Survey of Iranian's view of future of IRR-انجمن پژوهشگران ایران

by Hovakhshatare

The survey in Persian //

Also available in English.

At the end of survey you'll see up to date tabulations.


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This is

by Cost-of-Progress on

similar to another survey that was circulating after the "sElections" and the crackdown in June.

I am fascinated by the answers with respect to religion. 

You gotta start somewhere. 30 years down......., 300 or more to go to rid ourselves of the cancer of religion............maybe. 





benros, I posted it on a few sites and asked jj to feature it

by Hovakhshatare on

But no go yet.

Unfortunately entertainment is still first so never ending RP bashing & NIAC waste of time get more clicks, as oppose to understanding our own segmentation and ideas.


This is a very interesting

by benross on

This is a very interesting survey. It should be publicized more extensively.


ptehrani, I agree that some choices should be improved

by Hovakhshatare on

But it is a good first attempt by this French based Iranian organization to quantify the movement in some statistical maner. I will pass your comments along and I recommend you do as well:



Improve the survey

by ptehrani on

This is a nice initiative and I would like to thank you for organizing it.

However, one important question that you have, "What do you see as the future system of Iran", does not have appropriate answers. You are asking if we see :

- The same regime, a republic or a monarchy

I think you should add a "secular democratic regime regardless of its constitution"

I would see that for Iran whether it is with a king like in Sweden or a president like in France.

Thank you