GO IRAN! World Cup qualifiers: Iran:2 - Syria:0

iraj khan
by iraj khan

Iraninan national soccer team defeated Syrian national team by the score of two goals to zero in Dameshgh, Syria. Gholamreza Rezaei scored the first goal at 65' and Mohsen Khalili scored the second goal at 90'. Iran is at the top of his group and will move to the next level. GO IRAN!

P.S. There is no mention of Iranian team's victory on ESPN's website. It seems like there is a black out about Iranian team while the reports about less important teams and their scores is published on this website. I'm wondering if we have another "Google style" blackout about Iran.

Two videos, Iran's first and second goals:


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Iran-US "friendly"

by American Wife (not verified) on

Has anyone heard anything more about the Iranian soccer team being invited to play the LA Galaxy in a couple of friendlies? It was mentioned several weeks ago and I've not been able to find anything more about it.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!!


Agha farokh2000

by AnonymousJPN (not verified) on

What are you doing in this "kharab shodey-e" America in which everything is being controlled by the government? There are such happy and "azad" countries in this world (i.e. Iran) that nothing is under the control of the government, and you can have the time of your life in it. Guys, let's leave this country for those who appreciate it. People are eager, more than a little eager, to immigrate to this country and enjoy its benefits, so why don't you trade in your status and go have fun some where that is more meaningful to you.

No, Iran is not evil, killing all the innocent people by hanging, stoning, raping (mentally and physically) does not fit into the meaning of evil; I have to agree with you on that!!!!!!!!!!! Evil is "not to mention" Iran's soccer standing for the 2010 world cup in ESPN, I get it; well, this is another way of looking into a word.


Go Iran

by Abarmard on

Hope Iran beats Kuwait to get a easier win the next round.


put some style into your

by don't scream! (not verified) on

put some style into your GOAL Screams.
The Latin American know how to do it.
They do not scratch your ears and head!
Make it iranian style and do not scream in such an ugly and disturbing manner!


Controlled Media here

by farokh2000 on

If you didn't know, there has been a new Administration here for the last 7.5 years and the Media is totally controlled to show and say what benefits the Government.

The only thing they would allow about Iran these days is news about how evil Iran is and how dangerous they are to the entire World. Anything else is NOt important.

Go Team Meli.