Iran has officially become an Apartheid Fascist State - Congratulation

by iranvatan

When you ignore and ignore then you realize that you are participant. You do become eventually a full participant.

 Hiding under different nationalities, I am a Persian, I am an Iranian American does not resolve the issue.

This Islamic Fascist regime started by harrassing and discriminating women and that is your mother, wives, sisters etc. you ignored and said nothing. I am sure many Iranian men enjoyed that power. 

Then it came by harrassing Bahai, Jews, and other religous and ethnic minorities, again you ignored.

Then the regime started by officialy placing banners like NAZIS and banning other groups, nationalities and ethnicities from enterance to public places. We openly harassed them and try to humiliate them.

 Congratulation you are officially entering the RANKS of an Apartheid state.

 Iran has become a society of Mules....

The facts are that your mother is been sexually harrassed on the street and now open discrimination is puting the hallmarks of our culture progression to the past and sign of backwardness and a realization of a primitive society.

What have we become...The sad part is I watched all those clips about celebration of Nowruz not one, not even one in different locations from Vancouver to LA, to Toronto or Paris etc. mentioned about the hate and racism that had occured in Iran against the Afghans. What a SHAME...

Stand up, organize STOP being a MULE and take back your country form these ILSAMIC fascist Tyrants that have no interestin Iran.

These are invadors and a group of bandits and THUGS who have invaded our country and we are welcoming them.

By the way your silence is a sign of agreement and participation.


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Arash Kamangir

From day on....

by Arash Kamangir on

From day one IR has been a faschist state. Some just are realizing it now.


What are talking about? You are crazy like the rest of them

by iranvatan on


 خائن آن است که از جهان وطنی به ایران دوستی روی آورده اند بنا به دستور ارباب صهیونیست!!


What are you talking about? Are you on drugs like the Islamic Fascist leaders?

What zionism? Who is my boss? I don't even know a zionist but I know and have come across lots of crazy traitors like you.

I lived in Iran all my youth and what I remember the most is that how primitive and backward these Islamic Fascist are and how you guys have destroyed lifes, the country and the society.

Stop using the name of god, you godless cowards.

I am very frustrated. Because USA allows terrorrists like you live here openly and allows te the freedom to open their fealthy mouth while in Iran we can't talk and we get shot if we say something.

 As I said this regime, its supporters and sympathizers are terrorist and None Iranians. They are not Muslim and have no clue what in Koran is written about humanity and faiorness.


These people are barbaric savages. 

One Iran for all Iranians


زمین غضبی نماز نداره


خائن آن است که از جهان وطنی به ایران دوستی روی آورده اند بنا به دستور ارباب صهیونیست!!

I wear an Omega watch



by iranvatan on

To supporters, sympathizers and benefactors of this Fascist Regime wherever you are....when Iran become free and it will be free I personally will establish an egency to hunt you the Israelis did with the Nazis. I will bring you to Iran and make sure you face justice.

So no matter where you hide you will be keep eating sewage and hide under the sheep skins. 


One Iran for all Iranians


Why would you quote a versus of Koran

by iranvatan on

 Why would you quote a versus of Koran in order to show you are ignoarant?

That is the thing when Mulesmix religion, god and personal objectives and goals with the the goals and objectives of a nation and a society.

It is people like you who have destroyed the coutnry. It is traitors like you who have sold out our name.

Actulay I truly belive that Ahmadinejad, Khamenei and its cronies are foreign spies, because only a foreigner with ill intention will commit crimes at this magnitude to another nation.

As I have always said the Fscist Regime of Islamic Republic are none belivers they don't belive in god or religion. They just pretend in order to prey on the rest.

So back to you ... you are a traitor and hater... you have sold our country for your gain and amusement.




One Iran for all Iranians


یاد آن وقت که مسلمان بودم


الله لا اله الا هو الحي القيوم لا تأخذه سنة و لانوم له ما في السموات و ما في الارض من ذا الذي يشفع عنده الا بأذنه يعلم ما بين ايديهم و ما خلفهم و لا يحيطون  بشي من علمه الا بما شاء 

 خدایا ما را ببخش که ازدین تو روبرگرداندیم و ما را مورد لطف قرار بده که صهیونیست نشدیم!!!

I wear an Omega watch


This is a brilliant blog .

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Your speaking up about the mistreatment of Afghans in Iran and linking it to where it started; downgrading  half  Iran's population, it's women, to second class citizens, and apathy shown by their sons, fathers, husbands and brothers is spot on. Your conclusion that only a Fascist regime is capable of this utterly lawless behaviour is very correct.

BTW, Your reference to "mule"- which was obviously not meant for  the fascist regime's political prisoners-  was very clearly targetted and well received! So dont allow anyone to distract you. Just keep writing.

Thank You.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Islamic Fascist Supporters Here or in Iran your time is up

by iranvatan on

The time will come that you will crawl like a rat and hide in the Rat holes like Saddam, Ghaddafi and the rest of is just a matter of time... so stop pretending you love Iran, or you are a nationalist or you are fighting for a cause.

 None of you guys evenbelive in God or are even are neither Muslims or Iranians.

The Islamic fascist supporters don't even understand one word written in Koran...I truly totally belive that these illitratet useless Thugs are just criminasl and bandits; a group of sheisters like purates robbing the country on the pretence of religion and god.

 They fooled us because we are very gallable and trsutworthy people. 



One Iran for all Iranians

G. Rahmanian

"Ari Jaan we are past that." I second that!

by G. Rahmanian on

Unfortunately our dear Ari seems to be living in a dream world!



by مآمور on

My Mother,living in Iran, is getting harassed around the clock!! by my Father. Other than that I m good on my own Mom.

using words like wives, sisters, and most importantly mothers to get people jumpy and score a political point is a total disregard for what these women stand for in a man's life!!!


I wear an Omega watch

babak pirouzian

Demo; Please ask your Mom:

by babak pirouzian on

 “.... Your mom said ... no indication whatsoever about harrassment on the street anywhere ..."  Ask your mom to check with few other mothers listed here : check with Park Laleh’s mothers whose kids were assassinated or have not been found since fraudulent election, visit Behesht Zahra’s, Khavaran’s cemeteries on Fridays and hears cries of mothers who lost their loved ones since start of revolution. Check with hundred of thousand of mothers who lost their under-aged kids during Iran-Iraq war , those who received plastic keys for entering to heaven as their rewards , ask mothers of all physically, mentally handicapped during the war and how are they coping with their unbearable conditions. Ask your mom to give a visit to thousand of mothers whose kids escaped for fear of prosecution and now are living in UNHCR camps in various countries in hope someday a host country take them as refugees ; Ask mothers of political prisoners how are they coping with prison term up to 30 years ? and what was their crime?  Ask mothers of 4-5 million Iranians who left Iran from begining of revolution......, Ask mothers whose satellite dishes destroyed few times last couple of a year , ask mothers whose house raided middle of the night not because they were guilty , just because the regimes’ hooligans wanted to raid the next door neighbours. The list goes on and your mother do not have the time or patience to visit a small fraction of these moms. You said “...regime deserve a credit providing security.....” you have to distinguish between civil security and state of fascism security and security is measurable .The best examples for you is to check the regimes’ controlled newspapers and read “Havades” sections . You will be amazed and disgusted what you read and see, talk to a few nurses or doctors , not about incident about pouring acid in young women’s’ faces, not mentioning number of kids knifed and killed every given day, not mentioning telephone calls and internet are controlled, not mentioning ladies purses are checked randomly. Also compare last regime’s report card on number of crimes (proportionately) with number of crimes committed in this regime: on number of prisoners , number of homicides, suicides, injuries related to fightings, drug usage, prostitution , fraud , number of killed and injured every day in car accidents .....? or you may want to compare these figures with another country like Turkey. These are facts , and figures do not lie , remind you we are talking about  Ommat Islami , a divine Islamic Justice promised before start of revolution and the same promises continue nonstop to date. you said “....our country not invaded and .... its run by Iranian...” I wished our country was invaded by a civil and law abiding invader and according to history , invading last for a short period of time , but we have been invaded for centuries and now the latest head of invaders; Seyyed Ali Khamenei, proud to be a descendant of Muhammad. As far as I am concerned all legitimate Seyyeds must go back where their forefathers came from that is; Saudi Arabia ( the fake Seyyeds can make up their mind if they wish to stay without Seyyed tittle) . How is it possible some one calls him/herself an Iranian and incure so much damages to our nation, to our culture , to our land, to our river and lakes and jungles, to our wild and domesticated animals ? . How can a regime call themselves Iranian and give so much heart ache and humiliation , disrespect , internally , externally for so long? Now the good news; after the “Akhound” dynasty collapses, and upon revelation all their atrocities, killing, raping, torturing looting , mismanagement, corruption surfaced and all documents shown to public, we shall see Shia Islam becomes a minority religion of Iranian. And the last word: People will ( khod joosh) convert Khomeini's , Khamenei’s mausoleum to “aab reez gaah” a public toilet . Looking forward.


Ari Jaan we are passed that...we experienced that after 2009

by iranvatan on

This is not a rational reasonable regime.

This regime showed the whole world what it is capable of. You think Syria is committing the killing my friend it is the Iranian regime.

The student movement in 1999 and then 2003 then later in 2009 showed the Silence struggle...but Silence struggle or Ghandi style battle doesn't work with these barbaric savages, they kill anything and everyone.

They have no humanity.

I only believe the only way to remove this regime is that people of Iran need to show Arm resistance, no outsider involvement. We must bleed for this country until we realize how much we are willing to sacrifice for our freedom.

That is just my opinion.

I have been in this struggle for 30 years. And I have come to a conclusion that this is not our Regime, we have been invaded and we must remove the invadors. 

One Iran for all Iranians

Ari Siletz

No one is a mule, iranvatan

by Ari Siletz on


1. Despair is a big factor in the low level of Iranians' reaction to the
regime. Many just aren't sure that a sacrifice will lead to anything
better. Strengthening positive and consistent narratives of what a post-IRI future would look like can help with this. Good thoughts, good deeds, good speech, accessible art, drama and literature are often effective ways of creating an atmosphere of hope. Bitter name-calling by the opposition--as often happens on IC--creates just the opposite narrative, leading to dark images, more despair and less action.

2. Folks need believable assurances that fighting back is a reasonable risk. In the past the success of small groups of rebels or even a rogue individual in evading capture has boosted morale. It demonstrates that the risks are lower than the tyrant wants you to believe. Maybe radical civil disobedience by smaller groups instead of mass protests would be a smarter way to start the ball rolling. 


3. The "Prisoner of the Day" column in this site is an example of a good start for one--of many--effective calls to action, if the "shahid saazi" angle is sidestepped in favor of more insight as to what led these people to confront the regime when others havent' spoken up yet. Exploring their common mindset that lead to activism can make their attitudes contagious. This can be done directly through discussion or, again, films, novels, humor, commentaries, music etc. can help spread the rebellion bug to the average fence sitter. 

4. As long as we  aren't in despair ouselves and trust the human will to freedom it will not occur to us to think of ourselves as mules.So some soul -searching as to why we lash out when frustrated would be political action on the scale of one individual.




Ineffective call to action

by iranvatan on

Please tell me what is teh effective call to action...

Then I call my self offically a Mule 

One Iran for all Iranians


Mr. Ala what is it with you

by iranvatan on

Why is it you take a scared topic like this and try to make it yours?

You are a selfish human being.

So who realy gives a damn if  you are insulted, go complaint to the administrator or don't show up. But don't try make a sacred topic such as the fact that our country is falling apart and is on verge of destruction and you are trying to take vengeance against others by making a point for your own selfish reasons.

The only reason I come to IC is to hopefully plant seeds in one or two heads and I hope that we can wake up and realize what is teh reality.

The reality is we are losing Iran, we have already lost our manners, our culture and our pride.

We are a low life nation of cheaters and liers. We have succumb to teh pressure of these enemeies and we are selling our soul. 


One Iran for all Iranians


AS: The front page of IC is the 1% what about the 99%

by iranvatan on

AS: The front page of IC is the 1% what about the 99%  

The 99% are mule..again why do u want to argue with doesn't make you disagree we are Mules...then what have you done..

Did you stand up for a Bahai, a Kurd, an Iranian Women, a Gay Iranian? If you have done so then that is very good; you are not a mule the rest are still mule.

We are Mules because our country is ran by enemies of the people and we don't say anything.

To the point of one of the commentators if there is a concert thousands show up but if there is fight for the rights of their country men or women they are hiding in the BARN.

One Iran for all Iranians

Mohammad Ala

You said . . .

by Mohammad Ala on

"Our society and the people have become so out of touch with rules of law, civility and have developed a Corrupt mentality of lies and deception."

Past several days or months of members' comments have been a good reflective of above statement.



by Rebecca on

My problem is with the Iranian diaspora. When a Googoosh concert happens, thousands show up. When a demonstration for human rights for Iran happens, a few people turn up. Where is our compassion and care? Why don't we voice our opposition against injustice in Iran?

 I know Iranians in Iran are doing what they can against this brutal government-many are in jail or have been killed but those of us who live in a free society should be more active and more supportive of our fellow-Iranians. What don't we take action?

Ari Siletz

Ineffective call to action

by Ari Siletz on

Every day on the front page of this site an Iranian political prisoner is brought to your attention. It is unlikely that these bright Iranians became activists just to avoid being called mules by you.


We are NOT proud or nationalist ....we are hypocrites and liers

by iranvatan on

The very notion that one says that he called his Mom and checked with other Moms and everything is OK is the exact thing that is wrong with our country and the people. We have just become blind, deaf and ignorant.

Attacking me, or making fun of the blog will not resolve the fundamental issues.

Our society and the people have become so out of touch with rules of law, civility and have developed a Corrupt mentality of lies and deception.

Iran is destroyed and it is just a matter of time that it becomes fragmented into pieces and it is no ones fault except our own.

We try to put all the efforts into humiliate and belittle one another and support the enemies of the country and the people.

The rulers of this current regime who are none Iranians and have turned Iran to an Apartheid state, where hate is their Religion and Destruction of Iran is their objective.

These Islamic Fascists have a visions and that is to destroy our country and sell our soul to the devil. 

Our silence has approved their actions and our indifference has given them the approvals they needed.

One Iran for all Iranians


از ماست که بر ماست!!!


Some times it is hard to look into the mirror but ignoring it will never change the reality, the sad reality that is expressed here.

I agree whole heartedly, and as the Persian expression goes


 از ماست که بر ماست!!!

great blog

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Soosan Khanoom

I do not think so it is anything new with Iranian

by Soosan Khanoom on

Majority are sexists , racists , and much more .

People probably deserve the government they get ...after all this is the people who give them legitimately.   

Besides, the Iranians outside of Iran who are not under the VF spell are not anything bettter ...  it seems that it is in our selfish blueprint.  


IRANVATAN, Very True & Sad

by Azarbanoo on

I do not know why IRANIANS have become so indifferent about their country & their country men?


Sadly a true blog, that upsets me.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

So Iranvatan, now that you know why the west wants extremists in power in iran and has used and continues to use Iranians to block Irans progresss and human rights, for example by getting groups to lie about tortures, the late shah and savaks human rights record, who are you for?

Was the Shah a dictator for you too? Or did you watch his actions and realize he never ever used or had absolute power? Are you a foreign manufactured anti-monarchist, a local manufactured anti-monarchist, or a true freedom and truth seeker for Iranians? Just wondering what you are for?



Sorry iranvatan

by Reality-Bites on

But it appears you are completely wrong in everything you say. Demo has checked with his mom and everything is A-Ok under the Islamic Repblic.

Reality "the Mule" Bites


Moms' Status Report and Etc.!

by Demo on

1. The last time check of around 2 weeks ago with my mom in Iran & her further check of many other moms whom she is friend with had no indications whatsoever about their harrassments on the streets anywhere!

2. One thing the regime deseves to receive credit for is providing the security for the people. And the majority prefer the security over many other priviledges. 

3. Unlike the majority of western residing Iranians people inside Iran are not, and repeat are not, MULES.

4. The country has not been invaded yet by any foreigners, it is absolutely not an aparteid fasict state, and is run by the Iranians!

5. And finally one's silence is not a sign of his/her agreement and participation with anything!!! No, it is not!!!



by iranvatan on



One Iran for all Iranians