Hooman Majd by Hassan Daei

Hooman Majd by Hassan Daei
by Hooshyar Samii

From the Shah's ambassador's son to Ahmadinejad's interpreter, Hooman Majd has transformed from a sucessful film and music producer to an adviser to two Islamic republic's presidents. He is now the toast of the Washington celeb circuit. Hassan Daei explains how:



This is not a court of law Bahmani!

by anglophile on

Besides, if Majd is fully sure that Daei is slandering him  he can easily sue him for slander. Why doesn't he do that I wonder.  Save your "argument" for the judge old boy - LOL. 


I rarely trust any one called Hassan

by bahmani on

OK maybe one or two.

This one however, exemplifies my natural suspicions though.

Not once is the fact that this is his personal opinion and a biased one at that, mentioned or even acknowledged.

I can have an opinion that a tree is a goat. If I tell you this in advance, it is an opinion, and that is OK. If I don't, I am slandering the tree or the goat.

The accusations that Daie makes is an opinion. Proof is he NEVER interviews Majd to confront him with the accusations and claims.

While VERY single word Daie says might be true, unfortunately it is completely invalid as a biased opinion, without allowing Majd to respond and explain the inaccuracies of the accusations.

Not that Majd would stoop to Daie'th (sorry any TV announcer with a lisp deserves to be made fun of) level.

But he really should.

Maybe then, one day, the Daie'th of the world will learn that you cannot thimply think of shit and then open your mouth and actually thay it. Juth becauthe you want to.

Fucking hell, when will we learn how to behave!

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Brother Trita & Mohammad Javad Zarif sitting in a tree

by AMIR1973 on

Exchanging emails to see how Brother Trita can set up meetings between the IRI's then UN envoy and US Congressmen. Shame on those who whore themselves out to the functionaries of the Islamist tyranny and shame on those who defend such whores (like AN's translator above).


Daei and Maryam Rajavi sitting on a tree


advocating sensless crimes on iranians inside iran. shame on them and anyone who is supporting these traitors. 

Sadegh Bozorgmehr

Dai: Iran's "choopan dorugh-goo"

by Sadegh Bozorgmehr on

Dai's treasonous work has to be exposed. He has been given a free pass for far too long. 

And if you're interested in a taking apart of this Dai video about Majd, read the link below posted today. 



"Ramin J" (or is it Sadegh Bozorgmehr)?

by AMIR1973 on

The Number 1, Number 2, and Number 3 victimizer, murderer, rapist, and torturer of Iranian men, women, and children is the Islamist tyranny, on whose behalf Hooman Majd vomits up propaganda on a constant basis. No amount of attempted distraction will change that. Got it?

Ramin J

Dai is paid by racist anti-Iranians like Daniel Pipes

by Ramin J on

Hassan Dai - with his family ties to the Mujahedin and his desire to "destroy Obama" - is paid by racist Right Wing neocons like Daniel Pipes to character assassin Iranian-Americans. Hooman Majd is just teh latest target.

Must read article about Dai 


See how he is being prodded and taught by the very same people whospreads racism and hatred againts Iranians in the US...



G. Rahmanian

Easy Oil Money!

by G. Rahmanian on

As Long As Easy Oil Money Is Available, there are folks who will support IR to get a share of it. No money, no support! And they can justify their acts by simply saying: "It's no one's inheritance(they're taking.)/erseh pedareh kasi keh nist!"


Majd Reminiscent of Sadegh Tabatabaei

by Faramarz on

This Majd dude with the Slick Willy attitude and suits reminds me of Sadegh Tabatabaei who was hanging out with Khomeini until things got rough a little bit and then he moved back to Germany where he lives happily ever after.

Majd will also be back in the Big Apple in the near future and will try to re-invent himself.

These guys have tasted the cherry, and they may cheer for the Islamic Republic for a while, but at the end they will be back to the comfortable life of the west that they are so used to. 

G. Rahmanian

Absolutely, Ari!

by G. Rahmanian on

As I wrote below, I have problems with his presentation the way it is. But Anglophile also has a good point.

Even the most eloquent speaker can get boring if one is not interested in what he says. I never enjoyed Obama's speeches, who is supposedly a good speaker, because I looked at them as campaign rhetoric which I don't appreciate much.

Hey, some folks on this site thought/think Ahmadinejad was/is an eloquent speaker and was/is great at debating. It only makes me laugh.

As the proverb goes: "To each his own!"

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Expose or not expose is an irrelevant game to play when you're trying to win public support for actions that you think the U.S. should take about Iran. In inviting American interference, Daei should be addressing the American public, not the Iranian public!  And with the American public, mudslinging will backfire. Daei needs to stop attacking the character of his opponents and deliver strong presentations that directly address his real agenda to the people who have the power to give him what he wants. So far Majd's American straightforwardness has outsmarted Daei's Iranian shadiness, lapping him around the track several times. 

G. Rahmanian

Ari Seems To Have No Problem!

by G. Rahmanian on

Ari Seems To Have No Problem with Mr. Daei's expose of a regime's apologist which is a leap in the right direction.


Thanks Ari, let me see if I go it right

by anglophile on

So, you suggest that Daei must put his word where his mouth is and tell the Americans (their government I presume) what other measures they should take instead of going for a direct conflict with the regime in Iran. Well, I haven't heard Daei speak English and my guess is that he cannot speak English let alone sound as sexy as Hooman does. Besides he has no charisma and his fashion sense seems to have been forzen since the day Khomeini took power in Feb 1979. So how can he grab Americans attantion, I ask myself. Aha! I got it. America's Got Talent. //americasgottalentauditions.com/ He must be able to win first prize for: the most boring one-man show. Well, as you see Ari dear, Daei's weakness could well turn into his only strength :). On this happy note I bid you good night (London time) and wish you sweet dreams. Until our next meeting on a different blog, as we say it on this side of the pond: Cherrio!


AP - Should other faction leaders also speak & think like Dai?

by MM on

In order to win the hearts/minds of Iranians.  Specially those who have been away from Iran for a long time!!!

Ari Siletz

LOL Anglophile!

by Ari Siletz on

You can find a clue in 5:03-5:28 and 5:48-5:55 in the Daei interview that GR referred to.


Pleeeeeeeease Ari, I can't bear the wait, tell me tell me :))

by anglophile on

My mind is not made to solve simple puzzles. It's not made to solve puzzles at all. Stop torturing me Arastoo ... let's have it!

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Yes you've missed something. But it's an easy puzzle you will quicky solve yourself if you put your mind to it. Give yourself a day or two, after that let me know if you need a hint.


Have I missed something?

by anglophile on

Up until now I was under the impression that while Mr Daei has been addressing the people of Iran, Mr Majd was busy wooing the American public. But I may have missed something. I don't understand why Arastoo is criticising Daei for his lack of style, manners and solitary presentation, while this is precisely the type of presentation the Iranian audience (in Iran) would love to watch. I agree that Mr Majd has nearly all the right attributes to charm an American crowd. He is handsome, stylish, debonnaire, articulate, speaks English with a quasi-American accent (but sexy) and a sense of humour left in him since his days in the English public schools. But quite wisely hardly ever has he addressed the Iranian folks back home because such accolades do not win public opinion in Iran. On the contrary Daei speaks the language and performs in the manner that appeals to the Iranian public in Iran who are his target audience. So why all this debate over whose style is better and whose is worse?


Dear Mehrdad

by anglophile on

You are so very kind. Thank you.   A. 

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Thanks for the compliment, if indeed I should take that as one.

In fact, I would go as far as saying Mr. Daei should find someone to do the presentations for him. He needs better quality presentations for the amount of work he is doing.

But as we say back home, "salaaheh mamlekateh khish khosravaan daanand!"


Character assassination is name of the game of NIAC organization

by AMIR1973 on

Whether it is their latest false charges and attacks on a reviewer who DARED write an unfavorable opinion regarding Trita Parsi's latest book or their constant character assassinations against Hassan Dai for exposing embarrassing FACTS about a number of the leaders and founders of NIAC.  

Ari Siletz

Clean conclusion, GR

by Ari Siletz on

Recommend Mr. Daei make this point against Mr. Majd in the style that  you have used to present your point--explore the point not the opponent, and corroborate statements with unbiased documentation. Character assassination doesn't work well with the U.S. public as Americans are still more presentation-savvy relative to their Iranian coutnerparts, so Mr. Daei's approach is unlikely to gain influence for his views through democratically legitimate means--say, via this Majd appearence on the Jon Stewart Show!

I have no objection to Daie disagreeing with Majd, but despite traditional Iranian intuition to the contrary, method is critical. Why? Because winning a fair public presntation legitimizes the view and the losers have to live with it--and they do in democracies until they are able to persuade more people to their side.

A presenter who tries to win through character assassination deprives himself of the democratic prize of his opponents having to acquiesce to his win. And so the fighting never ends and unity is never acheived.

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

The majority of people the world over want to live in peace. Same goes for the majority of Iranians wanting change. It is the ruling clique that does not want change, therefore it uses violence against people and their peaceful democratic demands. We are dealing with a brutal regime that has terrorized the world and not a democracy that Mr. Majd seems to believe IR is.


Dear Ari & Anglophile:

by Bavafa on

Dear Ari: Your point about style and standing for what one believes sas not gone lost by me and I certainly value those qualities far more over the living with the wind and saying things that may be popular at the time but hypocritical or wrong. What does take place on IC on a daily basis surely does not resemble any civil and/or democratic type behavior, one that I would hope to have in Iran one day.

I do understand however that some of the venom is not merely for our opinion about style of value system but for our opinion and support for NIAC. I am just happy some of these folks do know hold any power and it is just their hate filled slogans on IC.

Dear Anglophile: your well-argued points on the content and rather personality sets you apart from so many others. I enjoyed your exchange.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Majd an IRI Appoligist /CASMII man with a Smile..

by IranFirst on

Expensive suites and fake smiles can't hide the true intentions of this
car-salesman-type apologist for IRI. One has to just remember "his"
stance (which happened to be IRI's) on so-called "elections" in 2009. 
His use of clichés like Ahmadinejad is popular with the working class
rural and Iranians don't want Western style  democracy they want
democracy and, only rich North Tehran kids want secularism, etc.He
seemed to be deaf to slogans of people who would say Independence
Freedom, Iranian republic. In defense of terrorist Islamic Republic's
System, Mr Majd has even claimed that Khomeini
would have been against 2009 election, and he would have
prefered to see a democratic state!
Being a member of CASMII, Mr Majd's view on sanctions is: it will increase
Iran's pollution as they wouldn't allow Iran to convert to cleaner
energy supplies. He does not say why or how Iran has become that
polluted in the first place or why IRI has not done anything about it. He does not say anything about mullah corruption within the system, and the mullas plundering Iran's wealth (some of which could be used to combat pollution)

Ari Siletz

Thanks GR

by Ari Siletz on

You have shown Mr. Daei on the record disagreeing with the West waging war against Iran (or retaliating against the war IRI has already started, as Mr. Daei puts it).  So in practical terms he agrees with Hooman Majd on the no war issue. Crossing out war as a reason for why Mr. Daei attacks Hooman Majd we can move on to the next possible reason on the list.

Majd says, "

Over time, and particularly with the government's
continued use of brutal force against its citizens, some Iranians are no longer
satisfied with the stated goals of the green movement, but are looking to
topple the Islamic regime altogether. For instance, we hear in the Western
media many instances of Iranians clamoring for an "Iranian," rather
than Islamic, republic (a call that Mousavi has disavowed) or for "death
to the supreme leader." Meanwhile we see on YouTube and our TVs footage of
Iranians violently confronting security forces.

However, the radical elements claiming to be a part
of the green movement only speak for a small minority of Iranians.
The majority
still want peaceful reform of the system and not necessarily a wholesale
revolution, bloody or otherwise."

Daie on the other hand advocates on the Parazit program you kindly pointed out that the U.S. should give "means and power" to all the opposition forces. Is this where Daei and Majd diverge? Majd's marginalization of the overthrow camp and presenting reformers as the legitimate majority opposition?


G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

If you watch "Parazit" number 32, when Mr. Daei and Mr. Mojtaba Vahedi were invited, you'll find out his position on war! He said he was against war. He said that in a previous program, too.

To be exact, he blamed IR's warmongers and added he didn't think there would be a war by the international community against Iran. He said the idea of a war with Iran was far-fetched (ba'id). He also said the international community must not have a war with Iran. He said he was against war. He said: (man mo'taghedam jaame'eyeh beinolmelali nabaayad in kar ro bekoneh!)

Watch from minute 16:35!

Parazit: Mojtaba Vahedi and Hassan Daei

I'm not too concerned about his position on war, though. As, I believe, you have said, he is not big in Washington. And I don't follow his politics. I have seen his site and read some of the documents related to NIAC! 


With apologies to my American cousins

by anglophile on

Big Ben tells me it's time to go: //wwp.bigbentime.com/           Good night and sleep tight! 

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

GR: What is Daei's position on war with Iran in pursuit of regime change (Anglophile doesn't seem to know) ?  


APFSD: You say, "... he [Majd] is also saying the current fundamentalist, theocratic religion in
government tyranny & dictatorship is a good to support for
Iranians. "

Please cite quote from Majd that suggest this to you.The quote I have already cited tells me that Majd does not approve of government tyranny and dictatorship--Islamic or otherwise:

"In fact, it's what the United States and its allies don't do that might be the key to the issue -- and what may also give Iranians looking to effect domestic change some badly needed breathing room."

You have not yet supported your opinion with a direct quote from Majd.  Folks who are convinced by supported and documented arguments are ready for democracy--whether through regime overthorw or a slower process. Folks who make up their minds through hearsay and defamation are inviting another "tyranny & dictatorship" wrapped in a different package.


Thanks for the kind words dear anglo.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I, like yourself and many other Iranians see the issue at hand well beyond the ideological details. What we are seeing here is a couple of traitors who would whore themselves and their families, let alone the country they were born, for a suit case full of Dollar notes. then we have their cyber diminions' pathetic attempts at putting lip stick on their ugly piggish faces.

Make no mistake, these traitors would put likes of chalabi to shame. These traitors who constantly shed crocodile tears  for peace, would not hesitate pressing the ignition button of a rocket loaded with a  nuclear warhead targetted at Tehran, for the right price...

 As for their cyber diminions my friend, pleases, dont waste your time....  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."