I sent President Obama a Valentine!


I sent President Obama a Valentine!
by IRANdokht

Code Pink is becoming one of my most favorite activists groups. 

Today I noticed that they are sending out Valentines to the White House and their message of peace was exactly what I needed to say to President Obama.

I hope the WH fax machine gets flooded with these peaceful Valentine messages. Please do your part too. 

Take a look at their ACTION CENTER

Download your Valentine to President Obama, or make your own. Then Fax your Valentine to the White House at (202) 456-2461.


Our hearts are broken over Obama's furthering of Bush's tragic legacy in the Middle East by bombing Afghanistan and Pakistan and by appointing hawkish Dennis Ross to be in charge of diplomacy with Iran.

It is said that the definition of insanity is to repeat the same action but to expect a different result. President Obama is a deeply intelligent man, but it is crazy for him to stay on Bush's course of empire building, and all the devastation and loss of life it leaves in its wake. Obama promised change; well, sometimes the best way to change is to STOP.

Let's send Obama hearts that say: STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE, STOP IN THE NAME OF CHANGE.

Send your Valentine today and remind Obama to keep his promises to the American people by creating true and lasting change, not more of the same failed policies.

The Desired Outcome of this Petition:

STOP bombing Afghanistan and Pakistan!

STOP war with Iran!

STOP the empire building.

To: President Barack Obama

We petition that…


Dear Mr. President,

You've given us hope
But you've promised us change
So some of your actions,
They seem a bit strange

You don't want to be Bush
So stop following his lead
Stop sending out drones
That make innocents bleed

These bombs that you're sending
They kill when they drop
Sometimes the best way to change
Is to STOP
So stop in the name of change
Stop in the name of love
Before you break our hearts
Before push comes to shove

Diplomacy's the answer
But not through Dennis Ross
We asked for real change
When we elected you "boss"
So this Valentine's Day
Don't be a Karl Rover
And help us to say that
"War is SO Over!"



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Scott Alexander says about mediocrity:

by Hajminator on

All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy. Stay away from easy.



by pouya's mom (not verified) on

your lovely lady is full of it and my son was right .and thats that.



by CD (not verified) on

Do you feel better now for having left such a pitiful comment for a writer with such lovely emotions and such a heart-warming blog. I hope it made you made you feel like a real man to try to hurt her feelings and make everyone else feel down. You and your comments are truly impressive! You must make your parents proud with your generous attitude toward others.


thanks for taking the time

by IRANdokht on

thanks for taking the time to read this blog and especially my dear friends who also signed and sent a special valentine message to the President.

The whole point of this effort by Code Pink has been to send a message of peace to the White House and ask President Obama to engage other countries including Iran with diplomacy rather than violence. I guess that's too peaceful an approach for some...  

MPD jan thanks for the encouragement but I am not a writer.

Thanks Khaleh joon, Hajmanitor aziz, Azarin jan and dear Monda! You guys rock! 



Valentine is Bull Sh*t

by Pooya (not verified) on

Valentine is Bull Sh*t if you ask me, just a trick to make people buy s***.
Yeh, think of it as stimulus plan.

All you women do cry...


I did sign the petition and will send to others

by Monda on

IRANdokht jan thanks for the reminder. I don't know if the WH fax machines are on but I sent my valentine this morning.

Bijan A M


by Bijan A M on

You're good....I wish you had posted earlier and saved me from exposing my primitive attempt at poetry.

Multiple Personality Disorder


by Multiple Personality Disorder on

You should write more; more blogs and articles.

Kaveh Nouraee

Ode to Barack

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Mister President, I am a conservative.
Oppose the Democratic Party, as is my perogative.

The country needs help, but not from this stimulus,
for it will only come back, to haunt every one of us.

800 billion is the cost of this package,
which only ensures eternal fiscal baggage.

Your intentions are noble, your meaning is well,
But trust me this package will send us to hell.

Ignore Harry Reid, and that witch Nancy Pelosi,
for under them, the rules are followed loosey-goosey.

They blamed everyone else, while their hands got dirty,
and now we won't break even, until maybe 2030.

As much as you say it's not, this bill is filled with pork,
stop taking us for fools, stop thinking we're dorks.

You promised to bring change,
so America elected you to be the man,
Now show that you're not full of it,
and deep-six this worthless stimulus plan.

Azarin Sadegh

Please wait until tomorrow!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Great idea Irandokht Jan! But don't you think since today is Friday the 13th, we better wait until tomorrow?

I love Obama too...so I might send them this Valentine...but I'm planning to cut the political parts...:0) Azarin 


Bijan A M

Wake up my dear....

by Bijan A M on

It’s Valentine’s day
And it’s your turn to pay

Things are more complicated
Than what you dreamed.

You thought Obama is “Ba ma”
That’s why you screamed
Now, you are waking up,
Slowly, but surely

And begin to see
How naïve you were purely

I don’t want to say
“I told you so”

But, what the heck
I better go.


‫ایراندخت عزیز


بسیار بجا بود، سپاس


درخت دوستی بنشان كه كام دل به بار آرد
نهال دشمنی بركن كه رنج بی‌شمار آرد؛
چو مهمان خراباتی به عزت باش با رندان
كه درد سر كشی جانا گرت مستی خمار آرد؛
شب صحبت غنيمت دان  كه بعد از روزگار ما
بسی گردش كند گردون بسی ليل و نهار آرد؛
عماری دار ليلی را كه مهد ماه در حكم است
خدا را در دل اندازش كه بر مجنون گرار آرد؛
بهار عمر خواه ای دل وگرنه اين چمن هر سال
چو نسرين صد گل آرد بار و چون بلبل هزار آرد؛
خدا را چون دل ريشم قراری بست با زلفت
بفرما لعل نوشين را كه زودش باقرار آرد؛
در اين باغ از خدا خواهد دگر پيرانه سر حافظ      
نشيند بر لب جويی و سروی در كنار آرد؛         

khaleh mosheh

Fantastic Dear IRANdokht

by khaleh mosheh on

What a positive way to try an influence the unraveling of the situation in the middle east.

Thanks for showing us the way.