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A person who tries to determine what is and is not part of a given religion is called a theologian. A government whose membership and laws reflect the will of theologians is called a theocracy. Lawmakers in Turkey, France, and Iran have decided that a woman's covering her hair in public is part of a religion, Islam. France, Turkey and Iran, ruled by theocrats, are theocracies in the purest sense.

The nature of a government is not determined by the laws it produces, but by the methodologies it uses to arrive at legislation. Iran, France, and Turkey enact different hijab laws, but they use the same theocratic methodology to do so in each case. In Iran, clerics read religious texts and arrive at the conclusion that the hijab is a part of Islam and on this basis mandate it in the public sphere. In France, lawmakers read the speeches of Muslim clerics and decide that the hijab is a part of Islam; and they then go on to ban it in their public schools.

It is rather amusing to see French and Turkish lawmakers fail so miserably to see a near truism; that secular governments cannot, by their very nature, peddle in religious jurisprudence. Of course, the proper way to fight against asinine French laws is to turn them on their heads. Religious leaders in France should start declaring random items to be religious mandates. eg: "Our scholars have determined that all believers must wear orange on even days and khaki on odd days. We thank all believers who comply with this ruling in public schools as a symbol of their faith." I wonder how long it would take for Parisian theocracts to place guards at school-house gates ready to turn away the unsuspecting khaki clad acolyte in the holy name of laicite...

God bless the truly secular American system, where the government is mandated with no higher task than to protect my right to dress, pray, and live as I please with no regard to my religious affiliation or lack thereof. What curious times, where French theocrats rule over a mostly secular society and America's real secular democrats rule over a predominantly religious one. On Friday, I will attend a Muslim service on Capitol Hill, an act unthinkable for Muslims in Turkey. Curious indeed.

Watch as Spanish film-maker Xavi Sala exposes the tortured logic of Spanish pseudo-secularism:


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Hamesh zire sareh englestaneh!

by ali reza (not verified) on

During The Shah's regime,he was very concern about the power of mollahs.That was why they would get a salary and were exempt from service.The British had them on the side for the time when and if The Shah crossed the line and becomes rebelious,which he did.There was no other way but to use religion to get rid of the Shah.The British are so cunning that with something close to 13000 soldiers they were able to control several million Indians.They also supported religion of Baha'i to take away some on the Muslim population in Iran.


Hijab and Muslim extremism must be banned

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

Hijab is nothing but to control a women. To tell her to do and not do by the Islamic fascist man.

Hijab is form of repression and belittling. It is a form of destruction of human spirit by forcing it upon her.

France is a democratic secular country. If a Muslim fanatic beats her wife, daughter or sister up and forces her to wear hijab the the French government has all the rights to do whatever they want to do it is their country, laws and regulations.

Please don't try to teach the French about laws and revolution.

My opinion, deport all of the fanatics and hizbollahis where they came from. Close all the mosques which does not but recruits more terrorist and extremist fanatics.
ban religious rituals by the Muslim unless it is approved by the host nation.

Islam is a beautiful and rich religion but the people who practice it and enforce it are animals. I love my religion Islam but I hate the ones who are using it to manipulate people and try to profit from it.


well, if you really think about it

by Former Attorny General currently on Parole (not verified) on

United States is not a secular government. Yes, you can wear whatever you want, but then again your media and publications are controlled by the Jewish interest groups. So in reality it is a Jewish-ran republic in the name of Lord Jesus Christ....


Refreshingly original.

by asdf (not verified) on

Refreshingly original. Thanks.

The BBC reports:

The British government is to fund a board of Islamic theologians in an attempt to sideline violent extremists.

The move will see Oxford and Cambridge Universities host a group of scholars who will lead debate on key issues such as women and loyalty to the UK.

The plans have angered some hardline activists who accuse ministers of trying to create state-sponsored Islam.


Moderate Muslims need to save their religion.