It's time to compose with Iran. President Obama please talk


by Hajminator

The Iranian economy has a great growth potential, and if the country opens, Both US and Iran could conclude mutual beneficial agreements. Iran is not North Korea or Afghanistan. Its gross domestic product reached 382 billion dollars, which places it at the same level than Thailand or Colombia. Bringing it to the population, the GDP amounts to 13 100 dollars, which is better than Turkey or Kazakhstan.

The Iranian development potential is vast, and there is an attractive market for Western firms. Oil accounting for 80% of exports, the year 2009 will not be easy, but with 96 billion dollars (75 billion) of reserves and low external debts, the country has enough to cushion the effects of a slowdown economy.

To consider an economic partnership, it is first necessary that the relations between the United States and Iran become more relax, particularly on the issue of Iran's nuclear program. In 1997, when Khatami was elected, conditions seemed ripe for reconciliation.

But, the Iran-Libya Sanctions Act, passed in 1996 and it, was extended shortly after the re-election of Mr. Khatami in 2001. In 2002, President Bush considered Iran as a full member of the "axis of evil". And the invasion of Iraq by the Americans have boosted the popularity of Ahmadinejad and favoured his election.


If the United States show less hostility toward Iran, the chances of Khatami to be re-elected will increase. Some opponents of the US-Iran rapprochement think that it would not be free to change things as Khamenei is the real strongman of the country. But if you look at the ME, besides India, Israel, Turkey, merely Pakistan and recently Iraq, the Iranian democratic mechanisms exist, however limited they may be.

Reconciliation would have many advantages. Iran will find its place on the international stage and will purchase its growth. The United States and its ally Israel will neutralize a nuclear weapons program. Finally, a promising market will open. This reconciliation is possible if Iran gets a chair moderate supported by the population, and if the American administration is sincerely willing to establish relations with Iran.


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by Hajminator on

You are comparing two different systems. Mullahs are mullahs and US is a great democracy.

I also think that the actual regime has 0 credibility. But the hope is that things will change.

By the way, what's your solution?
1) Bomb it,
2) Isolate it,
3) Ignore it,
4) Tell that every solution is a BS, coz it wouldn't work?
5) None of these but a yet better solution?

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

It certainly not I who has ever suggested that this regime was, is or ever will be any sort of democracy. My statement regarding it being a dictatorship is in response to those indivisuals who are somehow tricked into believing that there is any sort of transparency or real choice. The fact is that whoever is "elected" is merely a front or a stooge. The public face of a very closeted regime.

Khatami's tenure was designed to try and soften Iran's public geopolitical image. Part of  the problem stemmed from the fact that he appeared to have tried to strike a balance that would create the reforms and grant the freedoms Iranians want and deserve, yet also maintain the "principles" of the velayat-e-faqih.

It can't be done. It is physically impossible. A perfect example of an unstoppable force going up against an immovable object.

Rafsanjani stating that the elections were open was in fact meaningless BS. Such a statement falls into the same category as:

The statements regarding the presence of WMDs in Iraq;

O.J. Simpson stating that he's searching for the real killers of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman;

Bill Clinton saying "I did not have sex with that woman....Ms. Lewinsky."

As far as I'm concerned the IRI has absolutely zero credibility. It has been 30 years of shooting from the hip, governing based upon the direction of the wind, flip-flopping more than John Kerry in a swiftboat full of freshly caught fish, ruling as if they all graduated from the Alfonso Bedoya Gold Hat School of Government.



by Hajminator on

Who said that this regime is a totally opened democracy ? The theocracy decides and the final deicision is announced by Khamenei.

But, what you seem not to consider is the regime’s nightmare of its everyday survival. Mullahs are obssessed by their survival and they are able to make orthogonal statements: they can say a thing and its contrary very easily and that in a short periode of time. They changed their behaviour several times since they are in charge of the country. If you look deeply inside, you see that the triumvirate is composed of different factions which are mostly hostile one against the other. This is because, it gives flexibility to their policy shifts.

The first change occured after the Iran-Iraq war, when Rafsanjani told people that the presidential elections were open. That move surprised people who, like you thought, that the whole thing is decided by advance by Khameenei.

Katami came and he, under the consent of Khamenei, tried to put forward the dialogue among civilizations. Why, you think? That move was simply a green light to Clinton. At that time, they had suspended their nuclear program and the only thing they demanded in exchange was a promise that America don’t search to change the regime. But that didn’t occured, why? Perhaps because US had probably in mind to overthrow mullahs before Saddam.

The reality is that, the regime has instaured a merely democratic procedure to choose its presidents - That is once again because they search to shift easily in their policies.

Kaveh Nouraee

If the United States show

by Kaveh Nouraee on

If the United States show less hostility toward Iran, the chances of Khatami to be re-elected will increase.

In reality Khatami's return to the presidency hinges solely upon Khamenei's approval. It is extremely naieve to believe for even a moment that any aspect of this "election" is open and legitimate. To even call it an election is a joke. This is a complete farce.

Iran is run by a theocratic dictatorship. That's it. Plain and simple.

The US showing hostility to Iran? What constitutes hostility? Bush and his "axis of evil" remark?

I guess that makes "The Great Satan" and "Marg bar Amrika" examples of gestures of goodwill and friendship, right?

The nuclear program? The solution is simple. When the IRI stops jerking off the UN & the IAEA playing their stupid childish games of double talk and secrecy, and provides conclusive evidentiary proof that this is purely civilian electrical generation, OK. Until then, bilaakh.

It doesn't matter if the president of the US is black or white, male or female, Republican or Democrat. No poems, telegrams, love notes, text messages or e-mails will make a difference.

So long as the IRI exists, playing their Irani-baazi with their "preconditions to the conditions for the possibility of the idea of the concept for perhaps establishing something that may or may not mean anything depending upon what the U.S. may or may not say if this is done or that is done and let's not forget the apology for 1953", there will never be any real end to this.


‫ایراندخت جان


من حتی حاضرم یک امضا بدم که اگر به اون جد حضرت وانتینوسش دست از سر ما برداره و از زمین تا سقف رو بده ما که یک نفسی بکشیم، از سقف تا آخر کهکشانها رو ما میدیم ‫بهش.

‫ولی کو گوش شنوا؟

از نوشتهء زیباتون متشکر.


A Valentine I sent to: President Barack Obama

by IRANdokht on

To: President Barack Obama

We petition that…


Dear Mr. President,

You've given us hope
But you've promised us change
So some of your actions,
They seem a bit strange

You don't want to be Bush
So stop following his lead
Stop sending out drones
That make innocents bleed

These bombs that you're sending
They kill when they drop
Sometimes the best way to change
Is to STOP

So stop in the name of change
Stop in the name of love
Before you break our hearts
Before push comes to shove

Diplomacy's the answer
But not through Dennis Ross
We asked for real change
When we elected you "boss"
So this Valentine's Day
Don't be a Karl Rover
And help us to say that
"War is SO Over!"




;-) دوست عزیز


خوب بعضی وقتها مردم کمرو و خجالتیند این مدلی وارد صحبت میشن که رد گم کنند مثلأ... حالا محض خاطر حضرت وانتینوس (ع) هم که شده شما یه روی خوشی نشون بدین میگن  ثواب داره 




by Hajminator on

No it does not. I have condemned atrocities committed by mullahs in the past and will continue to do it in the future. What you, and your followers don’t seem to understand is that my country is more important to me than the rulers it has at a given time. Iran will stay till the end but those who rule on it by undermining people’s basic rights are ephemeral, as History has proved it in the past.

From the Arabs invasion till the overthrow of the former Shah, I was not there. But now, I am here. My country is surrounded by jackals. They are some who rule it and others who wait to destroy it. Each of these groups has their own objectives. Mullahs want to survive and others wait for a total destruction of my land by making the country a second Iraq or Gaza.

With mullahs I see a way that Iran will one day find the place it deserves in world. Why? Because of the mullahs instinct of survival; that’s as simple as that. Mullahs know that their end is near if they don’t adapt the world’s standards on human rights and whatever you want. What it comes from all their strategic maneuvers is that they want to be recognized as a power in the region. So if you combine these two equations, it comes what I said before.

Now, by intimidation, equivocation and all your melodramatic artillery you will not success to hide this fact. Mullahs are there and for sure. You can either take your lance and charge the wind mill, or try to compose with it.


Irandokht aziz,

by Hajminator on

I'm wondering  who can it be?


Happy Valentin to you too.


Hajminator jan

by IRANdokht on

It looks like you have a secret/anonymous admirer here ;-)  just in time too

Happy Valentine's day my friend 



to Haji: does this apply to you?

by ??? (not verified) on

From a post by "Behrooz from Iran" from another thread:

"I personally find it so funny how all the IRI mouth pieces, declare themselves as independent and not political and yet they conveniently choose to turn a blind eye to regimes misdeeds, crimes, and incompetencies. But I can assure you that for the past 20 years we have been watching and studying the methods and strategies used by these agents. They never admit to their true intentions and most of the times they even side with the opposition. But their main intention is to create doubts and division in the ranks of opposition. They try to convince us that IRI is not so bad at all and maybe we should accept it because there is no alternative or maybe because they are too strong and we cannot challenge them. This is their mission and in order to accomplish that they resort to any means including claming to be anti IRI and speaking against it."



by Hajminator on

A happy loser is better than a winner in a bad mood :)

Thanks for leaving the stage.


ولايت فقيه عامل سرافرازي و پيشرفت هاي علمي كشور

News source (not verified)

Feb. 13. 2009

رئيس مجلس شوراي اسلامي گفت اينکه گويش ها و حرف ها عوض شود براي ما اهميت ندارد. مشكلات منطقه هم با تغيير لسان حل نمي شود بلکه آمريكا بايد اشتباهات خود را اصلاح كند .

لاريجاني که در همايش ائمه جماعات مساجد قم سخنرانی می کرد گفت بايد ديد تغييرات آمریکائیها فقط در الفاظ است يا استراتژي آنها هم تغيير كرده است.

‌ رئيس مجلس شوراي اسلامي گفت آمريكايي ها بايد رفتار خود را در مقابل جمهوری اسلامی نيز عوض كنند.

لاريجاني در سخنرانی خود ولايت فقيه را عامل سرافرازي و پيشرفت هاي علمي كشور دانست .

رئيس مجلس شوراي اسلامي با اشاره به پيشرفت هاي جمهوری اسلامی در زمينه هاي مختلف تاكيد كرد عامل اصلي ايجاد و استمرار توسعه علمي كشور ولي فقيه است.

وي با بيان اينكه ولي فقيه مسائل راهبردي كشور را ترسيم مي كند افزود ‌عامل اصلي وحدت ملي ، سرافرازي و پيشرفت هاي كشور در تمام عرصه ها، رهبري نظام است.


ONLY Ali Khameneii has the last say

by Gullible finder (not verified) on


منتظر صلح نباشید

Armin (not verified)

رابطه ها همیشه در طول تاریخ دوجانبه و بر اساس منافع طرفین شکل گرفته است رابطه ایران و آمریکا مثل دوروی سکه میماند که یک روی آن دشمنی ظاهری و گاه با توهین و جنگ لفظی شکل گرفته است و روی دیگر سکه منافعی است که هر دوطرف به خاطر همین رفتار نا مطلوب از آن سود میجویند یقینا اگر ایران برای آمریکا سودی نداشت سالها پیش باید حکومت ایران عوض میشد و به وضوح میتوان به این واقعیت رسید که چرا دولت ایران خواهان مهو اسراییل از روی نقشه های بین المللی میباشد ولی با آمریکا که موتور محرک اسراییل میباشد کاری نداشته و حتی شاهد رفت آمد های پنهان آقا زاده هاو سران حکومتی برای سرمایه گذاری در این کشور هستیم!دولت ایران به عنوان مترسک در منطقه نقش لولویی را ایفا میکند که هرلحظه میتواند به کشورهای منطقه آسیب برساند و کشورهای منطقه برای نجات از این وضع روبه خرید تسلیهات نظامی و قراردادهای امنیتی چند میلیارد دلاری میاورند و از آن طرف آمریکا با شارژ کردن اسراییل و آزمایشهای سلاههای خود عملا دست دولت مردان ایران را به بهانه کمک به مردم مسلمان فلسطین(مسلمانان چچن/تایلند/کزوو/هند/فیلیپین...که هر روز قتا عام میشوند اونها مسلمون نیستند) باز گذاشته تا از این طریق ثروت باد آورده نفتی را که مطعلق به مردم ایران میباشد را به یغما ببرند و دوطرف آنچنان رضایتی از این معامله دارند که حتی تصورش هم برای ما ممکن نیست با این تفاوت که دولت ما دزد است و به فکر خودشان هستند ولی دولت آمریکا منافع این کارهارا برای همه مردمش میخواهد و تا زمانی که چنین منافعی وجود دارد صلحی هم وجود نخواهد داشد دقت کنید چگونه وقتی رابطه ما باآمریکا میخواهد درست شود شورای مصلحت و نگهبان و عده ای از مجلسیان آنچنان غوغایی برپا میکنند که بیا و نپرس چون رابطه دوستانه و صلح واقعی با آمریکا یعنی از دست دادن منافع چند صد میلیاردی آقایون پس منتظر صلح نباشید شاهد باشید که آقایون اینبار هم چگونه با بهنه های واهی دشمنی به ظاهر را دوچندان خواهند کرد که منو شما رو از صورت مسعله منحرف کنند.


To Hajminator

by Advisor (not verified) on

What an agressively rude loser you are.

Not worh my time.


To Advisor,

by Hajminator on

Did I tell that I needed any advice? You come to the discussion as a fly which crashes into a bowl of soup!

Read what I said before bringing it: Some opponents of the US-Iran rapprochement think that it would not be free to change things as Khamenei is the real strongman of the country. But if you look at the ME, besides India, Israel, Turkey, merely Pakistan and recently Iraq, the Iranian democratic mechanisms exist, however limited they may be.

In other terms, there is a half-open door and it's the only viable way allowing to find a solution.

As you might not know, we Iranians have faced barbarian invasions not by revolting but by pacifically finding our path through CENTURIES.

Hala in advice-amo bebar pisheh arbabet behesh khoob shir fahm kon!


To Hajminator

by Advisor (not verified) on

Any no sting attached individual with the least bit of intelligence knows well that "PLAYING with the moderator ticket" as you put it while being fully aware of the rigid unflexible unmaneuverable structure of the IRI and the undeniable fact that all candidates, in one way or another, are part of the inner circle of power, all unquestionably loyal to Ali Khameneii, Velayat-e-Faqih and current dictatorship, is nothing but self-deception.

It will not get anybody anywhere.

I don't have any solutions but I certainly try not to be deliberately part of the problem and an accomplice to the criminal rulers of Iran in helping them perpetuate Iranian peoples' misery.

I would not participate in their games.

P.S. please don't tell us that if we do not participate in mullah concocted games, Iran will be attacked. I don't think the world is that gullible to be once again tricked by Mr. khatami's smiles or Mr. Qalibaf's good looks, green eyes or stylish photo ops. The situation is quite different now compared to 10-12 years ago.


To reporter

by Cringed (not verified) on

"REGARDLESS of the outcome of this summer's elections ... REGARDLESS OF WHO WINS THE ELECTIONS"

bichareh mellat e Iran ... che mellat e badbakhti hameh natijeh IGNORANCE hast


IRI still at it

by Sheytoon bala (not verified) on

Cyprus to Unload Suspect Cargo on Iran Ship
Reuters - World News
Feb 12, 2009

NICOSIA - Cyprus will offload a cargo of weapons from a ship detained for violating United Nations sanctions on Iran, the island's state broadcaster said on Thursday.

Government sources declined to comment on reports by the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation that the cargo from the Monchegorsk would be taken off the vessel on Friday morning.

The ship has been detained off Cyprus, its flag-state, since January 29 after it was boarded by U.S. naval personnel in the Red Sea. U.S. military authorities said the ship was traveling to Syria from Iran and had been carrying arms.

Cypriot and United Nations Security Council sources have said the ship appears to be carrying material from Iran prohibited under U.N. resolutions. Iran has denied the ship was carrying weapons.

Iran is under U.N. and U.S. sanctions over its nuclear program, which Western powers suspect is aimed at making bombs but which Tehran says is for generating electricity.

Cypriot sources say the cargo on the Monchegorsk is of a "conventional" nature, a view echoed by diplomatic sources.

"We haven't seen a complete manifest. But they are basically conventional arms and ammunition as far as we're aware," a senior Security Council diplomat told Reuters.


Thanks for your views

by Hajminator on

Zion, I write better in Persian or French but you won't understand either. Difficult to communicate with you, hein?

Irandokht aziz For us, there is a lot of hope with Obama too. I'm honored to be considered a friend and it’s reciprocal.

Abamard jan, Yes, the only viable solution left is to play with the moderator ticket. Bombing will not solve the western problem and would end to a worse situation than what we know. Uprising is almost impossible and isolating the country is a wild dream as Russia and China are there.

Akbar kooseh, I'm not with this regime and 100% against, don't be childish Zion.

Reporter, I don't catch why a US-agency warns about Ahmadinejad's mismanagement? They should be happy no?

Ebi jan, Mokhlessim.

ebi amirhosseini

Hajminator aziz..

by ebi amirhosseini on

Well said.


Ebi aka Haaji


Oil revenue mismanagement to plague Iran

by REPORTER (not verified) on

Oil revenue mismanagement to plague Iran
AP - World News
Feb 12, 2009

CAIRO - A leading energy consultancy is warning that what it calls Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's mismanagement of oil revenues could result in major economic woes for the country, REGARDLESS of the outcome of this summer's elections.

In a research note Thursday, Washington-based PFC Energy said a ''toxic mix of populism and misguided priorities'' under the hardline president have deepened Iran's dependence on oil.

The country has some room to maneuver because of foreign currency reserves of roughly $80 billion. That may help Ahmadinejad's re-election efforts in June.

But PFC warns that boosting stimulus efforts now could set Iran up for a ''more severe financial dislocation'' later, REGARDLESS OF WHO WINS THE ELECTIONS.


To Hajminator

by Akbar Kooseh (not verified) on

Glad to see that your beef was only with the person of Ahmadinejad! Apprently you approve of us! keep up the good work!



by Abarmard on

freedom of trade, that's empowering people and humanistic behavior. Let the people decide their own fate.

Thanks for this important note.


Thank you Hajminator aziz

by IRANdokht on

Lets hope for a better more peaceful future for our people and the rest of the world too.  It's the 21st century, we have a smart and worldly man in the highest position of power and human beings everywhere should start to coexist in peace and work together to make the whole world a better place.

Best to you my friend




by tsion on

Shakespeare would have to stand in awe.