Little, too much: VOA interview


Little, too much: VOA interview
by Jahanshah Javid

During my visit to Washington in early December, Mehdi Falahati asked me for an interview for his "Roo dar Roo" (face to face) program to discuss and my career. Did I say too much? Or too little? Anyway, you be the judge.

Thanks to Darius Kadivar for finding the link on VOA. And thanks to Bahram9821 for uploading it on YouTube:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


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Great interview

by acopier101 on

Thank you

ebi amirhosseini

JJ Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

این مثل معروف رو خوب آویزه گوش کرده بودی:

کم گوی و گزیده گوی!!

در ضمن به نقل از آهنگ گروه ....:

"این تریپت منو کشته "

Ebi aka Haaji

Jahanshah Javid

شاید سه باره خر شدیم

Jahanshah Javid

اختر خانوم انصاف داشته باشید. زیر ساواک بزرگ شدیم، در خبرگزاری جمهوری اسلامی ۱۰ سال خدمت کردیم، ۲ سال خبرنگار بی‌ بی‌ سی‌ در واشنگتن بودیم، میخواین سانسور و بلوکه نکنیم؟

نوه ی تیمسار توپچیان حجاب و نماز و روزشون درسته؟ تاییدی "بهداشتی" پزشک رو با یک قطعه عکس تمام قد ارسال فرمایید، شاید سه باره خر شدیم.

اختر خانوم

به چشم مادری

اختر خانوم

الهی اختر بمیره واست. تو اگه پسر من بودی مگه معلّمه جرات میکرد اون دستای نازنین تپلی رو خط کش بزنه، آدم باباش رئیس، مادرش مدیر باشه و هنوز تنبیه بشه؟ مگه توی اون شهر، ساواک نداشتین؟ حالا عیبی نداره، گذشته‌ها گذشته؛ بازم خدا رو شکر کن که در یه موقعیتی هستی‌ که میتونی هر وقت یاد درد و سوزش اون کفّ دستی‌‌ها می‌افتی میتونی‌ یه بنده خدای از همه جا بیخبری رو سانسور یا بلوکه بکنی‌. حالا اینو بگو ببینم، ازدواج مال من نیس و این حرفا چی‌ چیه؟ خبر نداری "اختر خانوم" چه نقشه‌ها واست داره؟ راضی‌ کردن "مهدیه جون" با خودم. فقط باید قول بدی وقتی‌ نوه تیمسار توپچیان، که هر چی‌ از محسناتش بگم بازم کمه، رو بهت معرفی‌ کردم، توی همون جلسه اول مث هلو درسته قورتش ندی، یا اینکه به بهانه پینگ پنگ زیر دست و پات خفه ش نکنی‌ که من پیش بابا ننه ش آبرو دارم.

Setareh Sabety

ey val Jahanshah!

by Setareh Sabety on

A great job and so refreshing to hear someone who is comfortable with Persian! I loved how low-key you were and how well you described and analyzed your life, the site and everything in between.

Your candid, down to earth, account of your life and career was a history of us Iranians in microcosm. Your regrets and your eventual grasp of the essence of liberty also reflects those of many Iranians.

I feel proud to have participated in this project of yours which is so much about all of us and hope that soon Iran will more closely mirror! V


Great interview JJ

by ramintork on

You did a good job JJ.


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Bahram9821: I didn't have a jacket that day. I borrowed one from a VOA reporter :)

bajenaghe naghi: Lotf dari. Beh omideh deedar!

Shirin Vazin: Hamisheh Shirin bashi.

Arash_1970: I think Falahati did a pretty good job. Sometimes reporters need to cut you off in order to go to the next question.

Louie Louie: Asking about personal stuff makes interviews more interesting. Nothing wrong with asking about my school years and how poorly I did :)

Louie Louie

Chera enghadr az darso mashghet porsid

by Louie Louie on

Man behesh D midam.


A solid C in interviewing skills

by Arash_1970 on

In my opinion the interviewer gets a C in his interviewing skills and manners. He interrupted you sooo many times !! He finished your sentences for you.

I enjoyed your part of the interview and glad to know you better JJ :-)

Shirin Vazin


by Shirin Vazin on

Good to hear your voice!

Your clarifying explanations about the site policies were absolutely necessary. 

Thanks for all you've done to let us also know that NOTHING IS SACRED!

Javid bemooni!

bajenaghe naghi

JJ jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

That was a great interview and you did splendidly. 

It is very funny though that all the time I looked at you and listened to you, it seemed I knew you since childhood, because I knew the answer of nearly all the personal questions you were asked. it was actually a little weird, since I have never met you and I only know you from what you have decided to tell us about yourself in your articles. 



Good interview JJ

by bahram9821 on


I enjoyed watching the interview, you do look good in a suit too.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks Khar Jan!

No, but I NEED to start using hair color soon :)


Just right!

by Khar on

Very good interview.

PS. one question, is it "just for men" hair color? ;o)