Farsinameh- Pictory of Iranian History from Perspolis to Jamaran

by Hovakhshatare

Summary of the Iranian Chronicle from Persepolis to Jamaran. By: Arash Monzavi Kia.


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Arash Monzavi-Kia

Dear Hovakhshatare, thanks for posting

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

I am glad that you enjoyed the video. To see my writings first hand, you can also visit my website at:


Arash M-K


Unite against IRI

by ptehrani on

Please read "How to unite against IRI"




Dear Yolanda, IRR is moving in that direction, whether it'll

by Hovakhshatare on

succeed or not, remains to be seen. The recent appointments of Sepah/military to judiciary and statements of khamenie and the rest is an indication of the militarization of this regime. Policing of the country by military/basij and shift of armed forces to border regions indicates preparation of IRR for full internal suppression and an extrernal war. While not identical to NK, there are many similarirties and the two criminal regimes have had close working relationship for years. There are various documents and posts here on IRR that discuss the origins of Kooodetah, Mojtaba's (khamenei's son) plans, Russianinvolvement and so on.

This is why the ongoing revolution may be the most important in our history.



by yolanda on

Hi! Hovakhshatare,

       I hope Iran will never turn into N. Korea! N. Korea is too backward! I feel sorry for the N Koreans, they are so oppressed that they don't have facial expressions anymore. It is sad!



Samsam, I saw this a quick, if generic, chronological

by Hovakhshatare on

view, and useful for those who may not be familiar with that chronology. I do not know the author, so cannot make any comments on that. The tone of the pictory seems neutral, and certainly negative to IRR and NK analogy reenforces it. Ostad Ghavami's music is what originally got my attention.


Pejman, I can't edit as this blog got featured, however,

by Hovakhshatare on

while Persepolis is the more common way, it is writen both ways.

Yolanda, the NK picture is a projection by the author, as where the future of IRR could be.



by yolanda on

A very interesting video with historical pictures, but there is one frame of North Korean picture there...it is kind of strange...is that because IRI bought weapons from N. Korea?

thanks for sharing


I specially enjoyed

by benross on

I specially enjoyed 'Gol-haa' in almost its entirety!


Déjà vu ? :)

by SamSamIIII on


Hovakhshatare jaan, I guess it,s of some use to inform you that the dear writer was(or is still?) a blogger on this site & we had had our own few friendly clashes ;) in the past. Here is a copy of one of my comments on one of his blogs & his so called version of history. Cheers pal & here ;




Exerpts from your Ommatist,pro Shaikh- Anti Iran book Farsinameh


by samsam1111 on Sat Oct 04, 2008 09:10 PM PDT

با پيروزي قادسيه ...اين بار ساسانيان مغرور که به صغير و کبير  در خاور نزديک رحم نميکردند چنان منهدم شدند که ديگر سلسله ای فارسی بر ايران حکومت نکرد

البته زبان فارسی با اختلاط با عربي از شيرينی عربی غنا گرفت

فتح بابل توسط کورش پيروزی اقوام بربر و بدوی بر تمدنهايه جا افتاده است

گروهی در ايران بر انند که گذشته مثلا پاک پارسی را به اوج برده و هويت و ارزش تمدن اسلامی را ناديده بگيرند

در بعد فرهنگی و علمی حمله و تسلط عرب منجر به شکسته شدن بن بست و عقب ماندگی قکری ايرانيان و رهايی از سيطره دين خشک  و خشن زردشتی شد

دين زردشت و يهود به خاطر طبيعت نژاد پاکی خود و تک نژادی رغبتی به اشاعه دين نداشتند...ولی حضرت محمد اوج موفقيت ان بود

در زمان هخامنشيان....کنترل چند ده شاهزاده بچه باز و ميگسار بسيار ساده تر از ....بود

تصور برتری اريايی پارسی تنها به خرافه و خيال پردازی ميماند....تمدنهايه بين انهرين و مصر توسط اقوام وحشی هند اروپايی مادها و پارسها فتح شدند

You know what....I was right...an Ommatist product of Qadesiyeh propaganda machine & Mullahs education system. I just hope You make it clear to Your readers where You got Your academic education if any..Al Sadegh University in Tehran?..I bet Since Your book is mostly anti Zorostrian, Jewish &.............. 


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia



by Mehrban on




by Pejman7 on

Thanks for sharing, just one point in the title; it's "Persepolis" not "Perspolis". You have missed one "e". :) Thanks again!