No War On Iran

by IRANdokht

Just saw this video on youtube: FOOL me once shame on YOU!

I think you should see what WAR does to a country and not allow the same stories that prompted the Iraq War to repeat about Iran.

Watch the Media put the seeds of fear in people's hearts

Watch the lies being repeated

Watch the children die...


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Thank you all for your comments

by IRANdokht on

The message was simply meant to say: Lets not start another war and lets not bomb innocent people, lets not kill hundreds of thousands of civilians and lets not send the young Americans to die abroad or come back maimed and emotionally scarred...

Why should everyone get all wound up? why insult one another? Why would Craig advocate war and why would anyone call him a jew or a jew-lover in return?

Peace is beautiful, every person born on this earth deserve to live a decent life, enjoy the beauties of the nature, love of the family and live and work and die with dignity.

Thank you



Dear Irandokht

by masoudA on

Nobody is going to attack Iran -

However, the whole world, including Iranians will attack and deroot the Islamic Republic and their supporters.   Make sure you don't get in the way - and if you are one of them - then I hope you have the courage not to once again hide behind the innocent Iranian population who does not regard you and the rest of the mullahs as Iranians. 


Israel par par

by mama (not verified) on

Nobody hates America, you vermin Jew operative. Show me one post in here that shows we hate America. We hate your kind and when the ballistic missiles start raining down on Israel and little chicken shit Jews start burning, I hope you don’t run to your hairy chest mother and cry.

programmer craig


by programmer craig on

Do you see how much your fellow Iranians want war? Why shouldn't they have it? Do you blame the US for the provactive words of your countrymen? Is it US lies that makes them hate AMerica so much?

programmer craig

So, no comment then?

by programmer craig on

I come up with a short list (out of many) of actual acts of war the Islamic Republic has committed agaisnt the US, and the best you cretins can do is call me a Jew? Lol. When the bombs start falling and the cruise missiles start landing I hope you don't plan turning back the Great Satan by burning American flags.

Wake the hell up. This isn't a game. Don't let all those stories about teh "glory" of the Iran/Iraq war fool you. War is hell, and if Iran tangles with the US, Iran is going to lose.




by Rob (not verified) on

You is right, Israel got no choice, no escape either. But as we say: khodet kardi keh la'nat bar khodat baad. Translation: you have done it to yourself so damn yourself. lol.Ain't nothing that no one can do for you to fix the shit that you have brought upon yourself. It ain't America's problem, soon American will realize that and kaboom, Israel must deal with middle east by itself. Long live America without Zionists.


As a world traveler

by Steven (not verified) on

I have traveled most of the middle east. I think that most people are welcoming and nice but none can match the Iranian hospitality. The stories that I have from Iran is amazing. You would not believe how the people, with open arms took me to their homes and became like family. I love Iran, I really do. I wish that more people realize about this great country with amazing culture and traditions. People are so mis informed about Iran. Iranians are the warmest people I have met.


programmer craig

by Jamalet (not verified) on

Yo programmer craig get to work you lazy bum why are you in this site monitoring? Did your Nazi Zionist regime pay you to monitor the sites for pennies for your smelly life? get lost or I send Ahmadinejad to see your


Jews and Israelis are different

by Anonymous_Flowers (not verified) on

okay, here is a sophisticated judgement: not all Jews think like the Israeli govt.

i highly doubt Jews, Muslims, Iranians, Israelis don't want to see light at the end of the tunnel.

*azad iran!*


Let Israel deal with it

by mama (not verified) on

If Iran is a danger to Israel, then let Israel deal with it. Why should American boys and girls spill their blood in the deserts of Middle East? Why should our American tax dollars finance Israeli wars, instead of being spent in America for Americans? What in the world do we owe the douche bag Israelis?

I bet if America withholds her tax dollars and the blood of her young, Israelis run like mice. Jews are known to be a bunch of scared little losers. Look at their 5000 year history lol. When did they ever stood up and fight?


But Israel has no other

by Wondering (not verified) on

But Israel has no other choice. It must destroy any country that could possibly maybe one day threaten it. haven't you heard the Jewish chant? Never again! Never again! Never again! Never again! Never again! Never again! Never again! Never again! Never again! Never again! Never again! Never again! Never again!


In about turn, U.S. says

by Anonymous11 (not verified) on

In about turn, U.S. says Iran may be able to make nukes by 2009

The head of American intelligence said Tuesday that it is unclear whether Tehran has returned to its production of nuclear weapons in the past six months, and warned that Iran "would be technically capable of producing enough highly enriched uranium for a weapon" by the end of next year.

Speaking two months after an American intelligence report cast doubt on Tehran's nuclear ambitions, National Intelligence Director John Michael McConnell made his remarks during an appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee to present an annual report on threats to the U.S.

A National Intelligence Estimate report released in December said that Iran halted its nuclear weapons development program in the fall of 2003.

"We remain concerned about Iran's intentions and assess with moderate-to-high confidence that Tehran at a minimum is keeping open the option to develop nuclear weapons," the report said.

"We assess with high confidence that Iran has the scientific, technical and industrial capacity eventually to produce nuclear weapons," it said, adding that the only realistic way to prevent Iran from producing such weapons was "an Iranian political decision to abandon a nuclear weapons objective."



Eat it programmer craig

by mama (not verified) on

Whether we like IRI or hate it, Iran is a different story. We don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
Iran must be strong so vermin blood sucker Jews like programmer craig can’t fool America to another Israeli imposed war.
The Lucifer Jew and the programmer craig survive on war. God has said that anti-Christ hates humanity and wants to destroy it.

Jews are the anti-Christ and must be rooted out.

Bahram the Iranian

wake up

by Bahram the Iranian on

US would attack Iran, destroy and turn it into ashes not giving a damn how many pepole would get killed,if and only if We in Iran had been weak deffensless, the more missiles we erect, the more our guys in persian gulf Iraq , Leabano,,,,,,,poke their fingers into their eyes, the more confident and relax we present ourselves , the less likely any body(not only US) will dare to attack us.they only attack the weak ones like we live in a wood and somebody thinks , he is the lione,by sitting at home and write e-mail u only waist your time such npn-sens "peace activists" it wont matter to old wolf they need oil for their suv, US is concerned with the state of their economy therfore no stomach for war at this time, however the moment they get back on track and if they find us weak tey deffently will come after us, it is up to us to show them we rnt iraq afghanstanor for that matter one of those little shieks that lick every american ass.

peace activist=voice of america, since they arent capable of attacking us they push their agenda through them, poor pepole think thry r doing us a favour, we dont need that all we need more and beter weaponary and make sure the world see it in verifiable way, nice and clear like yesterday space program or whatever,,

programmer craig


by programmer craig on