Little, too much: VOA interview


Little, too much: VOA interview
by Jahanshah Javid

During my visit to Washington in early December, Mehdi Falahati asked me for an interview for his "Roo dar Roo" (face to face) program to discuss and my career. Did I say too much? Or too little? Anyway, you be the judge.

Thanks to Darius Kadivar for finding the link on VOA. And thanks to Bahram9821 for uploading it on YouTube:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


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by Shepesh on


Bonny and Clyde

Fawn Fawn...

by Bonny and Clyde on

To Nur-i-Azal,

I am a new comer to this site however, and it does not take long for one to realize that you are filled with a lot of recentment towards everyone...There doesn't seem to be a streak of positive energy. There aren't any nice words that you say to anyone on any f the blogs...

You seem to mark your terriroty in every blog yet not positively...

Is there any reason to be saying such words? I would like to understand, if possible...




Immortal Guard

Best Iranian Website!

by Immortal Guard on is the best Iranian website in terms of its concept, idea and presentation.

Your website and contribution to Iranian journalism will definitely be recorded in Iran's history of journalism.

All the best!


Nice honest interview

by koucheh on


I was one of the early visiters to your site, I enjoyed alot those days and did learn quite a bit. Appreciate your efforts in early days of internet to make it accessable to find iranian materials. As the time passed I kind of fell off its wagon, the same way you explained it in the interview, i.e. more and more farsi sites appeared and lost its lustre for me :(. I mean, by the end, ~2000, I had the impression that this has become purely a site for irano-californians rather for all of us. That impression is still with me now that when once a while for curiosity I visit the site.  But I agree I have seen more and more signs of multi-facetedness in it in terms of materials covered recently. 

Wish you good luck and thanks again.

Reza Nezami

Vancouver BC


Two thumbs up

by rustgoo on

You, jj, were so good, gracious, humble, honest and, most importantly genuine. I am proud of you. What do I think of the host? Let's give him the benefit of the doubt; he was nervous.


Very good interview

by sanazi on

JJ, it was about time one of these well known news broadcasting services interviewed you! After all, IC is the top online Iranian/Persian magazine there is.

I think for us who have been around for a long time, the second half of the interview was much more interesting since we already knew a lot about your past. I wished the host would have asked about the future  of IC, if you do have any long-term plans for this site?  

Overall, I enjoyed this interview and I think you should wear suits more often. It looks good on you!


Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

good interview.  But what I think you should have done is what your readers do on this site.  The minute the guy started asking you questions, you should have called him a Zionist and an IRI agent, and then made a whole bunch of irrelevant, asinine comments about things that have nothing to do with the questions, forcing VOA to edit out, or "delete", a whole bunch of your responses.

You could then just say "sorry, kamal-e hamneshin daram asar kardeh". :-) 


Dear JJ

by amirkabear4u on

Good interview.

From your past photos I thought you look like an italian male model. But I guess it is more me!  haha

NOW that you done your VOA interview, it maybe time to write your biography. You been there and seen it all. I think for all creative Iranian start ups your life story will be intersting.


Mr. Javid

by Cost-of-Progress on

Great interview. I agree with Sam that the begining is like an interrogation, but you handled yourself well as you were asked to spill out your guts.

I guess that's the price for being a public figure....






Very nice! Inside Actors Studio?! D interviewer is copy cating!

by Anonymouse on


I think the interviewer is copying himself after Inside Actors Studio, isn't he?!  Above is Will Ferrel's impersonation of him and below the real guy! Even the set and lighting is based on it! LOL!


JJJ you look very sharp and played the part just right.  Congrats and good job!  Did you know about Inside Actors Studio? Next time try to take a queue from Robin William's clip above!

Everything is sacred.

Anahid Hojjati

Dear Jahanshah, great interview. Beginning was very nostalgic.

by Anahid Hojjati on


Dear Jahanshah, this was a great interview and you did well.  However, I agree with other commentators that at times, the interviewer was not that great.  First part of interview, when you talked about going to Parvaneh koodakestan and Roya elementary and then you talked about Annex, that brought back many memories.  One of the earliest memories I have is from a show that was at this koodakestan and I was one of the auduience since my brother at the time was going there.  I don't remember much except that i was there and there were many nice costumes. Maybe you know about this more?  Some of my good friends went to Roya.  A good friend of mine, Mitra Ramesh was maybe one year behind you in Roya.  She was a beauty and still is.  Did you ever know her JJ? Roya had an excellent reputation.  It was possibly best elementary school in Abadan.

Jeesh Daram

You did very well

by Jeesh Daram on

I think the reporter in charge was not totally focused and he should have skipped a few personal questions and avoid deposition style of interviewing. You were a gentleman to respond to all of them politely. 

His asking you if the news production at IRNA was objective or not was a low balling, useless and loaded question and I wished at that moment you would have reminded him teasingly "aren't the news specifically handed to you and your team at the VOA?"  I guess they have a tendency to forget that they are working for the United States Information Agency, reflecting 100% sentiments of the US "regime" for the lack of a better suitable word to make myself underestood.

So, we should realize that for JJ to work for IRNA should be a career honor and not a slide show of a dark past or a career move to regret. The experience at tough and controlled environments is dream job for certain photojournalists and writers. It is fun to manipulate the choice of words in a way to make the news more objective than the government intended it to be, and feel good to get away with it. One will not get such experience working as a Weatherman.

So, Mr. Javid you did so well and it was great to be able to finally put voice with a handsome face. It will be great if you start a radio show through someday, world is your oyster.



by Anita on

Dear JJ,


I really enjoyed wathching the interview.Thank you!


Nicely done

by anonymous111.2 on

good job, man.  We're proud of you.

BUT...where's the tie dude?...and, if I may add... you can also use a haircut. :-)  



by ThePope on

Mozoo beyn-e khodemoon...!!

Ali P.

Charming, confident, intelligent, handsome, sharp....

by Ali P. on

but enough about me; let's talk about YOU...


Well done, my friend, well done!


Ali P.


Good interview JJ

by divaneh on

It was a very good interview and you did very well. Falahati also conducted the interview very professionally. I also remember that Mashal magazine with Dr Eghbal on almost every issue. I used to make kite from its middle pages.

p.s. You know that second Iranian erotica site that you mentioned. I know you are not interested but some of us may want to have our own assessment of their effort.


کوتاه و بسنده



اگرچه اغازش مانند بازپرسي بود و کم مونده بود شماره شناسنامه کاربرات رو هم بخواد ولی رويهمرفته کار هردوتون درست بود وگفتگوی خوبی . ساده و بی شيله پيله و چيس و فيس . و در اينده اگر  واژه "تقاص" پسندت نبود:) که نبايدم باشه ,ميتوني واژۀ پارسی "کيفر" "تاوان "و يا واژۀ پهلوی "سزا" يا "سچک" رو بکار گيري.

شادي افزون



Mr Javid indeed your a natural!

by Tahirih on

I have always wondered how your voice would be? have to say that I am impressed, very nice! Your interview was genuine and honest. I give it an A+,of course to you not the interviewer!!

Most regards,



A natural born journalist!

by ThePope on

Great interview.
I had problems with my laptop, so I went over to my friend's house just to watch the interview. It was worth it...

JJj, I will be honest with you, I use to think that you're just one of those so-called "journalist" (it's only your profession), but after watching the interview, I see that journalism is in your blood. You're a natural!  

Iraniandotcom "Jav Melli-e" -JJ ;-)

P.S.  you look good!


Made us proud!

by Princess on

A very nice and candid interview. I would  be interested to see this interview repeated in a few years with its focus on IC's impact on various aspects of our culture.

Thanks for sharing it JJ and DK!


Parvaneh A. Farid

The Mash'al newspaper of Abadan!

by Parvaneh A. Farid on

Thank you very much for sharing the link to the interview, it was great, I really enjoyed it. It was about time for all of us to get to know you better.

It was nostalgic to hear about " Mash 'al" newspaper.I used to love it for some strange reasons!

Thank you for doing the way you do it. 


Orang Gholikhani

You manage TV very well dear JJ

by Orang Gholikhani on


You have managed it very well. One day you could create ;-)

Your analyze about Iranian people and newspaper is correct. It is the same with books. Even if we are a generation who knew the revolution in Iran and had hard time abroad, we are very luck to have Internet now.

I've been writing since my teen ages but without Internet and this site I've never been able to share my thoughts with other Iranians and improve my works.

I think the originality of Iranian. com is that all of us share your words : "Nothing is Sacred".

Thank You.



Good job

by mahmoudg on

This runs in your family, just look at Iran Ardalan's, my good friend's ascension.  Keep up the good work and i am sure you can continue your good work in Iran by the end of 2010.


Mr. Falahati

by masoudA on

missed a great opportunity to take a closer look at how "Free Speech" is evolving within the Iranian Community.    Even though JJ pointed out the "Blog" section as the most popular part of the IC community - Falahati failed to get a grip on how "Collective Wisdom" is formed in a cyber community - in my opinion the most significant aspect of IC.    He also failed to grasp evolvement of a "community" here on IC - within Iranians which in the past have been notorious for failing to form any kind of social group together.   If he had paid less attention to JJ's personal life - he may have been able to realize how free speech can eventualy allow for Iranians to group and organize.   Don't mean to be too harsh on him or VOA, this interview can only help our community.

The Phantom Of The Opera


by The Phantom Of The Opera on


The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on


بسیار خوب مطالب را بیان کردید...عجب افتخاریست برای بنده که خواننده و نویسنده در این سایت باشم.

پاینده باشید.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Setareh Sabety: Thank you dear. Your writings are some of the most honest and original the site has ever seen. Just the way I like it :)

Monda: You're too kind. Thank you! I think it would be great to start a blog and talk about the punishments we received at school -- and maybe at home as well. It's not a pretty picture, but sunlight might help us heal.

Ebi Jan: Dooset Daaram!

Faramarz: Indeed! Pisces are known for their extremes. Some might say they are the biggest flakes :)


Like a True Pisces

by Faramarz on

It is great to put a voice with a face! Your honesty and sincerity clearly comes across.

I greatly enjoyed the interview. The interviewer was interrupting a little bit in the beginning and maybe trying to psychoanalyze too much. But once he let you talk freely it was really good. I enjoyed how you talked about your own transformation. It is the story of many Iranians of this generation.

Thanks. You made me proud.


Jahanshah! You were perfect!

by Monda on

It was so nice to hear you in Farsi.  It was so nice to hear you period. :o)

I thought you were Balanced, not toolittle or toomuch on anything.  Although having read you all these years, there was little that we didn't know about you, still you made us once again proud about belogning to the community.  You just rocked JJ! I think Aghaye Falahati did a good job too.  I didn't used to like him much until this interview.

BTW hearing your experiences on physical punishments in school, khatkesh (no medaads for you?!), reminded me that I have not read about such punishments in girls' schools, or involving girls.  However I will search the topic on the site to make sure.  If it's not already written maybe I can share about the female experiences of those actions.  But yeah as you mentioned no real trauma suffered there, as various forms of physical punishment in schools were so culturally accepted and common. My dad's generation had felt many a tarkehs on the soles of their delicate feet. Boghz! Talk about human rights violations... that's were it all starts.