MEK's Dilemma


Jahanshah Rashidian
by Jahanshah Rashidian

The MEK has been engaged since 1981 in a pitiless war with the IRI on any front, including from Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war 1980-1988. MEK's presumed crimes have been committed in Iraq against Iraqi people-- they were a part of Saddam's repressive organs and their leaders must be normally punished for.

The leadership is traitor to their ex-brothers of the IRI because they sided with their enemy, Saddam. This cannot play down their treachery of siding with the enemy, although enemy to Iranian people was not only Saddam, but also the whole Islamic ruling elite that have destroyed the country since 1979.

Since they were in confrontation with the IRI, Saddam armed them with the Iranian weapons caught from Iranian troops. There is no proof that they used these weapons to kill civil population in Iran. Through their military adventure, Forough javidan in1988, the MEK failed to occupy some part of Kurdistan as a free zone for their "March into Tehran", but there is no document of atrocity committed by them against the civil population, document in a degree of IRI's atrocity when under Banisadr's presidency in 1980, IRI's planes bombed Kurdish population in Kurdistan.

Nobody believes that the MEK is a secular and democratic alternative to the plague of the IRI. Despite their allegations to set up a secular and democratic state in Iran, religion, in its most sectarian form, continues to remain their belief--gender segregation, Islamic hijab, Shiite ceremonies, ban of non-Islamic values remain their daily criteria. Most Iranians believe that their alleged "secular and democratic" state is nothing but a tactical cover-up. In reality, their state will be a continuation of the current IRI under another fresh leadership.

However for many people, the MEK is not in the category of Islamists like the members of IRI, Taliban and Hezbollah, but rather a sectarian group. Nevertheless, the guru-like-leadership has a divine power within the group to brainwash the members. The leadership enslaves their devotees to the point to decide about the most personal matters of members as far as their marriage, divorce and whereabouts and foster child for their children. The leadership stands above any election and disapproval.

The MEK, among both Islamic and secular Iranian opposition groups, remains relatively organised. This is the main reason that IRI and IRI's supporters hate them at most. One of the IRI's lobby groups in the West, Interlink, is at charge to raise campaign against the MEK.

It is ethically and politically important to distinguish the gurus of leadership from the brainwashed members. Those MEK's members who have no blood on the hands must be helped to find a new homeland. To hand over several thousands MEK's members to a criminal regime in Iran means to throw any MEK's member in the wolf's mouth. Nobody can envision how many of them will join the fate of IRI's collective executions of 1988.

The international community must find a humanitarian solution to the fate of several thousands of MEK's members caught in the Ashraf Camp in Iraq. They might become the victims of political bargains with the IRI or even the pro-Iranian Shiite government in Iraq.

There must be humanitarian criteria above any political bargains to facilitate their immediate transfer to the safe countries. They are facing an agonising fear in Iraq, and cannot be left alone.

Their blind belief system mixed with political ambitions remains a general problem to tackle with, but not in the cost of their lives.


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Mek is the de facto of the IRI

by Anonymous25 (not verified) on

Mek is in its last analysis a political deviation of the IRI. Without its rows with the defiant IRI, MEK's leaders could have occupied today key positions as well.

The IRI is the real respondent for the atrocious crimes in the last three decades. The MEK has committed crimes but has not had the occasion to fulfill its ideological trajectorys in Iran.


MEK is not what your kiseh-e falgiri tells you, with all due res

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

NPR should put its records on the Asharf City in its pipe and smoke it as it has no clue that these misinformations are coming from the IRI-created, sustained and financed sham "human-rights for the Mojahedin" type of crapola. Period.

In fact, as the voice of the the American Left, NPR is among the most idiotic when it comes to understanding the vile and criminal nature of the IRI; that is why e NPR is consistently being hoodwinked by the IRI sympathizers in the academe (I could name them one by one, but than the moderator will censor it in the name of the so-called "civility" in dialogue!!).

It is ironic that when the court systems in democratic societies remove the Mojahedin from their lists of terrorism, we don't find the likes of Mr. Rahsidian to give some credence to this very important development. As we all know, politics ala-Iranian in diaspora is based on the principle of One-legged-chicken (Morgh-e Yekpaa), no matter what the evidence.

I am not dissapointed of this zi-zac position of Mr. Rashidian, one of the most intlligent among anti-Mojahed posters on this Bb considering the fact that t he is the proprietor of this Bb and I understand why he has got to bring to our attention on a weekly bais that He Is Against the Mokahedin. We got it, but why you shed tears for the so-called "brinwashed followers," which in my judgment is one of the dumbest arguments that anti-Mojahed forces have push against PMOI from 1979 to presnet?

Mr. Rashidian, the PMOI is neither a cult, nor a "secterian" group (whatever this meaningless phrase implies), but has evolved in accordance with the main proclivities of Iranian political culture: to organize against a regime that has no compunction in mass murdering your memebrs, you have to be steadfast when it comes to iron clad discipline.

This is the hall mark of the Mojahedin that puts it way above most of these wishy-wahsy good for nothing opportunistic and gutless top heavy, evrey-one is a leader type of on the paper organizations, from Tudeh to monarchist to so-called communits who mushroom in LA, or in NY, or DC., giving the most radical slogans and then go home to drink beer and have fun on the internet.

You don't realise these points and that is why you write these childish and dated "analyses" whose mantra is :"Rajavi Bad, Havaddar Khoob."!!!??? My response to you and likeminded is that if Rajavi is bad, so should be the followers, and if Rajavi is criminal, so should be the followers. Please, we are not talking about an unknown personality, or an unknown Organization so that a "criminal" leader couls "brainwash" his followers for some times befor being exposed.

The PMOI has more than four decades of political existence and activities during which time Massoud Rajavi has played a very important role; he is a known entity for his followers, who are highly educated, among the most politically enlightened and most brave some of whom are in their 60s; you can't brainwash these. Period.

My own conclusion is this: Rajavi is neither bad, nor sinless Massum good, nor a criminal, but he is a world-calass political leader who understands Iran, Islam, the modern world and the geopolitics of fighting against this world-class criminal and terrorist entity that we call IRI; I hazard a guess that history will tell us something very different about the Leadership qualities of Rajavi than these comical slogans that you and likeminded comrades put on this BB.

If you would like to censor this response, be my gust; but I also appreciate the huge amount of time and effort that you have put in this Bb. Thanks for your efforts, even if you may not find tone "civil" enought for the amount of vulgarities that the Hezbollahi common criminals put on this BB on a regular basis (example, this Final solution by one genocidal sounding poster).

ebi amirhosseini

A question!?

by ebi amirhosseini on

If we only hold accountable the "Gurus/Leaders",but not the so-called  " Brainwashed Foot Soldiers",then every war criminal,traitor,spy....will have a bullet-proof alibi for his/her crimes against humanity!?Isn't that so!?


They deserve no sympathy!

by Toos (not verified) on

MKO, MEK, PMOI, or whatever other names they invent to hide themselves behind is synonymous to terrorism, crime, and treason (against Iranian people). They deserve what they are going through now.

And, Mr. Rashidian, Please don't try to fool us with your "fancy" articles.


What Happened Mr Rashidian, MKO is not paying enough?

by almo5000 on

You used to be a card holder of the MKO. I suppose their pay is not good anymore!

You don't even know (or if you know you don't want to say) the magnitude of crimes that these war criminals called Rajavi Gang has excersised against the civilian population of Iran. You are really an ignorant piece eof .... Go drink your cold beer.

Jahanshah Rashidian

Final Solution

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

You have a sense of humour, a little brain with a bigger right hemisphere to imagination using a Nazi vocabulary"Final Solution" referring to the Nazi consentration camps!

Wait for a new Rambo in Iraq. He will heroically personify the US invasion of Iraq. This immortal legend of Hollywoodian power will realise your fantastic dreams by destroying the Ashraf camp like the camps of "subhumans" in Afghanistan, Vietnam… in a way it pleases your thanatos instincts (death intincts).

The Pentagon also presents Rambo as a heroic symbol of fairness and braveness, ignoring the right and power of "subhuman" enemy. But wait! Do not get so much exited, I was going to forget that the MEK is not the enemy of US. May be you dream of an Ahmadinejad Rambo! After all he has a good tie with Nazi lovers.

Jahanshah Rashidian


by Jahanshah Rashidian on

It is likely possible that the judicial authorities in Europe order remove the MEK from the list of banned terrorist groups. The same judicial authorities are requested to declare MEK's role in Saddam's repression in Iraq.

International courts should call for a commission to do the job, but still there is no humanitarian reason to keep several thousands of their foot soldiers in the Ashraf camp, in a pending danger, while the gurus are in the safe closets.

The IRI campaigns to have them back in their bloody clutches and this is not fair. In a fair court, on the bench of accusation, the criminal IRI sits as the main accused.


"MEK's presumed crimes"? are you serious?

by Jalili (not verified) on

Why not let them stand for these crimes in courts of law?


Final solution

by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

The US and Iran need to reach some sort of accomdation over the MEK. I suggest the following. On a predetermined date and time and US troops vacate camp ashraf in the middle of the night. In will come about 5 F4 phantoms in formation carrying napalm and cluster bombs and other heavy ordinances. And the problem of the MEK will sort of be taken care of by itself. As for Rajavi, just slip the iranian government a small note on his whereabouts. I'm sure he'll never be heard from again.


You're right

by Mojgan- (not verified) on

Mr Rashidian
I agree Iran is not safe even for its law-abiding citizens, but what would be the incentive for any other country to take them in? These are a large number of brainwashed people who sacrificed their lives and families to join a cult.
Any country that takes them in would have to provide them with a way to join their society, and that would be a risky task, considering all of these people need help not only financially but also in the form of mental health care.
To add insult to injury, their children were taken away from them when they joined the cult too. Would the host country be responsible to provide them with means to find their offsprings wherever they are now?
I don't blame them for not wanting to go to Iran, but giving them asylum will be very costly and troublesome for the host.
Although I do sympathise, lets not forget these people left Iran and joined the cult volunteerily.

Jahanshah Rashidian

Dear Mojgan

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Most released political prisoners under the Shah were arrested and executed by the IRI. Nobody with a right mind believes Mullahs' promises about the amnesty. Iran is not a safe country for them.

Most MEK's members are poor brainwashed fanatics, they can find a better way to oppose the IRI.


here's NPR report on Camp Ashraf

by Mojgan- (not verified) on

NPR April 08

The government of Iran is closely watching the fate of the Iranian opposition group living at Camp Ashraf in Iraq. Although the government views the group as a threat, some Iranians see the situation differently. An Iranian NGO is trying to help them return to Iran.

Iran's government would like to take custody of the leaders of the MEK and put them on trial. But the Iranian government had announced officially that there is an amnesty for those who are willing to return home. It's said that when they come back to Iran there won't be any prison waiting for them. They can just live like any other citizen. (however safe and "free" that would be)
But they don't want to go back to Iran and no other country is allowing them in.