A message to armed forces of Iran

by Hovakhshatare

There will come a day that you'll have to make a choice and a decision. Stand with the People of IRAN


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Thanks MM & Asteroid. SP is a nonfactor. Distribute all you can

by Hovakhshatare on

The message is there already and people do not want these thugs. Next step is for everyone to rise all together. I assure you this regime will fall faster than most think. Their only weapon is tanks & machine guns which will turn against them sooner or later.


Thanks Hovakhshatare - I will distribute too

by MM on

As the only other armed entity in Iran, the real armed forces of Iran (not Sargord Pirouz's) is the last hope for an armed confrontation with IRI.  This video is an excellent start to convey them to join the movement.  Their support will change things very quickly in Iran. 

Gomaashteh Deerouz, as usual, has a habit of undermining anything that he does not like by attacking the English grammar, of all things.  What SP does not realize is that many of the conscripts in the Iranian armed forces are the same young men and women who on the streets, are tweeting, have a page on Facebook and are in constant contact with the REAL sargords in the armed forces.


Thanks for posting this.

by AsteroidX on

Thanks for posting this.


Dear Yolanda, Please distribute with commentary & other

by Hovakhshatare on

audio & video thru your network. These messages are being seen and heard and distributed within Iran.



by yolanda on

A very moving video....I have saved the video with my you-tube account...I can't believe someone called it "hilarious"?! It is sooooo cold!!! Someone is beyond the help and is incorrigible......he blew his chance!!

Thank you for posting this deeply moving video!


Question for "Sargord"

by Pahlevan on

"Sargord" I am curious, you are not even Iranian, why do you spend so much time on this site talking about Iranian issues?. Are you Lebanese by any chance?. 



We shall see soon enough. This is one of many many channels.

by Hovakhshatare on

The only thing hilarious are your comments and twists.

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

I've actually seen this video, before this version's upload on this particular YouTube channel.

What's really humorous are the english subtitles. How many Iranian troops are fluent in english? How many are on the internet, and how many are YouTube customers?

Obviously, the intended audience is not the Iranian military.

And for those very few servicemen that are exposed to this, this video has about as much chance of being compelling as a Code Pink video does for US military members serving their country.

Need proof? I suggest you re-review the photos of Karroubi's "reception" at Qazvin last month.