1979 Again : My top 10 favorite songs of 1979

by irannostalgia.com

I think it is too early to hope that the green movement can be able to throw out the Ayatollahs from Iran. The Ayatollahs are more ruthless than the Shah was and the Green movement people more polite than those that made noise in 1978.

 But like they say, dreaming, hoping and believing is what pushes people to prosper. So let's encourage them by pretending it is 1978 or 1979. 

 Here are my top 10 hits of 1979.  What were yours?


1. Gloria Gaynor - I will survive

2.  Abba - Summer Night City

3. Umberto Tozzi - Gloria

4. Farzin - Pas Chera Man Naragsam 

5. Lucio Battisti - Una donna per amico

6. Habib - Marde Tanhaye Shab

7. Sylvester - You make me feel ( mighty real )

8. Ramesh - Goftegooye Sabz

9.  Plastic Bertrand - Ca plane pour moi

      10.  Maziar - Malaamat

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