Bush's Hollow Speech


Jahanshah Rashidian
by Jahanshah Rashidian

The current President Bush's speech of 13-Jan-2008 in Dubai, warning Iran of destabilising the region and supporting the terrorist Shia groups in Iraq and Taliban in Afghanistan, is not a thorn in the eye of the IRI. On the contrary, the IRI uses such a hollow rhetoric for its propaganda agenda and especially to heat up its repressive machine against freedom loving people in Iran.

The region that Bush means is mainly Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel; the first two countries are now controlled by the SU-led troops. The third one, Israel and its neighbours, is the major concern for any US administration--whatever party in the Whitehouse, the President tries at the end of his term to cool down the tensions between Israel and its neighbours before leaving the office. This was the case of any President since Jimmy Carter.

However, what no western leader, especially a US one, cares about is the steady human rights catastrophe in this region. From the Arabs' occupied territories by Israel's troops to Iran occupied by Mullahs' troops, the permanent violations of the most basic human rights are ignored. The human dignity, as far as the eye can see, is trampled in this region.

Of course, Bush in his current speech in Dubai had to abandon his rhetoric habit by not attacking “Iran”, but replacing it with the term “the Islamic regime” to probably please many Iranians in Dubai.

Some wonder if Bush’s intellect or moral capacity is sensitive enough to differentiate the word “Iran" from the word “IRI”. However, one may realise that he is not quite ready to respect this difference and it means that the Bush adiministeration intentionally avoids highlighting the difference to really confront the regime.

Bush or his advisers certainly follow Iran's news, he should have learnt from the official verdicts like the recent amputation of limbs, gouging out of an eye, throwing people from a high and all these unprecedented acts, which all violate any standard of human values, but apparently he would not care about.

Sphere of human rights in Iran has never been a major concern for the West. If ever was one, the tackling of such an issue would be the last tactical warning before planning a military attack or harsh sanctions.

So, in my view, the West is not yet ready to seriously confront the IRI. The point is that the IRI is quite aware of it and can exploit it for its own agenda. This complaisant attitude of the West remains an ever prerequisite for bargain between the West and the IRI despite vocal war.

The Bush’s fiery speech in Dubai is a menace to no one. In this perspective, it would not mean a military attack on Iran before his term.


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What I meant by "US" is Bush/Cheney/neo-con/Imperialists

by Mehdi on

I do not consider West or US as one entity. I believe Americans people are the best people in the world. But that doesn't mean their government is not generally hijacked by a few - at least at times. I don't think Bush and his gang are representative of average American. And I think these boys are working for other than American people. Nothing is absolute of course. The imperialistic views of some does not truly benefit Americans but it is what it is. Bush and his gang, even when they try to be honest believe that everything is possible AFTER you have overwhelming power over others and therefore getting to that power justifies everything. And that is the dangerous mentality - people who don't ruly believe they can coexist with others but that they MUST be controling others. Essentially they live in a paranoid terror of others - never trust others.


Mr. Rashidi

by navid20 (not verified) on


Have a great day,Sir

Jahanshah Rashidian

I believe that the West is

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

I believe that the West is neither complacent, nor tolerant; it is even hypocritical with regard to human rights abuses throughout the world. The simple truth is that there are so many human rights abuses that the West prefers to turn the head and look the other way.

However, I do not believe in the conspiracy theory, that the West is evil in essence! What is used to decouple Iranians from any responsible engagement and concrete views towards modernity and democracy which happen to be flourished in the West. This belief is mainly propagated by Islamists, Tudeh Party’s spectrum and followed by some grassroots of our populace.

If our nation could some who evolve into the realisation of democracy, it needs another regime with another constitution adaptive to our evolution, then we would not only live up to our ultimate potential, but we would also create facts on the ground that go a long way to ensure our survival.


IRI is the best thing that happend to the US

by Mehdi on

Why would Bush want to change the regime in Iran? How would he and his gang benefit from a more democratic regime in Iran? He as a puppet of his masters, wants just enough stability/democracy, etc in Iran to allow the free flow of oil and other resources. More than that would mean a price hike for such resources; less than than menas difficulty in getting the oil out of there. If the Iran was a very technologically advanced country, what do you think would happen to the price of oil? Why would Bush want that? This regime, Shah's regime and Reza Shanh's regime have all been put there to maintain such a balance. If there was relative democracy during Shah, it was there only to allow enough workers and police force to ensure the flow of oil. He is inasane but not in that way! I think you are missing the big picture. Bush only wants to keep Iran small; the regime weak; he NEVER wants the regime removed. That would be terrible for business. Even the whole fanatism/terrorism, etc has given him and his masters unimagined power. Today they have the so-called Patriot Act in the US that they could never dream of being able to pass as a law! They can increase military operations to such a level that was unimaginable a few years ago when the mythical "Al-Qaida" didn't exist - or was not propagandized enough to scare so many people. Heck they probably enhance AlQaida (if there really is such a thing) secretly so that they can then pass all kinds of bills and spendings. It is all good business for them. Why in hell would they want to get rid of their bread and butter? Don't buy into the "jang-e zargari." Look beyond that. Look at who is REALLY profiting from the current conditions.

Mort Gilani

Toham Delet Khoshe

by Mort Gilani on

XerXes: First of all don't bring the name Bush with intellect, just doesn't make sense.

M.G.:Ok.XerXes: Second why would you want the "west" to deal with Iran? M.G.: Because Iran needs the West for trade, science, and technology.

XerXes:Iran is a sovereign nation. True that IRI is a religious backward regime, but still it’s an official regime of the country of Iran.

M.G.: ZereshkXerXes: If anything needs to be done, the Iranian people are more than capable to deal with it.M.G.: May I ask why 20 million Iranians scurried like rats to vote for a half-crazy moron (Antarinejad) as the official representative of that nation?Xerxes: So stop dreaming for a day that the Europeans would crown Rajavi, won’t happen.

M.G.: Where did you learn the Europeans would crown Rajavi?  Last time I checked, his cult was considered a terrorist group.


Two points

by XerXes (not verified) on

First of all don't bring the name Bush with intellect, just doesn't make sense. Second why would you want the "west" to deal with Iran? Iran is a sovereign nation. True that IRI is a religious backward regime, but still it’s an official regime of the country of Iran. If anything needs to be done, the Iranian people are more than capable to deal with it. So stop dreaming for a day that the Europeans would crown Rajavi, won’t happen.


Bush's credibility

by Anonymous 4 (not verified) on

Bush's credibility is not the factor that the thuggish attacks on Iranians in the US of Carter's era are not repeated. The reason is that Iranian community is now a strong and established pillar of economic life in the US.
Bush's policy towards the IRI has been more complaisant than the democrat Carter's.


in all fairness

by fair (not verified) on

What you say about Bush is true but I give him credit that unlike Carter who claimed to be pro human rights, Bush never turned his opposition to IR to discrimination aginst Iranians in US.

During hostage situation Iranians in US were being beaten up and degarded due to atmposphere that the government and media created but despite all the problems, Bush always talked highly and respectfully of Iranian people and seperated them from the regime and that atmosphere was not created in US.

So among all Bush's problems , credit must also be given when due.



by Another Anonymous (not verified) on

the FM of the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN is a bastard traitor, the devil's instrument, a participant in destruction of iran and oppression of iranians and an anti-iranian arab-parast. Who the hell cares about what the devil he thinks and says, the SOB lier.

Iran will not be freed or independent or respected until all of these traitors, arab-parast IRI leaders and followers, along with the corpse of their leader, the devil khomeini, are shipped to france where they came from.



off topic but you will find

by 11000 (not verified) on

off topic but you will find it fascinating:




by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

How about one lissens also to what the other side - I mean the FM of the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN - has to report: *
Today: Monday January 14, 2008
US president's Middle East mission doomed: Mottaki
Tehran, Jan 14, IRNA

Iran-US-Al Jazeera
US President George Bush has failed in his mission to the Middle East region, Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said here on Sunday evening.

Speaking to Qatar's al-Jazeera TV network, the minister said Bush has tried to cause tension in the Persian Gulf region by talking about the fabricated story of a naval stand-off in the strategic Strait of Hormuz between Iranian speedboats and a US warship.

Referring to the increasing trend of bilateral cooperation between Iran and its neighbors in the region, Mottaki said that the US officials could not understand the historical, religious and cultural commonalties between Iran and other regional countries.

Pointing to the baseless accusations levelled against Iran by the US president in his speech in Abu Dhabi, the UAE, on Sunday, Mottaki said that US was the main cause of extremism in the region as it has been supporting terrorist and extremist groups during the past six years.

It was the US policies which have led to strengthening of extremist groups in the region, Mottaki told the Arab network.

He stressed that regional extremism would not benefit any person, country or nation.

Mottaki added that fanning the fuel of Iranophobia was the objective of Bush's visit to the region.

In a futile bid in Abu Dhabi, the US president accused Iran of supporting extremist group.
the US-Imperialism has long ago begann to produce tension between Iranians and the ArAb - Nations. Fortunately with zero success. The religious-cultural tides are too strong to get damaged by Trics of Mr. Bush. I think he went to ME to find new colaboratores against ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN because all his political friends, first of all europians will not be only the slaves of the old, ill Master. Not only Arabs, but also the eurpians know that there is no other chance but to live with the mighty, rich and peace seeking Iran in friendly commonalities than to let themselves get hypnotized by a dieing snake. greeting


the ol' w.

by aboodaani (not verified) on

dear sir:
what in george w. is un-hollow that his most recent speech should be? majority of people in this country are just tired of his face.
movafagh baasheed