The Great American Political Games

by IRANdokht

McCain speaks at the Al Smith Dinner

Obama roasts McCain

Hoping for such civil behavior throughout the campaign and the entire world's politicians.

Who knew they could be so funny!


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Kaveh Nouraee

I like how relaxed they are

by Kaveh Nouraee on

It's too bad that the public doesn't get to see more of this side of both of them, or any candidate for that matter.

I think it's an indication of how their respective political campaign "handlers" are the ones who really are in control. Unlike here at his dinner, the candidates come across so stiff and unnatural.





by Majid on

#1 The SNL rating went up 50% since T. Fay played S.Palin (per news and interview with the producer).

#2 Again, per news as of this morning, the show will include S.Palin.

#3 It was allover the TV that T.Fay doesn't even need to make fun of her, even if she word by word repeats what S.Palin says, still it would be funny ! 

Don't miss it.

ps. till election day SNL would be on Thu. nights as well as Sat. nights, the first one was on last night 



by IRANdokht on

Abarmard, what would I give to just get out of here right now... khosh be haalet! :0)

Majid are you serious about SNL?  is he really going to participate when Fay said in an interview that she would not be able to make fun of her for a whole 4-year period and she'd leave if Palin wins?

That would be interesting to watch!

Ebi don't forget to watch SNL tomorrow :0)



Stand up comedy after Nov. 4th

by Majid on

McCain already showed in couple episodes of SNL that he's got a good sense of humour and Obama has a serious "Lawyer and politician" mentality. was good to see that Obama can even laugh so hard!

They both were reading from what was written for them.

But....what we need is not a good comedian but a good leader.


ps. I looked allover the pool area, couldn't find any laundry there.


my dear AW

by IRANdokht on

you are so sweet and naive if you think he's not by the pool already!

(laundry??? have you gone mad? LOL)

I would love to play hooky this afternoon... just got back after an hour of shopping and I am eating my lunch which I believe would have tasted much better accompanied by some cadillac marguaritas ;-)



a republican friend of mine just said this after seeing these videos: "I liked John's jokes better than Steve's"

I totally agreed: John should just stick to comedy ;-)


Needed that

by Abarmard on

Before the day ends, It's Friday. time to dine and wine ;)

Happy weekend

American Wife

IRANdokht Jaan

by American Wife on

No, girlfriend, I was talking to you.  I need some new Friday afternoon excuses.  Unfortunately, I was sick two days last week so I can't rely on that 

The other "M" is already ahead of me.  I'm wondering if any laundry will get done...LOL. 

ebi amirhosseini

Irandokht aziz

by ebi amirhosseini on

I loved the name part.So smart.


it was fun to watch...

by IRANdokht on

American Wife:   Did you ask me to bail out early or were you talking to another M? :0)

That was also my first reaction to McCain's speech. Until I saw Obama laughing too I was not sure if it was one of those rallies...

I think McCain is better at humor too, and that's wonderful because he would need a hobby to keep him busy after Nov 4th  ;-)

As for Obama, I liked his digs about his middle name, seeing the russian tea room, not putting lipstick on anything etc...   

It's true JJ, democracy is a beautiful thing, but it's also a fragile notion, and some people can ruin it with their own hang-ups and hate. Unfortunately in countries like ours, there are more people with hangups of different kinds not allowing any slight hint of  democracy! 

maybe some day...



Agree with JJ

by Majid on

That's the beauty of democracy.

I specially liked when Obama was explaining his name !

Don't forget tomorrow's SNL, S.Palin is in the show with Tina Fay

American Wife

to tell you the truth,

by American Wife on

I had no idea it was supposed to be funny.  We started listening to McCain and within seconds I was standing on my feet and screaming "what the hell!"  Husband was looking at me and going "is he crazy?"  Yeah yeah, I know... instant  I thought McClueless was actually more comfortable in humor mode than Obama.  He needs to lighten up a little.  McCluess had some great material... as did Obama.  There were a couple of great zingers.  Usually I don't enjoy this kind of humor... roasts, etc.  Whether under the guise of being funny or not, it IS critical.  But I thought Obama was  Yep, double standards is alive and well.  I was all hopeful that maybe we had passed the name-calling stage of the game... but no, I had to hear Palin the pitbull this morning before leaving the house.  Someone needs to muzzle that bitch.

Anyhoo... it's Friday which means margaritas and takheh nard by the pool.  If I can only make it until 5. 

M... if you find a way to bail early, let me know, I need a new excuse.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Absolutely wonderful. What's not to like about democracy?