Defining 'infinity' with our 'finite minds.' We live in-between two infinities!


Defining 'infinity' with our 'finite minds.' We live in-between two infinities!
by Iqbal Latif

I was stunned when I read the news 'the Biggest Ever Black Hole Weighs 17 Billion Times More Than the Sun.' I think that we are pretentiously trying to define 'infinity' with our 'finite minds.' The 'weight of 17 Billion Times More Than the Sun' is an infinite profound numeral. I think our 'Solar system' is enormous for us the inhabitants of the planet; but extremely minuscule as a part of the whole Universe, it is someone's attractive 'Atom' hidden within irrelevance of cosmos. We are 'minions' but once we recognize that we are 'insignificant' yet mindful creatures in a vast infinite universe, we become ‘someone,’ i.e., seekers of knowledge to unravel our greatest mystery – the Universe itself. 


This Universe has created us to resolve the mystery of its own construction. For me, as far as the size of our universe is concerned, in comparison to universe, our entire solar system is akin to a 'single atom' hidden in the peripheral side of Mount Everest; our earth is an electron and we are riding on this electron with the 'sun' as the nucleus. This 'small single atom' of a solar system and its sole sentient planetary inhabitants 'we' have the audacity to claim 'ourselves' at the centre of the universe. Though only a forlorn speck in a forgotten corner of universe. 


We the inhabitants of this 'forlorn planet as small as an electron vis a vis the Universe' are sentient enough to undertake and seek to crack the code of the whole infinite universe and calculate the distances, may be one day once we are conscious of our inconsequentiality and triviality we will be appreciative that whatsoever we discern is a bonus. We know every spiral galaxy has a super massive black hole at its center, i.e. the point of no return; a region in space where the pull of gravity is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape. Black holes 17 billion times more massive than our sun may be at the heart of most of the galaxies. Our universe may even exist within a black hole. Scientists have been looking for major questions like What started the big bang? What caused inflation to end? What is the source of the mysterious dark energy that is apparently causing the universe to speed up its expansion?

We deal our 'atoms' with atom smashers i.e. LHC and our view of the greater 'Universe' around us with Hubble. The idea that our universe is entirely contained within a black hole may provide answer to the questions that bewilder us. Within a black hole 'General relativity and Quantum mechanics' blend together, when looking at our atoms we use quantum mechanics when looking at the stars we use general relativity, the smallness and the immensity of universe is only visible through spectrum of waves imperceptible to human eye. 


We live in-between two infinities, our efforts to define 'infinity' by allotting numbers to sizes small and big so as to unearth missing links of the 'Grand Unified Theory' that may unite the minuscule Planks (10 raise to-35 m) to unfathomable Ym (93 billion light years) makes us the most intelligent beings within the known universe so far. We are an atom to someone, our preoccupation with size and defining infinity with numbers is our unique recklessness like this one 'the Biggest Ever Black Hole Weighs 17 Billion Times More Than the Sun.'' 


Within these infinite tininess and immensity, we are insignificant small players within a humongous jigsaw puzzle. Nature and the laws of physics work on their own infinite scale. Our known history of 10,000 years and unknown of 100,000 is still less than fraction of a nano- second in terms of nearly infinite time of universe. We will keep defining new numbers and sizes, our obsession and fixation with sizes has no limits, as our super-computers can project huge numbers that makes no sense to human brain. Our inability to subject the popular wisdom of "creation" to the test of reason shall be considered by many of us as blasphemous. Noah existed 6000 years or 13.7 billions years ago; that is a miscalculation that we can live with serenely, but the same obstinacy and inflexibility where freedom of thought is moderated by the Holy Scriptures leads to maniacal display of medievalism by extremists of the world.

One cannot even envisage the horrors in 387 B.C. if Copernicus or Galileo entered the academy and would declare the legitimacy of the heliocentric cosmology. Rubbishing earth as the center of universe would have been considered as heretical and blasphemous in the sacrosanct environ of the academy, as it was by the clergy of Rome, nearly 2000 years later. Italian philosopher Galileo Galilei was one of the supreme figures of contemporary science. His rank as a "saint" of the modern world hinges on his discrimination by the Catholic Church for boldly championing the Copernican theory that the earth revolved around the sun, in contradiction to scripture, church tradition and the ancient authority of Aristotle and Ptolemy.


It looks as if destiny has its own time scale. The overthrow of man from the central role of the keeper of the universe was not an easy acceptance by saviors of mankind. Copernicus and Galileo were not entirely correct, that it was the Sun instead at the centre of the Universe and the stars being some bright heavenly bodies of an unknown nature. It was only 'partial truth.'


The truth remained concealed by the fate from the curious minds of philosophers in the multilayered shrouds of ambiguity. It was as if waiting for the genius of Bruno. Giordano Bruno is known as 'The Forgotten Philosopher' who predicted ' Infinite Galaxies, Infinite Life.' He claimed that the sun was only one star among the many thousands, and therefore, like the sun, many other stars also have planets around them and living beings inhabiting them." By the time Bruno was burned at the stake as a heretic in 1600 on Rome's Campo dei Fiori for his provocative ideas about the infinity of the universe the Inquisition, condemned him to death in Rome as part of a yearlong jubilee. Giordano Bruno is one of the enormous figures of renaissance Europe. He is an intellectual peer of the greatest thinkers, a thinker whose dream of the world foreshadowed ours.


When science becomes a "cult," persecution follows. The Pythagoreans who followed the teachings of Pythagoras believed that science was meant only for the chosen few and that commoners should have nothing to do with it. Philosophers can be cruel too; sometimes when reason failed, persecution took over the better part of judgement. Inquisitions and burning at stake was not just a sacred preoccupation, even Pythagoras to his eternal shame sentenced Hippasus to death by drowning. Socrates was forced to drink hemlock. His peers thought he was misleading the youth because he was trying to free the minds of men. 2000 years later, Bruno was burned at the stake for declaring that the universe has billions of suns; the changes of truth do not change the bestiality of man. What one believes is guarded with coercive use of power. Till today, medieval societies use guns to silence opposition. Whenever rational logic and reason fails, persecution will survive. Therefore our real prophets are those who encourage free thinking based on reason and logic where even minor digressions and omissions like, "earth being the centre of the universe", should be overlooked because they reflect the higher consciousness of man and represent freedom over orthodoxy and bigotry.


We should not worry about smaller threats. Anything within human control can be addressed, but something that will wipe us out might not even realize; it will be far beyond human imagination and scope - implosion of the centre of the earth; solar movements around the centre of the galaxy where we come across new territories or new threats - the very reason we can think of the unthinkable is a luxury that Aristotle or Plato could not. For their vastness of minds "earth was the centre of the universe." Very geocentric approach but very fertile to seed the future course of mankind. They did not even know the expanse of the universe. For them, stars were like "twinkle twinkle little star;" as they would have gazed them, they would sing this rhyme without much questioning from their peers on the intellect of such a banal nursery construction. Neither are the stars little nor do they twinkle, as we know. They are suns.

We have deciphered knowledge to extended boundaries of fiction. Science fiction is actually our evolutionary fiction. Nothing has been left for future which is improbable, if we can think of 'cellular transportation of bodies' through space by 'beaming up or beaming down' not much is left to achieve for advanced sciences. What we can think is probably what we can achieve. A cave man could not envision a flying machine he could not build one, Leonardo de Vinci thought of one we build it within four centuries of that vision. We gaze into the heart of the far away galaxies as Columbus would stand on the shores of Atlantic and try to carve a path through the ocean onto India. The story of human achievements still remains untold, millions of years from now these Hubble's of ours will be precursors of the ships that will relate to spell bound children of humans in the heart of the far away galaxies the inadequacies of their ancestors minds.


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Cost-of-Progress on

by iamfine on

In the case of metal, we have infinite life concept, which means it requires infinite number of cycles to fail a metallic part if stresses are below certain value. In the case of human body, that doesn't apply. The presence of defects (and number of defects) can act as damage initiation which will eventually fail metallic parts as well as human body. That is, number of defects and size play a big role in both cases (metallic parts and human body). 

Sorry, I think we are diverting from the original topic posted by Igbal

Anonymous Observer

Here's an interesting video to watch

by Anonymous Observer on

related to this, but more appropriately to your new blog.  It's by my favorite scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson--on whether or not the Universe has a "purpose:"



iamfine joon

by Cost-of-Progress on

the problem with human body is fatigue failure, much like some of the failure modes in metals....and as in metals, or stuff made of metals, what we are exposed to also plays an important role in our longevity......

However, I am convinced that we are slaves to our genes.


Dear Iqbal & Fesenjoon2

by iamfine on

Dear All - I am a material scientist and worked on material with emphasis on nanotechnology. This is why I am so interested on how material (including human body) operates. Still my simple question of "why human body last only 75-100 years” is unanswered. I am trying to publish a paper by comparing our body (having defects) with metals (having defects) under fatigue. A logical comparison to estimate our time to failure - not an easy task

Soosan Khanoom

OMG , Iqbal ... you did write a book in your reply ... WOW

by Soosan Khanoom on

I am not sure you answered me but I try to read between the lines. I think you read too much into this...  too much !   it is very simple actually !

I told you promise me not to do so and yet you did it again .. .  Please do not pack the washer machine with lots of cloths. They won't get cleaned ... baba step by step ... geez

ok here we go !  

I am going to break your words and analysis it and normalize it (  removing the background ) .. 


I have to gather my question and your answer in one place ... 

I wrote:

"let’s talk about Reason. Only Reason and nothing but Reason Shall we? 

The Reason asks, 

Is there a Reason behind this incredible amazing existing universe and everything else within and without . including us, the humans, from  within and beyond? 

Or  Is it just coincidence? Pure accident? In other words are you suggesting that there is no Reason?  "  


You answered .. 

"The only reason Universe exists is because we as sentient beings see it and try to decipher/decode it; our enquiry is our cause of existence, take that enquiry out and we will have no books "


" The only reason universe exists "

So you are saying

1- universe does exist...

( good .. that was not my question but it is good to see that we are not both just dreaming and something does actually exist)


2- there is no reason for it  

( well .. I am reading between the lines here .... but I said let us talk about reason ONLY ... ... no reason, then, does not make any sense ) 



3- But if there is that is because we as sentient beings see it and try to decipher/decode it.  

OK, then, there is a " but " here  ... now, you are suggesting if there is a reason then that reason is us , the humans, and our inquiry mind !


Since we promised to talk Reason and nothing but Reason  then we have to abide to the rule;  now Reason asks:  


If there is no reason behind the existence of all things then where this " but " comes from?  and if the only reason is us, the humans and our " Inquiring Mind " then the answer is not that there is no reason but the answer is there is a reason ... So, please, do not say " not " ' but ",  "only this ", or that ... 

There is a reason !  are we set here ? 


4- our enquiry is our cause of existence, 



5-  take that enquiry out 

Are you suggesting I should take out the cause of my existence? 

Should I silence my Inquiring Mind ?

Isn't the Inquiring Mind the only product of million years of evolution?  

Why would I want to silence it? 

Hasn't this  Inquiring Mind of mine sent me to the moon , discovered atom,  decoded the DNA , and tons of more !


6-  and we will have no books "

Which book?  Were we talking about any book?  

We are only supposed to talk about the " Reason" remember !




by Fesenjoon2 on

In that case, you should look into Robert Lanza's Biocentrism. The human brain and mind is a whole universe within itself. It's what creates the universe. The ultimate mysteries of reality lie not spanning the cosmic scales (as stupendous as they are), but hidden within the Planck Length. Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle is the lock that hides the world from the conscious observer. We cannot know everything. We are not allowed to. But thats why the world gets to be fascinating. 

Pity those who keep parroting the anthropomorphic man-based narrative called Judaism/Christianity/Islam.  


thanks Iqbal

by Fesenjoon2 on

Ah, you  beat me to the famous Sagan quote.

Perhaps Walt will have to suffice; Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes.

Iqbal Latif

When was I less by dying? Rumi

by Iqbal Latif on

@The more I think about the mystery associated with universe, the more confuse and depress I get because no logical answer comes to my mind to make me satisfy. Let us look our body. 


Be happy, we are the eternal stardust. From the womb of death we are formed, to quote Rumi who inspires me a lot:

I died as a mineral and became a plant,
I died as a plant and rose to animal,
I died as an animal and I was Man.
Why should I fear?
When was I less by dying?



Our 'star dust' that our body is composed off is even 10.3 billion years older from the time when planet earth came into existence 4 billion years ago. We are product of 14.3 billion years of evolution. At some point 14.3 billions of years ago all the matter in the Universe occupied a space no larger than the following full stop. In an explosive burst, this point, or 'singularity', expanded at an astonishing rate like a fireball at temperatures of billions of degrees, creating space as it rapidly spread. 


Within the first second gravity and all the other forces were formed. Within minutes the Universe was billions upon billions of miles across and most of the matter that will ever exist was created. Either we are created in 7 days / are only 6,000 years old, or came out of nothingness 14 billion years ago from the womb of' Providence' and 'The Big Bang.' The two positions are incompatible, one has to give way to other. 

For the first time in human evolution, the individual life is long enough, and the cultural transformation swift enough, that the individual mind is now a constituent player in the global transformation of human culture.



The reason our life is devoid of the richness of renaissance men is that the days are past when our present schools could give time and attention to a child to learn knowledge. History is the first step of learning for any child; history teaches man to learn from the mistakes of the past. That knowledge will lead him/her to Geography and finally to familiarity of classics and our globe. Once he/she knows our earth well, some unanswered queries will lead him to know our solar system where our 'blue pearl' sits as a third planet around the sun in quite a silent part of our galaxy. When a star dies we form! Yes, every carbon atom in our body is the primordial 'star dust.' 'After life' as 'Star Dust' will continue. Each and every bison and atom in our body without being 'sentient' configuration as us will live until perpetuity as universe collapses on its own self.Congressman, look at the invisible hand of evolution behind a Neuron and a galaxy, look at the symmetry of the architecture.


Trillions upon trillion atoms that constitute our body will not disappear as death ensues, they will be around in a different configuration. One day the hydrogen in our body was burning in the core of a star, the other day after the explosion it became heavier compound like carbon that formed the basis of hydro carbon life. After our death,' ashes to ashes,' 70% of us is water and water will revert to water, rest of 'us' will disappear in natures trillion upon trillion upon trillion of tones of materials and star dust, what we will leave behind is what our 'present conscious status' will help us to formulate. That is how we will live forever. The more nonsense we utter lesser we will be known; the higher intelligent content we deliver we will be a known speck, we need to become a known tiny speck for our future generations. 

We humans are not 'radioactive material' we are composed of slow elements after nearly all the energy to make us sentient has been extracted and exhausted in becoming a 4.8 billion old quiet earth and then nature extracts remaining vitality by awarding our brain 100 trillion synapses, as living itself is a high powered exercise our low lying elements for hydrocarbon life is ok, whereas burning in the cores requires 'packed energy' to create nurseries of future earths, like that of H and He , once we lose our 'sentient status' we might one day return to the cores of stars to turn into a higher energy particles. 

Though the 'faithful' have broken the hearts of atoms, discovered particles that travel faster than light very near to the Vatican at CERN, they undertake journeys to study distant galaxies but the eternal sin and guilt of reconciliation with the scriptures that acquaint us with an allegorical tale of creation still remains a collective burden on mankind's conscience. Our brains are as 'big' as the Universe, we are evolved to decipher 'The Universe.' In turn this Universe has created us to explain its mystery by its own constituent dust. The present sentient configuration of our dust is an extremely important evolutionary step, as we all know we are product of supernovas, our one finger tip may be from the core of one galaxy, and the other one from a different galaxy.



by iamfine on

Fascinating subject. The more I think about the mystery associated with universe, the more confuse and depress I get because no logical answer comes to my mind to make me satisfy. Let us look our body. We are nothing but a collection of 10E24 atoms (10E14 cells).  How these atoms are interacting that makes us think and move around is still a mystery. Nobody yet can describe why this machine (with 10E24 atoms) has life span of only 75-100 years.   

Iqbal Latif

@Is there a Reason behind this amazing existing universe?

by Iqbal Latif on

@'' Is there a Reason behind this incredible amazing existing universe and everything else within and without . including us, the humans, from  within and beyond?


Our desire and recent ability to decipher the universe makes it to happen. A few billion less neural connections and synapses and we would be like chimps, least worried about Hubble, James Watt or frustratingly trying to glimpse through the opacity of our first 300 million years from where we come and where we will be in 100 trillion years. 

The only reason Universe exists is because we as sentient beings see it and try to decipher/decode it; our enquiry is our cause of existence, take that enquiry out and we will have no books, no culture and no civilisation. How much civilizational mark Dinosaurs left on this planet, yes they did,  one they left for us lakes of hydrocarbons, our ability to think make us the 'key makers of riddles.' Without 'our query and consciousness' there is no space-time bubble or event horizon on the edge of a the black hole to worry about.


I have yet to see a very smart chimp with 100 words vocabulary or worry about waning or vexing moon, or a very smart Dolphin worrying about quantum mechanics and general relativity. Brain that is not 'sentient' is not adapted to the decoding of the Universe, that bridge of awareness needs to be crossed, it is just not about 'living cell' it is about 'sentient being,' that is uniqueness of our existence, sans 'awareness' there are no questions. The causative neural connectivity makes us better than our cousins chimps and we will not be discussing the Big Bang and our recklessness of declaring an object  'the Biggest Ever Black Hole Weighs 17 Billion Times More Than the Sun.'  

We started with singularity, after the furies of birth; the mature cosmos now evolves more slowly, as our Sun becomes a white dwarf in a few billion years, stars will continue to form for as long as another 100 trillion years (about 10,000 times the present age of the universe), every atom in our body is going be a part of this expansion over 100 trillion years and the eventual collapse to nothingness.  Maybe a new beginning from the ‘nothingness’ of the black hole awaits us beyond that time. 

A new Big bang? From nothing to nothing! As we expand, the galaxies will become undetectable, and all the energy all information will be lost from the cosmos. The universe will revert to nothingness, we started with nothingness of a black hole we will end right there in 100 trillion years or so.  Man is fresh out of caves. 10,000 years of known civilization, starting from Jericho, is only a fraction of time of our one billion year plausible and likely stay here until the sun implodes and busts us. The Prophets and Gods we have created in this cave age era of ours will all be forgotten as small footnote of our pagan humble beginnings.


 Let’s not play God. Interestingly this DNA-based Genetic study put a spanner in the work of '' as it inadvertently concludes that there was no global flood hence the 'Noah Ark, was it big enough for dinosaurs is a question that I will now have to struggle to answer.' The scriptures contain hundreds of prophecies claimed to be the word of God. Yet the failure of so many prophecies leads to the conclusion that they are more on the order of religious myths, than historical facts. 

The scriptures and religions need someone to insert elements of Moore's Law and economies of scale to change their naive approach. It is not a 'manufacturing defect' but rather the antiquated viruses of software that have totally corrupted the 'hardware.' The hardware created by the ' software dogma' based on the Holy Scriptures is unable to operate in modern times. The demands of Modern age have moved on, we cannot run a K computer at 8.16 peta FLOPS, the fastest in the world on "the 4000 family chip."  We humans of today are like K computer 'absorption of knowledge like sponge' is our new wiring structure of brains. A modern day man has knowledge far superior than the man of the last decade, it is like a current model quad-core Xeon workstation running at 2.66 GHz will outperform a multimillion dollar Cray C90 supercomputer used in the early 1990s; most workloads requiring such a supercomputer in the 1990s can be done on workstations costing less than 4,000 US dollars as of 2010.

One thing will continue i.e. the ideas perpetrated by the likes of Carl Sagan: ''For small creatures such as us the vastness is bearable only through love.'' Future recorder of events will treat us a 'the knowledgeable creatures of this age of information' as 'upper cave age' limited mortals due to our predominant addiction and mental enslavement on set of beliefs originated from hearsay, scriptural myths and legends. 4 billion of practicing faithful are oblivious to the fact that mankind is at the cusp of a new era of information that shall last million of millenniums.

Soosan Khanoom

Incredible, Isn't it?

by Soosan Khanoom on

And, yes, let’s talk about Reason. Only Reason and nothing but Reason Shall we?
The Reason asks,
Is there a Reason behind this incredible amazing existing universe and everything else within and without . including us, the humans, from  within and beyond?
Or  Is it just coincidence? Pure accident? In other words are you suggesting that there is no Reason?
    Thanks     p.s ...more to come but let us get the above straight before we move on !

: )  

Soosan Khanoom

Dear Iqbal, too much material ... too little time

by Soosan Khanoom on

But i try to read everything you post.  cause i am fascinated by these stuff ...  as we iranians say:

" saram-dard- meekoneh barayeh een harfha "  

I, however, am going to post a few questions ... Could you please answer my questions in plain english in the format of  yes,  no, none of the above, all the above, and my favorite of all , I don't know !  or anything other than writing a book in reply which I know you are good at. ..  If you promise that I will then ask you some questions ... : )    

do not worry, we shall then go from the simples to the more complexes replies as I truly enjoy your broad knowledge on this field.   but I need some jump start ! ..   warm up ... I want to know ...well ...

here is the question :

look the comment above .. i am going to post it separately ...   

: ) 



Iqbal Latif

"Defenders of Gods" V/S the "Defenders of reason.''

by Iqbal Latif on


We look for change, a great change does not appear in emptiness; it were the political ideals of the Enlightenment that influenced the American Declaration of Independence, the United States Bill of Rights, the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. It was sparked by philosophers Baruch Spinoza (1632–1677), John Locke (1632–1704), physicist Isaac Newton (1643–1727), and philosopher Voltaire (1694–1778) originating about 1650 to 1700. When a culture demands a change they should look into the mirror and try to find where are their Spinoza's, Locke's, Newton's and Voltaire's? A civilisation that considers Syed Mawdudi/ Syed Khomieni /Syed Qutub as their Spinoza's and  their mainstay philosophies, there is no chance in hell of any illumination? Dark ages shall continue to harness the minds!

Peace is all about building the notion of love in hearts, souls and minds of people. I think it is sad to see that we don't teach enough 'history and culture of nations' to each other's children, we don't know much about each other, we should know each other well, we are bound with thousands of years of love and benevolence, this connection has a resonance of history and genes in it. 

The children of 'cradle of civilisations' should be taught their past very well. This will avoid them falling in the traps set by ideological demagogues. The bond of common human attributes and evolving human consciousness is the only bond that will create global oneness. Once you go down the root of my 'avatar' is better than yours it never ends, and once you start mixing the prescription and menu of your avatar with how the state has to be run the cauldron is ready with a tinder to explode.

We are humans and we should connect at that level of one humanity , we should see earth as an astronaut 'sans boundaries' and our existence as the pinnacle of the supreme sentient configuration of 'star dust' leading to a sentient being. Nothing else evokes pride in me but the pride of being a part of sentient star dust that will always be around until the next singularity. 

This world of ours is going through 'a war of ideas,' the war between the "defenders of Gods" and the "defenders of reason" i.e. predestination (jabr) and free will (ikhtiyar). Lets play our role.

Iqbal Latif


Iqbal Latif

I like the God of singularity.

by Iqbal Latif on

I never stop thinking of 'Dead Stars' constituents in my living body. I am astounded as I envisage the vibrancy, color and life that 'throes of Dead Stars' brings. Our life begins when the star dies. Reason and science leads to freedom of mind from dogma and acquirement of rationalism. The belief in the theory of Big Bang, theory of evolution, germ theory of disease, theory of gravity, theory of relativity, theory of atomic structures and theory of chromosomal inheritance requires no Holy Scriptures but scientific proof and rigorous test of these truths. Science progresses with each funeral whereas religion continues to present the same story of creation with a lot more contradictions. There is no region of the world where you can see mindless predominant following of Aristotle, Newton, or Einstein. Yet, those regions where science helped to develop tools of progress are regions where theories of sciences and philosophy are well treasured. Where Newton is respected, logic and rationalism has survived and progressed by leaps and bounds, toleration in those regions is admirably better. Regions, where pre-dominant thinking and learning of scriptures is considered as divine progress, standstill, and with poverty of mind that dominates the landscape material hazards make the life of inhabitants miserable.''


Yes, absolutely 'we' f-c-ers don't act our age, we are actually 14.3 billion years old, every atom in our body originates from 'The Big Bang.' Once we discover our triviality in the system of the Universe, the road to self-discovery is laid bare. The idea of a 14.3 billion-year-old Universe raises an enquiry and questions the entire logic and philosophy of Abrahamic scriptures. Faith tells us a story that is the greatest myth of all times. If that is the litmus test of trust that even Gingrich imposed "How can you have judgment if you have no faith? How can I trust you with power if you don't pray?” then USA/mankind has a big problem. It is this dichotomy and basic error of understanding of our age that is rarely addressed. Majority of the Faithful across the lines of Abrahamic scriptures refuse to believe science of creation that evolved through a carbon-based life from the throes of dead stars.The God of scriptures is Jealous- I like the God of singularity.