not a supporter of Islamic Republic. Yet you don't want to take her claim and give her the benefit of the doubt and push for a yes or no answer. yes or no? Seriously yes or no?!


MK: You are soooooooooooooo clueless it is AMAZING. The WHOLE point of my questioning is to determine whether her claim that she merely went to one NIAC event is true or false. If the person in the video is in fact Afsaneh, then that would be EVIDENCE that Afsaneh did NOT tell the "WHOLE truth." In other words, Afsaneh hid a material fact. The question is whether Afsaneh is hiding material facts.

The subject of this blog is whether if one person merely attends one event by NIAC and her photo is taken, would that fact alone make her a supporter of IRI. The answer to that is of course no. Afsaneh wanted to talk about the issue. In response, I asked questions that are pertinent and relevant to the subject of this blog: What are all the FACTS about Afsaneh and her relationship with NIAC, IRI, Trita Parsi, various opposition groups.

Faramarz did a google search and that is what he found that she has actually MADE FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION to NIAC. WHY did Afsaneh in this blog not disclose the material fact that she has often made financial donations to NIAC?????????? Are there other materials facts that she is not disclosing???????



From: Afsaneh Mirfendereski
Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2010 10:40 AM
To: PAAIA Information
Subject: Re: Qs&As: All You Need To Know About U.S. Sanctions Against Iran


I admire much of you do. However, when PAAIA was being launched, it was presented as a body that looks after the interests of Iranian-Americans, and does not get involved in Iran-US relations.

For that reason, I would often donate to NIAC more - as I do believe that Iran-US relations also affect Iranian-Americans.

I think both groups do admirable work - but can PAAIA better explain if its priorities have also shifted? If so, the whole idea was that you 2 organizations may have different focuses - if you don't, then why not put aside our national Achilles heal of not being able to cooperate with each other, and just have one body representing all the broad interests of the community?

Just a suggestion - and I can guarantee you that if I'm saying it, others are thinking it - so I hope the comments are to your benefit. Many friends get tired of simultaneous e-mails from PAAIA and NIAC, always covering the same issue.

It resonates deep feelings of angst in the community, that even our representatives can't properly get along.

Please do keep up the good work, and again, I hope these insights serve some purpose here, as their intention is to seek a positive outcome.

Many thanks,
Afsaneh Mirfendereski BA M Arch
Chevy Chase



Lets review.  This is what Afsaneh wrote:


I admire much of you do. However, when PAAIA was being launched, it was presented as a body that looks after the interests of Iranian-Americans, and does not get involved in Iran-US relations.

For that reason, I would often donate to NIAC more - as I do believe that Iran-US relations also affect Iranian-Americans.





Now it is an established FACT that Ms. Afsaneh Mirfendereski has made actual FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS to NIAC.

The germane question is WHY did Afsaneh not reveal this relevant and pertinent information in her blog??????????

If this was a trial, lets imagine how things would have proceeded. Imagine Afsaneh was suing someone for calling her a supporter of the IRI based merely because of her photo that she had merely attended one NIAC event.

Ms. Afsaneh under oath is asked to tell about all her connections to NIAC and Trita Parsi. Afsaneh says that she merely had attended one NIAC event (all the information she has disclosed in this blog).

If Afsaneh and her attorney prove that the ONLY thing she ever did was to attend one NIAC event and she has no opinion or policy on the vf regime, then she will win and those who called her supporter of IRI will lose.

But if the other side can show that she is a member of NIAC and that NIAC promotes policies that benefit the IRI, that she has made public statements against the U.S. government and has NOT made public statements against the Iranian government, that she is involved in politics but she does not support any of the many opposition groups, then the question is what might a reasonable person think about her?

Finally, Are there reasonable Iranian Americans as well as non-Iranian Americans who consider NIAC to be "sympathetic to the IRI"?

The answer is yes. Sen. Kirk who is an expert on Iran in the U.S. Senate calls NIAC to be sympathetic to the IRI. The Wall Street Journal published an article in which the author called NIAC "Ayatollah friendly."

Are there reasonable Iranians who think that. This is what Mohsen Makhmalbaf told the Washington Times:


Mohsen Makhmalbaf, an acclaimed Iranian filmmaker and unofficial spokesman for Iran's opposition Green Movement, told The Times, "I think Trita Parsi does not belong to the Green Movement. I feel his lobbying has secretly been more for the Islamic Republic."




Then EVIDENCE is produced that in actual fact in her own words, Afsaneh has made financial contributions to NIAC. Under oath she had to give "the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth." Therefore, there would be specific question on what kinds of relationship she has had with NIAC. The evidence that she made financial contributions to NIAC would be evidence of perjury if she said what she has said in this blog. I believe for that the judge may sent her to prison. The lawyers for the other side would easily find out the identity of the Iranian female who made the remark that was against American foreign policy. If in fact, Afsaneh is that female then that would be material evidence that she lied under oath. The court can demand Trita Parsi to testify who that female is. Also the court can demand to find out whether Afsaneh is a member of NIAC. In her email to PAAIA, Afsaneh is pushing them to change and pursue the same policy on US policy as NIAC. This shows that she was actively involved in pushing for a particular policy. ALL facts contradict Afsaneh’s earlier proposed statement that merely attending one NIAC and no other information is disclosed. These facts would make the judge to throw the suit out. But also the judge might sent Afsaneh to jail for perjury if she said under oath what she said in this blog.

Now lets get back to this blog. Now we have several actual FACTS that are in contradiction to Afsaneh’s initial assertion that she merely had attended one NIAC event. Now we know for fact that Afsaneh has made financial contributions to NIAC. That also she was involved in pushing PAAIA to do what NIAC does.

Afsaneh has also not answered my simple question on whether the Iranian female on the video at Trita Parsi’s book talk was her or not. This is a MATERIAL FACT.

Similarly, it is a material fact whether she is a member of NIAC.

In sum, my questions are the kind of questions that would be asked of her in any court case on the subject. You have no clue, so you think that my questions were somehow McCarthyit!!!!!!!

So far we found out that she did NOT provide the whole truth. She did not reveal the fact that she has made many financial contributions to NIAC. WHAT else is she not disclosing that are relevant to the subject such as whether she is a member of NIAC or whether she supports the abolishing of the vf regime, or whether the Iranian female at Trita Parsi’s book talk was her.

Keep in mind, that in my response, I showed that many reasonable and astute people consider NIAC as sympathetic to the IRI. And I also showed that in my opinion NIAC promotes policies that benefit the vf regime. These are relevant to the blog.




EA: There were State Department employees as well as a sitting US Congressman attending the event. I'm sure your yes or no line of questioning would fair the same as they're supporting the Islamic Republic for the same reasons as the author of this blog. Yes or no?!


MK: You are sooooooooooooo clueless it is amazing. Dr. Houshang AmirAhmadi is on record openly saying that he supports the Constitution of the vf regime. He has openly said that he supports the Islamic Republic. (Both of them at Parazit program at VOA). Moreover, Dr. AmirAhmadi has officially registered to for the Presidential elections in the IRI (both times he was rejected as candidate). Dr. AmirAhmadi was the founder and President of AIC. Dr. Trita Parsi was working at AIC under the leadership of AmirAhmadi. If I remember correctly, the title of Trita Parsi was "Executive Director" of AIC.

AIC has put the photos of IRI officials and AmirAhmadi on its site. Many many American officials have attended the many programs of AIC. The fact that many American officials met with AmirAhmadi and/or attended events sponsored by AIC does not negate the fact that AmirAhmadi supports the Islamic Republic. Actually, the REASON some American officials attended the AIC and/or met with AmirAhmadi was due to the connections between AmirAhmadi and the IRI. Why? Because they wanted to send a message to the IRI that they want to talk and make deals. Secretary of State Albright gave her regret about the 1953 coup to AIC conference. The reason The U.S. Secretary of State Albright went to AIC conference and stood next to AmirAhmadi was to convey the message to the IRI.



In conclusion, YOU are sooooooooooooooooo clueless it is amazing. I hope you enjoyed my opinions.


My 2 cents,


Hafez for Beginners


by Hafez for Beginners on

ALL or NOTHING mindset is bad for any community. With us or Against us. Not a sustainable philosophy for a person, a community or any country. 


Esfand jaan: Suffice to say …..

by Bavafa on

You are not the only one who feels this way.  It is rather unfortunate.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Taking Pictures with Strangers!

by Faramarz on



As Prince Harry learned in Vegas, one should be careful of
playing billiard with strangers and the pictures that may be taken
without permission! But this picture looks harmless.

The Farsi-speaking State Department guy looks very uncomfortable sandwiched in the picture (by the way his hands are hanging).

I did Google Afsaneh's name and NIAC and this email string popped up.




Esfand Aashena

Masoud khan I have a PhD in Political Science in practice!

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ALL Iranians have PhDs in Political Science and I thought you knew that.  I am sorry that you had to pay for your Political Science degree and are fond of teaching civil liberties to some students who live in the lap of luxury of freedom and democracy!  It reminds me of the scene in Roots where Kunte Kinte's masters very talking about getting their freedom and liberty from British and Kunte Kinte's adopted father was laughing it off saying 'nothing worries more than worrying about white people's freedom!'

It appears you're quick to find something people say as "offensive" yet everything you say is supposed to be soothing like ice cream!

As I said your "line of questioning" is the same as McCarthy.  You find that offensive?  so be it.  When McCarthy was asking "yes" or "no" questions, he didn't give his victims more opportunities, just yes or no, yes or no, just answer the question (PLEASE ;-) yes or no?  Of course in your case you don't have that "luxury" and can't push anyone to just limit it to yes or no, but anything beyond a yes or no response is wasteful to you, yet you write 7 ton of nonsense in your comments!

This blog is about someone going to an NIAC event and claiming she is not a supporter of Islamic Republic.  Yet you don't want to take her claim and give her the benefit of the doubt and push for a yes or no answer.  yes or no?  Seriously yes or no?!

There were State Department employees as well as a sitting US Congressman attending the event. I'm sure your yes or no line of questioning would fair the same as they're supporting the Islamic Republic for the same reasons as the author of this blog.  Yes or no?! 

Everything is sacred

Masoud Kazemzadeh


by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear Roozbeh,

Thank you for you comments.







As a civil libertarian and someone who teaches about civil liberties and the First Amendment, I find your comparison as both false and offensive. My guess is that you are neither a Political Scientist, nor a lawyer, nor a journalist. Otherwise, you would have known that asking tough questions is normal in political debate and political issues. For example, when Ahmadinejad was in the U.S., George Stefanaplous (sp?) and other journalists asked him very tough questions about terrorism, Bin Laden being in Iran, relations with Taliban and al Qaeda, relations with Khamenei and the like. If Ahmadinejad or any of his supporters labeled these questions "McCarthyism," knowledgeable people (e.g., Political Scientists, Lawyers, journalists) would laugh at such false labels.

Asking tough questions is part and parcel of political debates, journalism, and court proceedings. As the Persian saying goes: "har gerdi gerdo nist." Asking questions about someone’s politics is NOT McCarthyism. Otherwise there would NOT be any political debates, or journalists asking questions about positions of various folks, or the opposing sides in a court proceeding asking various witnesses tough questions.

In a political debate, instead of using false and insulting label, people should try to provide LOGICAL arguments. I would like to ask you to PLEASE provide LOGICAL answers to my questions.






The U.S. government does not ban groups that support the vf regime, Khomeini, or Khamenei. For example, the Muslim Student Association - Persian Speaking Group even posts the photos of Khomeini and Khamenei on their site:


This is true for groups such as the KKK as well.

My 2 cents,



iraj khan

Being Targeted

by iraj khan on

Afsaneh, unfortunately you are not the first one to be targeted and demonized.

This cowardly practice has been lifted straight from the training handbook for hatemongers by the 'Lobby'.

I know of two instances when the IC users were targeted at their work place and eventually had to leave IC permanently to have peace of mind. One was a University professor and the other one was a business man. 

I have the user names of those who encouraged it openly here on IC, but I'm not going to name them yet. They know who they are and they are present here on this website as we speak.

Taking legal action against these hatemongers is probably the best solution.   

Oon Yaroo

Question for IC members? Is it Doogh & Kabab or Hafez?

by Oon Yaroo on

In your opinion, does an average Joe American care more about Doogh & Kabab or Hafez?

I venture out to tell you that it's neither! Joe American cares more about keeping their jobs, health insurance,  home, car, Jim Beam, cheese burger, membership to the hooters, baseball tickets, watching house wives of Washington D.C., and you name it.

So, just because 5 Iranians in D.C. or LA like to spend time with one another and recite Hafez poetry or attend NIAC doesn't mean the rest of America does!



of course I will carry on

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Come back when youre serious.