Iran's Morality Police scandal

by IRANdokht

For all the women who were abused and arrested for "bad-hejabi" in Iran: Here's the scoop!

PRESIDENT Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s “moral enforcer”, who led a crackdown on women failing to adhere to Iran’s strict Islamic dress codes, has been arrested in a Tehran brothel, it was reported last week.

Brigadier General Ali Reza Zarei, 53, the Tehran police chief and a confidant of the president, was said to have been with six prostitutes when he was detained by members of his own force two weeks ago.

He has been removed from his post and put on bail, according to the Iranian Farda website. The site is understood to be close to Mohammed Bagher Qalibaf, the former police chief who is now mayor of Tehran and is expected to challenge Ahmadinejad for the presidency next year.

There has been no mention of the case in the official Iranian media but a spokesman for the justice department admitted last week that an unnamed senior official had been arrested.

The Shahab news site, which is also linked to opponents of Ahmadinejad, said it was believed that up to 60 hours of videotape featuring the general and the prostitutes had been confiscated by his officers.

Zarei - who was in charge of the programme for the “moralisation” of women - now faces possible prosecution.



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Sharia Laws should be practiced to the full !!!

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Well well, I hear this guy is a member of Dr. Ahmadinejads family, it might be true or a rumor! Nonetheless, Sharia laws should be practiced neatly and accurately in this case, just like the way they practice upon others in Iran, mostly poor people, poeple from provinces, people from villages, poeple without connections to this regime and elites! Do you know that senior government employees never have problem with their medical bills in Iran, while the ordinary guy does not even have a medical insurrance in Iran? I wish for this regime to be vanished from the page of time, especially, of course without G.W.B. or any other outsiders help and involvement!!!



by Behnam.sezavar on

This is really good news, we as iranian facing new era inour justice system and with internet and youtube and camera phones its hard for some people and some officals or even senior offcials to go above & beyond Law ..hopefully sardar will be brought to justice and i would love to see ghazi mortazavi or maybe shahroodi as the judge although probably it wont be publuc but still is one of the best thing that could happen this year, hopefully one day will be none of these type of officials and modiran khakhnesheeeen  


Dear Ali P.

by IRANdokht on

I had to go back from my registered ID to the unregistered iran-dokht a few times today

Do you know if this kind of problem can be due to internet security measures? I am logging in at work...




False Alarm? Maybe....

by iran-dokht (not verified) on

Dear Ali
That was my fear that I shared here... I sound paranoid huh? I admit since my yahoo account keeps getting suspended for no reason, I've been a little jumpy.

I was able to leave a comment as unregistered, but not with this ID, so naturally I panicked (oops) now you know why I didn't stay in Iran and fight...

I uninstalled firefox and reinstalled only to make a couple of comments and I am back to unregistered again...

so you tell me dear, who's the "big brother" who's messing with me here?! lol


Ali P.

To: IRANdokht

by Ali P. on

Why blocked?

By whom?

Who is the "Big Brother?

George? Ali? JJ?

What's your location?


thanks to all

by IRANdokht on

sorry I was not able to comment under my registered ID!!

to check and see if I was being blocked by the big brother, I had to reinstall firefox and here I am again

Thanks JJ sorry about the little glitch


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Good information.


thank you for the comments

by iran-dokht (not verified) on

Ali P is right: can't argue with a single point there and I promise to bring home more entertaining news :-)

anonymouse: you're too funny lol

you're both making me laugh and almost forget how many times I heard "roosarito dorost kon"


Lets add all the crimes, they are piling up.

by Anonymouse on

Let's keep this in order and not get too excited, yet.  If true, this will be the highlight of the regime since the revolution.

1. Sex with prostitute.

2. Orgy sex

3. Oral sex

4. Making unauthorized sex video, like berimfaza website.

5. Making nude women to line up for namaz-e jamaat.

6. drinking alcohol and doing drugs. How else someone can get this naughty?!

7. what else?

Each of the above counts deserves at least a dozen lashes.  Lashes is probably the most lenient of the punishements.  Him being in the position of public trust should carry a label of mofsed-e fel arz and its consequences.   

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

"The Shahab news site, which is also linked to opponents of Ahmadinejad, said it was believed that up to 60 hours of videotape featuring the general and the prostitutes had been confiscated by his officers "


Hameh ro bargh meegeereh, maa ro cheraagh naftee.

Here , in the US, Paris Hilton's sex tapes leaks ; over there, in Iran, we get to watch Commander Zarei’s !


It will be interesting to see how he will be punished.

by Anonymouse on

I don't recall someone in the Govt ever actually being arrested for such a crime, or any crime.  Usually they are swept under the rug.

I bet it has to do with NY Governor being accused of seeking prostitution and they want to say they have similar problems and they arrested him to have a show.

In a country where they hang people for being gay, I wonder what they will do to him.  I can imagine as a minimum he will get several lashes.  He'll need a good lawyer, he can't say he sigehed 6 women at the same time and asked them to namaz in nude.

Dahanee tanasoli and orgies are prohibited and you can't sleep with your multiple wives at the same time.  It is a major sin.  So they may cut a body part, like a hand or a foot or something else ;-)

Ali P.

Entertainment tonight

by Ali P. on

1-(To: Markux)Farda News is a website said to be close to the mayor of Tehran and former chief of the police forces, Mohammed Bagher Qalibaf, not to be confused with "Radio Farda", if that's what you are implying.
Are you questioning the validity of the report?

2-The officials denied the report for several days.

3-I have yet to read the report in any major Iranian state-controlled media.

4-Today, I read in roozonline, a reformist web pulication abroad, that the report has been finally confirmed. Still no word from the hardliners.
5- If the report is true, I would not go as far as "This proves that the IRI is willing to go against its own highest ranking officials if they are involved with corruption-alhamdulellah",viewing it as a drop in the bucket, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

6- Thank you IRANdokht for keeping us up to the minute on this hot scandal :-)


Justice exists

by alhamdulellah (not verified) on

This proves that the IRI is willing to go against its own highest ranking officials if they are involved with corruption.

This proves Ahmadinejad's slogan of economic and social justice. That justice isn't only for poor people, its for officials as well.

Remember they executed an airport official that had received over 1 million dollars in BRIBES.

Finally the country can grow when these people are slowly thrown into jail.

The Shah refused to throw his own men into jail when they were caught with corruption until the last days when the people rose up against him.


look for the source of the news.

by markux (not verified) on

"according to the Iranian Farda website. "

So do you know who pays for Farda?