Effects of Dish/satellite interference waves of IRR on Iranian newborns- Warning: this is Graphic

by Hovakhshatare

اثرات مخرب پارازیت ضد ماهواره بر نوزادان در ایران Notice the doctor mentions he has seen at least 10 like this - Video removed by blog author.


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It is a fact

by Cost-of-Progress on

that high energy microwave dishes have been installed not only on top of surrounding mountains in Tehran, but also are deployed as neccessary in the streets to scramble communications. These are high energy waves that can affect human body in many way, shapes and forms.

My own neice confirmed this in a phone conversation. Immediate side effects are headaches, but long term effects can be anything from cancer to birth defects.

This regime is not only wiping our cultural heritage, it is also systematically exterminating anyone who dares oppose them.

The Islamic Killing Fileds of Iran.





"It may also affect the development of a fetus and birth

by Hovakhshatare on

defects. Induced heating can also affect male fertility and lead to the induction of eye opacities," the WHO's Dr Ali-Reza Mafi said.

//www.middle-east-online.com/english/?id=5957   And this is from 2003 when their good version (Khatami) was in charge.

Years of exposure ,and extent/severity of defects would be more of a support than argument against the contents of this video. However, given the graphic nature, I rather remove it. 


I will validate and update or remove. I posted this

by Hovakhshatare on

as received. It is from Nov 2009 and its validity needs substantiation. However, the information on youtube is also unsubstantiated as to what/where this is.

Electromagnetic waves have a well known and long established negative effect on human genome, the extent of which depends on the wavelength and distance/angle from the subject. The use of interference technologies from Russia and China are also well documented and photographed. The gentic deformities in general have increased and it is not just due to intereference and related technologies but also massive pollution across Iran due to poor environmental policies and use of sub-standard or unapproved materials in all sectors of the society from retail to manufacturing.

As for IRR scum, you should have figured by now that I do not respond to subhumans and malijaks. Good riddance and stay off my blogs.


Great description of the IRI and their blind slaves

by thexmaster on

people go to lie and deceit just to quench their thirst for their hate! What they follow is "any means to justify the end"

Yes, Lie and deceit like when the IRI was scrambling to blame 5 different organizations for the death of Neda, taking credit for the Rigi capture, or claiming nothing happened in the Tehran University along with countless sloppy fabrications

Also, the murdering, torturing, raping, threatening, arresting family members because ends of their righteousness justifies their arrogance.  Your projections are becoming more prominent non-iranian, meaning you are subconsciously feeling more guilt.  


I guess a preislamic Avatar

by benross on

I guess a preislamic Avatar name is an added bonus that gives such people a ticket to do anything in the name of Freedom and Democracy.

In the name of freedom and democracy, there was two comments so far refuting the allegation contained in the title of that video... until you jumped in! If you mean you don't deserve freedom and democracy, I totally agree. Thanks for reminding us.


It never surprises me that how far

by IranMilitaryForum.net on

people go to lie and deceit just to quench their thirst for their hate! What they follow is "any means to justify the end".In this, spelling blood of innocent is simply a fair game too!

I guess a preislamic Avatar name is an added bonus that gives such people a ticket to do anything in the name of Freedom and Democracy.


This is anencepholy and the main possible cause

by thexmaster on

low folic acid levels in the mother.  I don't think microwaves can can cause this as far as we know.  This isnt a cancer.


In a comment it is said that

by benross on

In a comment it is said that the video is from some years ago. The baby died in 3 days due to extensive genetic malformation. Broadcasting such images is quite disrespectful to the baby and his parents without having any necessary news value. Attributing this to radio signals from IRI is a bit of stretch.

For a 'well intentioned' propaganda, they could at least question the nuclear facilities in Iran. Although strong radio signals also have harmful affects.