Ziba Shirazi


by IRANdokht

I received Ziba's song Khooneh Jooneh from a friend and liked her work so much that I needed to find out who she was. Now I am sharing her work with you too. I hope you enjoy the music and her poetry.

From her biography:

Ziba Shirazi is a free spirit determined to spread her message of a better world through poetry and music. She followed her dream, spread her wings and landed in America in 1986. Born and raised in Iran, her style transcends cultures and genres. Her music has an ephemeral quality, a mystical power to convey love, hope and confidence.

Ziba's music is fresh as a spring breeze, her poetry bold as the summer sun. Her style is neither traditional nor pop, but a fusion of contemporary, Persian folk and American Jazz. Her compositions are a blend of quaint Persian melodies, world music and rich Persian poetry. Her soul radiates the best of ancient Persian culture.

Ziba is not afraid to experiment, and strives to bring eastern and western music closer together. The progression of her work can be followed in the 6 albums she has produced to-date. In her latest album "Fresh Breeze" Ziba combines jazzy improvisation with eastern melodies.

Her poetry is refreshingly original, her message always bold yet mellow, loving but unforgiving. It is romantic, patriotic, anecdotal, autobiographic, sometimes tinged with irony, sometimes subtle humor. Working her magic, she captures the lover's heart and the listener ' s attention.

Ziba Shirazi is dedicated to spreading her universal message of love and beauty, of unity and peace.

Ziba's love song: Ouj




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Red Wine


by Red Wine on

هممممم...شرمنده.ما با مهستي و حميرا فقط حال ميكنيم...

به جز قصه ی اين عشق چي گفتم چي شنفتم
همش درد دلم بود اگه قصه مي گفتم
آخ اگه قصه مي گفتم

چه حرفها كه نگفته هنوز روي لبامه
چه شعر ها كه نخونده هنوز توي صدامه
آخ هنوز توي صدامه

تو قلبم تورو دارم اگه خونه به دوشم
من اين عالم عشقو به عالم نفروشم



Did you see the love song too?

by IRANdokht on

Ziba's (non-political) love song was also beautiful, it was at the bottom of the blog and didn't get embedded, please click on Ouj:


Nazy jan, you are right, human being has not evolved in the way it deals with conflicts... did you see star spangled blues? I liked Gita Saedi's suggestions: they should play tug of war or chess or something...

Ali P. jan: yes she's all that! :0)  (did you read the biography?) her website: //www.zibashirazi.com

Thank you all for your comments 


Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

Thank you so much for sharing, IRANdokht. The music is beautiful and the pictures are haunting. I think wars are the reason humanity has not grown at the rate it should have. For humanity to elevate and excel, people of the world will first need peace. Ironically, every bullet, bomb, and mine sets us back decades from reaching a stage where there is no need for wars, greed, and force.


A Billion times better

by cyrus- (not verified) on


this song, video , lyrics and everything else about it is a BILLION times better than that trash that party girl put on here . I mean that so called iranian success story , mak.
El Sammah or whatever

Ali P.

To : IRANdokht

by Ali P. on

I knew she was a poet, but is she a composer and a singer as well?

Please clarify.


Ali P.

ebi amirhosseini


by ebi amirhosseini on

Thanks for sharing.