by IRANdokht

If you like Dariush and you live in Southern California, you can see him in concert on June 14th in Pasadena Civic Center.

This song made me very sad, it sounded like he's surrendering after all these years... see for yourself



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Thank you

by IRANdokht on

I appreciate your comments. I thought it was a great song too, it reminded me of the old Dariush... I just thought it sounded like he was passing the torch to his son. He did look tired and worn out though, I am hoping he continues making this wonderful music that has inpired us to love our roots, be a better person and fall in love...

The tickets can be purchased at Q market, Elat market (spelling?) some of the Glendales shops and ticketmaster.



He CAN'T surrender, no matter what.....

by Majid on

Even if he wants to, he just CAN'T surrender, his legacy ( cheshm-e man, zendooni, pariyaa, shaghaayegh, and ............) will be with us for ever, and in this song he's doing just that, creating a DARIUSH JR.  

ebi amirhosseini

Ali Jan !

by ebi amirhosseini on

Who else but " Ardalan Sarfaraz"!?

Dear Abarmard:

Absolutely right!reminds me of the old Dariush,singing " Zendooni".


Best Wishes

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

Who wrote the lyrics to this song?

 I have a feeling this song will  survive for many years to come, like many of his other eternal songs.

Absolutely beautiful.


Always a great voice!

by Kamangir on

Wonderful voice!



by American Wife (not verified) on

Do you have any information on where to get tickets?  This would be a great "Father's Day" present!  Dariush is one of my man's favorites and I know he would love it! 


The new Dariush...

by faryarm on

It seems Dariush is really "Living" an enlightened life after years of abuse...He really is a living artistic legend..

        from a personal chat last year...


Not sad

by DariushLover (not verified) on

There is nothing sad in this song. He is singing it for his son, Milad, whom he adores and who has brought a lot of joy to his life. That is his son in the video. It might sound like a "vasiat-nameh," but in fact it is another beginning for Dariush, I think. Thanks for sharing.


Love Dariush

by Abarmard on

I don't get the video. The song looks like the old style Dariush which is great to hear. Thanks for the post